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  1. Rules
    1. Give me no one liners, and I will be happy.
    2. I only do FxM pairings, nothing else.
    3. Communication is a must. Please let me know if you have ideas, want to drop out, or whatever else. Sometimes I get backed up on role plays, you must remind me to reply if I do not do so in two days.
    4. Please be willing to double.
    5. Be an active poster. Once a day is fine. I am on every single day because I have no life when I get home from errands, or anything I have to do during the day. I do frequent posts, but you don't have to. Like stated earlier, one post a day will be fine unless you tell me otherwise.

    *I play any character from anything on this list, so please don't be shy to ask.
    *We can discuss pairings in PMs (I mostly do OCxCanon, but we can discuss canon pairings if you wish to).
    *If the listng has a ! next to it, that is the thing I want to do the most.
    *This list is in alphabetical order.


    Air Gear !
    Death Note
    DN Angel
    Fruits Basket !
    FullMetal Alchemist
    Ouran High School Host Club !
    Rurouni Kenshin !
    Wolf's Rain !


    Avenged Sevenfold
    Dir en Grey
    One Direction
    Pierce the Veil !
    the GazettE


    Final Fantasy 7
    Final Fantasy 10 !
    Final Fantasy 10-2
    Kingdom Hearts
    Kingdom Hearts 2


    Avengers !
    Captain America
    Dark Knight, The
    Harry Potter
    In Time
    Lord of the Rings !
    Pirates of the Caribbean !
    Purge !
    X-Men !


    Phantom of the Opera
    Repo! The Genetic Opera !
    Sweeney Todd !


    Doll Maker x Doll !
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Vampire x Mortal


    Once Upon A Time !


    Mystical Beast Bazaar

    I might have forgotten some stuff.
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  2. I would love to do an FMA rp with you.
  3. Shoot me a PM. c:
  4. Added more to the list. :)
  5. oh my gosh, i'd be really interested in a LOTR rp and the mythical beast bazaar sounds super intriguing! let me know if you're still looking. c:
  6. I am still looking!

    I will send you a PM. :)
  7. BUMP

    I added more stuff in too. :)
  8. i Have to say the blind mag in your signature really got my attention. I love repo. Now as for rping with you is air gear still open i am very familiar with it and think doing an rp from it would be be just the most fun of things to do.
  9. It is still open!
    Just send me a PM and we can iron out details. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.