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  1. Anime movie's or not i need something with a happy ending or a good story line (with not a bitching female character)
  2. Watch Wakfu instead.

    I watch it for the plot (open)

  3. Howl's Moving Castle!
  4. Basically this. Pick any Ghibli movie.
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  5. lol i was about to say that xD
  6. That duck has such a smarmy grin =3=

    How about Guran Lagan? Yoko's not bitchy imo
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  7. nah i hate the story of that anime everyone dies >.>

    /me wasn't very far into it yet
  9. But.. That's wrong.

    Edit: Keep watching it, @Minibit . It has it's deaths (that shall not be named), but it's got a great story. If not just a WHEEEEEEEEE bit over the top.

    My word still stands on Wakfu or it's offshoot, Dofus. French cartoons are friggin' amazing.

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  10. lol well its not really i didn't say who dies xD
  11. Wolf Children?
  12. sad but good ending i kinda want a movie that doesn't have people dieing or something like that it was a good movie but it made me cry a lot
  13. Garden of Words?

    The Kara no Kyoukai movies?
  14. Clannad?

    If you just watch Clannad it's happy all the way.
    If you move on to after story, the ending is still happy but prepare for feel trains ahoy throughout it.
  15. All of those potential waifus
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  16. hmm well i like jojo thats a good anime
  17. Escaflowne -- just a straight-up, multidemographic-oriented fantasy adventure tale of the epic persuasion. Also, giant robots with capes.

    Rurouni Kenshin -- sometimes a little melancholic, but always quite hopeful for the future.

    Chuunibyo -- Oh, Chuunibyo. Hilarity in motion, that one is.

    Kiki's Delivery Service -- the sweetest little witch of them all.

    My Neighbor Totoro -- how can a movie without a villain and without a plot be this good???

    Carnival Phantasm -- its kinda giggly worthy as a comedy show if you don't watch/read/play Type Moon properties. it is fuckin' hilarious if you do. also, everyone's having fun. even when they are being bitchy, its in an exaggerated comedic way.
  18. If you're looking for feel-good anime and you haven't watched K-On!! then please do. There's 36 episodes between two seasons and then a movie. The characters aren't your everyday ones, as each has a distinct personality of their own and the comedy is very well done.

    The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a good anime series of you're into romance.

    My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy is one I thought was hilarious.

    Girls Und Panzer is cute girls in tanks doing cute things in tanks. By cute things, I mean engaging in tank battles. No one dies though, keeping with your request.

    Usagi Drop is one of the better anime that left me with a good feeling. Never read the manga. Ever. The anime is a welcome change of pace, as it's simply about fatherhood and the bond two people develop.

    Aiura is a short miniseries that I liked. Slice of life standard stuff.

    Plastic Nee-San is another miniseries that can be found blended together into one 30 minute video on YouTube.

    Heaven's Memo-Pad is one of the better series I've watched. Deals with some heavy themes and good story.

    That's just stuff off the top of my head.
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