Anime - yay or nay?

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Do you like anime?

  1. Heck Yeah!

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  2. Nope!

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  3. I have a mixed opinion!

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  1. Anime is popular everywhere and especially on Iwaku. I was wondering how many people watched it and how many people dislike it/don't watch it etc.

    I honestly have watched like two animes and they're pretty fun. I'm not a fan of anime though, since I don't watch an awful lot.
    Even though I don't really mind it at all, I'm not a fan of roleplaying much in the style of it.

    What about you guys?
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  2. Of course there are anime I like and anime I don't, and I've never RP'd anime before, but it'd be fair to say I'm a fan of anime considering I've watched quite a lot of it.
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  3. Love it
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  4. I watch too much anime and follow each season as a slave o.O I'M FOLLOWING LIKE AT LEAST 20 SERIES EACH SEASON!!!!! No regrets!

    I like a lot of genres so there is a lot of anime I can enjoy, but there are times I drop shows because they have a bad plot, bad characters, art styles I don't like, etc. Usually it's a mix of things. Sometimes they might have one little thing I really like with an anime, but I think the rest is shit, but I watch it anyways just because of that one element I really enjoy. Even if it's just in it for a few parts of the show, I still keep going just for that thing.

    I rarely roleplay anime, though I might take certain anime plot lines into a more realistic world at times. I can use anime pictures for my characters too even though I think of it as a more realistic roleplay. So I do enjoy watching anime a lot, but I don't really play with that style in mind too often.
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  5. Anime is pretty awesome, if a little confusing at times. I watched Sword Art Online and thought it was okay-ish, but JoJo's Bizarre Adventure really got me into anime. First anime I ever watched was Fullmetal Alchemist, followed by Cowboy Bebop. Good times.

    Of course, there are some animes I dislike. When I asked my friend for a good anime to watch, he said 'Boku No Pico'. I didn't know what this was. Nuff' said.

    But yeah, anime is usually great IMO.
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  6. I've watched Higurashi which was pretty cool. Then Ouran which was rather cute.
    Idk, I can't get into some. But I'm too consumed in my other shows to get into another type.

    Boku no Pico.... Yeah, I remember googling that too oAo safe to say thats where anime should stop.
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  7. You only recommend boku no pico if you wanna troll your friends or be a giant dick towards strangers :3
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  8. Yay all the way!
    I've always been an Anime guy ever since I was a kid.
    I wasn't shown cartoons; I was shown Anime, haha.
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  9. I love anime, I started watching stuff around October 2005. I know that because the first 'real one' I watched was Shakugan no Shana, which was new back then. By now I am rather reading Light Novels, Manga/Manwha/Mahua'#s and Visual Novels, some of them translated via AGTH/ITH+Atlas (curse you @redblood for being capable of reading moonrunes and not capitalizing on that in weeb-fashion!). Because of that, the amount of Anime I watch nowadays is somewhere between 2-5? depending on the season, as I find most of it shit and/or I read the Manga of it, though I do drop a lot of Manga's too, like this (in my opinion) shitty dungeon thing that is probably now going to be hyped by all those harem/ecchi lovers.
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  10. What kind of monster voted 'not-yes'? ;A;
  11. Anime is shit.
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  12. I do indeed partake in the watching of some Japanese cartoons.
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  13. What's Boku no Pico? I've only heard of it here.
  15. I had to google moonrunes I: When did that become a thing?

    I feel betrayed. Grandma might die of a heart attack D':

    ... It's porn. The plot is about an under-aged dude who looks like a chick who falls in love with an older dude and they have a fun porn time. The third one is about an alien dude who looks like a chick, a best friend and the under-aged dude having a fun porn time. No idea what the second is about, but probably porn too :D Weird weird japanese porn xD
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  16. Er.

    I'm glad I asked instead of googling it.
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  17. [​IMG]

    I think I know a thing or two about the Japanese culture. Which is why I watch me some Japanese animes from time to time.​
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  18. I've seen people use the terms moonrunes and moonspeak for a long time, probably going on a decade now. It's the best derogatory way to refer to written and spoken Asian languages, though mainly Japanese for whatever reason. :D
  19. Funny, considering Japan is called the land of the rising sun. xD
  20. There are both good and bad animes. It all depends on what you like and what you don't like. There's some series I won't even touch with a very long stick. Similarly there's series that are generic and boring. Then there's the series I love and want more of.

    I'll watch the ones I like and don't bother with the rest.
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