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Anime: The 1x1 (and potential Group) RP (MxF seeking F, see inside for details).

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by mr_pibbs, Mar 9, 2015.


Should I make this into a group RP?

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    Warning: the following plotline is a mix-mash of ideas generated from too many ideas at the same time, but somehow managed to create this beautiful concoction. Please enjoy ^^

    Everyone said that Japan wasn't anything like those cartoons. Everyone said that Power Rangers, Titans, and Magical Girls weren't rampant within the city, and nobody acknowledged the existence of a 500foot lizard with atomic breath. And guess what?

    They were right.

    MC has found himself completely bored by the events surrounding his mundane life. Despite being located so far into the more remote regions of Japan, MC attends a regular high school, has a small circle of friends, and lives life with little to no dramatic incidents. The most "serious" issue he has had to deal with so far has been the issue of biking everywhere (especially when he's heading to the city, which is extremely far from his house). Overall, MC lives a very boring life that most would claim is "relaxing".

    Well, if things had stayed that way, then there wouldn't be a story, now would there?

    One day at the grocery market in the city, MC encounters a strange girl wearing a bunny-outfit standing outside a store. Despite his initial thoughts to just ignore her, MC decides to investigate what she's trying to sell, only to discover she's actually recruiting people for something she calls "The Guild". Before he can comment on leaving her alone, she suddenly realizes that MC can "see her", which is an odd declaration for anyone. After making the astounding discovery that "he can see her", she demands that MC join up with "the Guild" because he's destined to do so. Trying to avoid any more odd interactions with the girl, MC leaves the market only to discover that he is being followed everywhere by the girl. She's at his school, she's hanging out in the arcade he frequently visits, and she even shows up in his dreams (wearing different outfits based upon the dream, ranging from a Kamen Rider outfit, to a Sailor Scout uniform, to flat out Cosplay of Yoko Littner and other famous anime heroines), which begins to drive MC insane. Finally, when she shows up as a waitress at a restaurant he and his friends visit, MC confronts her and asks why she's been following him everywhere and how she's been able to do this.

    Rather then give him a reasonable (or illogical) explanation like any human being would in that situation, she only demands that he join "the Guild" because he has potential just like her. Choosing to not be stalked anymore, MC agrees to see what "the Guild" is all about.

    What he doesn't realize is that "the Guild" has been an ancient organization established way back in the 1800's. The Guild, known as "The Super Fighting Squad of Planetary and Extra Dimensional Protection" (Wakusei to Yobun'na Jigen no Hogo no Sūpā Tatakai no Buntai, often just shortened to "The Guild of Dimensional Heroes" or "The Guild"), was established after a group of extraordinary people realized that they could "shift" between a number of dimensions on-command. As a result of their "dimension jumping", they discovered they could see things that no one else could, including dangerous monsters lingering in every reality who threatened innocent people. By constantly "shifting" through dimensions by use of a magical crystal (later incorporated into a teleporting-machine created by the more modern incarnation of the Guild), the original Guild members discovered they could acquire a set of mysterious abilities from the unlimited alternate realities in the universe. After much experimentation and developing their skills, the original 7 members decided to reform their group into a larger group, eventually forming the Guild of today.

    Now having been drawn into a world of alternate dimensions and adventure by the young woman (who also happens to be the daughter of the Guild Master), MC must try to adapt to life as a non-entity, traveling from reality to reality trying to protect all of existence from the danger posed by those who wish to alter/destroy all forms of reality itself.

    Alright, so I'm looking for somebody to play the young woman/guild master's daughter in this RP, as I will be playing the New Recruit/Normal Boy.

    We can really discuss the details of this (plot, characters we want to incorporate, references and general world-building) in PM's, but I just wanted to add that this CAN become a Group RP (with all of our characters playing as Guild members), but only if this gets enough interest or you (my partner) thinks this would make for a really awesome group RP.

    I can explain more about the "powers" given to the characters in each dimension, but think of it like this:

    Each "dimension" is a different anime. For example, the starting/home dimension is a simple reality based around real life (shown in a lot of School-based Animes/Manga's). Nothing interesting happens in that universe aside from Guild recruitment and general lounging about when the plot calls for it/takes a break. There are no powers allowed outside of a regulated training area, simply due to the fact that this reality cannot comprehend most of the abilities.

    Note that only one major ability (from 4 types derived from specific Anime's/Manga's) would be given to a Guild Member (ex. Gundam/Mechanical Creature Control, Magic Girl/Boy powers akin to Sailor Moon, summoning/creating weapons from blood/astral entities/ancient artifacts, etc). When entering the alternate dimensions, a select number of additional abilities will be given to the Guild members so they can adapt to the new world (ex. A Weapons-Summoner might get the ability of enchanted speed/agility in a world where the laws of physics are altered such as a virtual world like that in Sword Art Online). I can explain this more if you don't understand, but I hope I helped give you an idea on how it would work.

    Anyways, if you're interested shoot me a PM and we'll get to the discussions!​
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