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  1. Just the typical magical girl anime RP! Your first post in the thread should include a filled out character skeleton.

    Appearance: (May use a picture or description)
    Power: (could be something super human, specialty in weapons, anything really. Pick a specific power that your character mainly uses. Up to 3 max)
    If needed, include background information.

    If you post pictures, please use anime photos too.

    The setting takes place in a city, and the magic girls / boys coincidentally meet at their high school when my character starts developing her powers and she can't control them yet. Other students (your characters) begin to notice and meet up together and eventually decide to confront my character.

    Name: Reliox
    Age: 17.
    Appearance: (attached)
    Power: dragon shapeshifter. She can summon small dragons and when her powers become stronger as she grows she can summon bigger dragons. And when she gets angry or scared she begins shifting even when she doesn't want to.
    Background: she lives on her own in a one bedroom apartment a few blocks from the high school and she works at a bakery around the corner from her home. She's usually very timid and shy, very sensitive. She doesn't have any friends and no one really knows her name until she starts developing her powers and other students think she's the freak.

    Comment your character skeleton and begin RPing! (:

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  2. Name: Jensen Marbury
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Power: Wields a baseball bat like wand, all of her special abilities are sports related but her usual fighting form is with the batwand and she hits star or energy balls at her enemies
    Jensen is a tomboy through and through, she loves playing sports and getting her hands dirty. She's bossy, naggy but does it out of love. She values her friends highly.
    Jensen lives with her mother on the poorer side of town and works part time as a waitress to earn some cash to fix up her mo-ped.
  3. Mahou Shoujo? I'm down for this .3.
    Name: Keiko
    Age: 17
    • When she turns into her magical girl form, cat ears and a cat tail pop out.With this,her senses become more active and she becomes lighter and faster on her feet, just like a cat.(pretty much she gets some tests that a cat has)
    • She can manipulate electricity, but her electricity is blue.
    Keiko lives alone in a house her parents entrusted her with.She came from a wealthy family who is running business on the other side of the globe and sends her monthly allowance and sometimes even extras.Keiko is sweet,cheerful and friendly.She is popular in the school and is currently part of the student council, her being voted as the vice president. Occasionally, she would bring pastries to school and give them to people.

    ((Will make first post tomorrow when I wake up xD))
  4. name: jasmine
    age 17
    When she transforms wolf ears and a tail pop out. with this she becomes much more agile and aggressive.

    she also gets a black katana that she uses to fight with
    jasmine is student council president she is kind to everyone and popular. she is also head of the kendo club and the national kendo champion. she had been practicing kendo since she was 3 when she moved into her grandfathers dojo. she has no memory of her parents mainly because they abandoned her. she was raised by her grandfather and lives in his dojo just down the street from the school.
  5. "Nyaa~"

    Keiko stretched her arms over her head, her cat ears twitching twice on her head.She has a habit of sleeping in what she calls a 'semi-transformation form', where her cat ears and/or tail is out, but her electricity manipulation abilities are inactive.When she started doing this, it was to be sure that nobody tried to attack her in her slumber.Because if somebody steps in her house, she would quickly wake up with the help of her super sensitive cat ears.Now, she still does it for the same reason, but like mentioned it became a habit.

    "School again, how lovely" she perked, hopping on both her feet and walked to the kitchen, her tail swaying lazily behind her.She did her regular routine every morning; eat her breakfast, prepare her lunch, get dressed, and leave.Of course, she never forgets to poor away her cat features before walking out of her door.Everyday, Keiko walks to school.Even though it's a 30-minute walk, she doesn't really mind.She enjoyed the morning sounds and watching the children of the nearby kindergarten school play around and even greet her.One time, a little boy even gave her a flower, and of course it was a cute sight and experience for her.

    Right when Keiko stepped in the campus of her high school, students started greeting her, and she greeted back with a smile.This happens every morning, so it wasn't anything new for her.Yup, this is only a part of Keiko's regular everyday school life.
  6. Jasmine's alarm was going off. She reached from under the covers and hit the snooze button on her alarm. As she slowly got up she yawned, "auuuugh, time to get up already." she got up and and began her morning routine which consisted of washing up, brushing her teeth, getting dressed, and the grabbing her lunch that she prepped the night before. She walked outside and down the street to the school. when she got to the front gate. The commotion started when everyone started greeting her and rushing her. they kept calling her onii-sama or class prez. "guys please just call me jasmine i dont like being called by my titles." she walked over to keiko, "good morning keiko how are you today."
  7. Name: Tsubaki
    Age: 17
    Power: She can control plants and their growth and structure and manipulate the earth and all related materials such as paper, wood, silt, minerals, crystal, gems, sand, mud.
    background : The eldest daughter of a high-class family, shi is overconfident and thinks she can do just about anything by herself. Still, she is deep down a considerate person who can be very romantic. She is childish, bratty, and spoiled.
  8. Did you say... magical girls?
    "Yes, ma'am. With or without mascots."
    Magical girls?! Magical girls?! MAAAGICAL GIIIRLS!!

