Anime! The RP (Combined Fandom Idea, see inside for details)

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  1. Okay so recently I had (what I think is) a pretty good idea for a multi-genre/fandom anime RP that doesn't involve doing crossovers.

    Here's the core idea I initially drafted that inspired this RP (keep in mind its not edited to accommodate a roleplay just yet, but it can be adapted if this generates enough interest.):

    "The Guild" is an ancient organization established way back in the 1800's. The Guild, known as "The Super Fighting Squad of Planetary and Extra Dimensional Protection" (Wakusei to Yobun'na Jigen no Hogo no Sūpā Tatakai no Buntai, often just shortened to "The Guild of Dimensional Heroes" or "The Guild"), was established after a group of extraordinary people (humans initially, but other dimensional beings joined at a later date such as Vampires, Humanized Robots, and humanoid-Aliens) realized that they could "shift" between a number of dimensions on-command. As a result of their "dimension jumping", they discovered they could see things that no one else could, including dangerous monsters lingering in every reality who threatened innocent people. By constantly "shifting" through dimensions by use of a magical crystal (later incorporated into a teleporting-machine created by the more modern incarnation of the Guild), the original Guild members discovered they could acquire a set of mysterious abilities from the unlimited alternate realities in the universe. After much experimentation and developing their skills, the original 7 members decided to reform their group into a larger group, eventually forming the Guild of today.

    I can explain more about the "powers" given to the characters in each dimension, but try to think of it like this:

    Each "dimension" is a different anime. For example, the starting/home dimension is a simple reality based around real life (shown in a lot of School-based Animes/Manga's). Nothing interesting happens in that universe aside from Guild recruitment and general lounging about when the plot calls for it/takes a break. There are no powers allowed outside of a regulated training area, simply due to the fact that this reality cannot comprehend most of the abilities.

    Note that only one major ability (from 4 types derived from specific Anime's/Manga's) would be given to a Guild Member (ex. Gundam/Mechanical Creature Control, Magic Girl/Boy powers akin to Sailor Moon, summoning/creating weapons from blood/astral entities/ancient artifacts, etc). When entering the alternate dimensions, a select number of additional abilities will be given to the Guild members so they can adapt to the new world (ex. A Weapons-Summoner might get the ability of enchanted speed/agility in a world where the laws of physics are altered such as a virtual world like that in Sword Art Online).

    I'd like to have us act as members of the Guild (some of us can be new recruits, some of us can be higher ranking people such as the Admiral/Guild Master), each with our own unique abilities.

    While we'd travel to the different "dimensions" and fight against various threats, there would be one larger scale baddie who we have to face against. I'm still working on that part, but we can all collaborate on the story and issues our characters might face off against.

    As mentioned before, this RP is still in the early-beta stages and it could definitely use some reworking. But, I wanted to get the idea out there and see who was interested. I'd like to collaborate with those who are interested to properly create and draft this RP, so post below if you're interested.

    If we get at least 3 people for this, we can start talking seriously about the idea and make sure it works before launching the official RP.
  2. basically Epic Disney all over again ;)

    (Had to :3)

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  4. I take interest.

    So, our first ability must be based directly off an anime, I see? Or can it be slightly custom?

    Also do Tokusatsu series count as dimensions in this context? I do intend to base my character off that.
  5. Well the power is taken from an anime (ex. Magic Girl/Guy stuff, the ability to wear/Pilot a Mech Suit, etc).

    Sorry I don't think I'm familiar with those. Mind running a few of them by me?
  6. Well, Kamen Riders, Ultraman, Super Sentai, all that stuff. Cool guys in cool suits, essentially.
  7. Oh xD

    My bad, I know that. Didn't recognize the name but I'm familiar with those works and some of the lesser known ones :3

    Yep, they're allowed. I'm going with a Highschool DxD/SAO/Fairy Tale type character who has the summoning/disappearing weapon ability and a few enhanced abilities

    What about you, @Razilin?
  8. Alright then. I guess I'll base my character(s) off various aspects of the 2nd Generation Neo-Heisei Riders, post-Decade Riders if you may.

    We're bound to enter some dimension related to magic, the Sengoku Era or extreme racing so maybe I'll limit my character abilities and save my power ups for those.
  9. Yeah you can do that if you feel its required
  10. I want to be Nanoha.

    If I can, I want to be Green Lantern Nanoha from the shadowcrystalmage fanfic series "2814."

    Barring that, I am perfectly fine being Canon!Nanoha.


    "For hearts long lost and full of fright
    Those who caused the Blackest Night
    Listen to me, or meet your maker
    I'll befriend them all!

  11. Ehhhhh-maybe.

    Probably no, given the fact tht its a fanfic, but potentially
  12. We already have three people ready to roll. How many people do you wish for before the genesis of the journey?
  13. I was gonna wait for one more but this is fine
  14. I call canon! Nanoha
  15. Is it alright to have multiple characters? Like... just two?
  16. Yeah you're allowed 3 characters, maximum.

    And @Razilin, Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    Maybe. Still thinking about wether or not I want canons here.
  17. Sweet. Then my second character will be incorporated into my first while having her own abilities.
  18. Some new character I been RPing would work as an anime. I may try this out.
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