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  1. Hey everyone so I love anime and I love roleplaying so why not put the two together. I am looking for a partner who will be on at least once a day and is looking for a long term partner. When I say long term I mean somebody who is willing to develop characters and spend time searching and changing them to fit the world around them.

    I will only play female and am looking for a male partner
    There will be romance involved

    Anime's I would be interested in roleplaying


    Itachi x Cs-
    Kakashi X Sakura
    Cs X Cs
    Kiba X cs
    Orochimaru X Cs
    Sasuke X Cs
    Kakazu X Cs

    Ouran Highschool Host club
    Haruhi X Tamaki

    Cs X Tamaki
    Hikaru X cs
    Hikaru X Haruhi
    Kaour X CS
    Kaour X Haruhi
    RItsu X Cs
    Ritsu X Haruhi
    Cs X CS

    Samuria 7
    Kiara X Shimada
    Kiara X Okamoto
    Cs X Shimada
    Cs X Okamoto
    Cs X CS
    Kyuzo X Kiara
    Kyuzo X Cs
    Cs X kuyo
    KiaraX Kuyo

    Death Note
    Cs x Cs
    Cs X light
    Light X Misa
    L X Cs
    L X Misa

    These are just a few of the animes that I have seen and if I haven't seen it I will watch it so if you are interested pm me or just message me on here
  2. totally interested in naruto CSxCS ~
  3. cool just pm me
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.