    Name: Vivi Laevis (la-AY-vis)
    Age: 16


    Power: Vivi can build, heal, and attack things with her words (in her magical girl form, of course). For example: Saying something that makes a specific person feel better would heal a wound, saying something generally positive would create a structure, and a particularly cruel "your mom" joke could tear down a wall. She can also speak into a staff that appears when she transforms, and save her words for later, then shoot them at enemies.

    Background: Although not very popular at school, Vivi doesn't seem to care. She will shoot her mouth off at the first opportunity, and it's hard to shut her up once she starts talking. One thing the other students notice her for is her unique sense of humor. Vivi also has a very vivid (ba-dum-tsh) memory – in fact, a photographic one – so despite her reputation as a slightly annoying loudmouth, she managed to get elected as the secretary of the student council. Beneath all the yammering, Vivi is strongly loyal to any friends she makes, and will gladly defend them. She lives in a condominium about a mile from school, with two very artsy moms that fill the place with paintings.
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  9. After waving at some of her friends who went ahead, she heard a familiar voice from behind.Turning around, she already knew who it was."Oh hey Jaz, good morning~" she smiled.She sometimes called her Jaz, which was obviously short for Jasmine, as a friendly little nickname."I'm quite fine, how about you? Got any plans for the student council to do today?" She always enjoyed doing work that involved the school, probably becausein a way it would be helping her fellow students, or maybe partly because her powers boost up her energy.Either way, expect her to be there when it comes to school activities.
  10. Name: Kazaki & Renji
    Age: 17 & 18
    Appearance: Below
    Power/History: Kazaki was tortured as a young child by his manipulating parents.Though no one really knew what happened to him, ever since 5th grade Kazaki has worn a mask, covering the lower half of his face. He doesn't talk much and always has a cold, distant glare that glistens in his eyes. Though he does speak it's usually only to Renji. A long time friend since birth. So if you're wondering what Kazaki is thinking, you'll have to go through Renji to figure out. Kazaki has the power to manipulate and control people. Using his mind, he can put in false memories or feelings. The only thing is that you don't know it's happening. Until well, he tell you. /////// Renji lives in a house by the shore with his mother in law. As well as biological father. He's charming, intuitive and sarcastic almost all of the time. A bit of a trouble maker as well, seeing that his main hang spot in the library's detention center. Renji doesn't have any distinctive features beside's his clear blue eyes and muscle form. Most girls bow at his presence, then again he is a Sempai. Renji plays a lot of sports including basketball and baseball. So if he isn't at the DC , he most likely at the field. Playing games. Renji's powers are blood manipulation. He can use his body as a weapon, shifting or forming his arm (or any of extremities) into a large scythe or bat. Basically, he's a human gumby. c:

    Kazaki One - Kazaki two

    Renji one - Renji two

    Kazaki was meandering down the brightly sun drenched walkway with Renji. In a short sleeve shirt and gym shorts. It was the beginning of another school year so the cold weather hasn't started to kick in yet. Might as well enjoy the great sunshine while is last, walking around campus. Renji was going on and on about his date with some first year girl. Telling me about how in the middle of it she tripped and fell into a passing by cart full of dirty dishes. Of course he was laughing about it, Renji wasn't the most sensitive guy. I walked, my eyes focused on the passing by students, just listening to his story.
    "And then, she stood up right? Only to get her skirt caught on a loose nail sticking out of the boards from the ground. The skirt, completely tore off!!" Renji exclaimed, wiping the tears from his eyes. He had his hands loosely stuffed his ripped jean pockets. A hoodie casually wrapped around his waist. Renji ran his fingers through his golden hair before proceeding. "I mean, I feel bad for the girl. But it had to been one of the funniest dates I've been on in a while." He explained, looking over at Kazaki who didn't even seem like he was paying attention.
    Renji scoffed before nudging Kazaki on the shoulder, pushing him sideways towards a building they were passing. Which happened to be the girls dormitories."Hey!? Are you even listening!" Renji asked, staring at Kazaki quizzically. He merely shrugged then nodded to Renji's question, turning a corner to end up back on the path to the main courtyard. He was expecting to meet up with some people there.
    "Yeah yeah yeah.. I know you to well .. you're so thinking about that girl.. you know with the pink hair.. I think her name was Tisubaki?" Renji said sarcastically, lifting up his arm to rub the back of his neck. He was teasing with Kazaki, who always took everything so seriously. Kazaki in reply elbowed Renji's side before proceeding forward. "Hey! That wasn't nice!" Renji said loudly, starting to chuckle like a child. "Looks like someone's gotta crusshhhh." Renji teased, poking Kazaki's torso as the scenery finally opened up to the courtyard. Kazaki exchanged a look to Renji, wanting to beat him into a pulp. Why did he hang out with him anyway? Oh yeah, because they were childhood friends.
  11. "Ugggh..." Vivi let out a quiet moan as she slowly stood up and shrugged on her backpack. She made her way towards the front of the bus, which had just arrived at school. "Stand aside, everyone," she announced, still sounding tired but grinning at the other passengers. "I take very large steps." With a loud yawn, she went down the stairs and set herself on the sidewalk, wobbling a little. Vivi was definitely not a morning person. But hey, at least she tried. She was still smiling at whoever bothered to look her way.

    Leaning back in a nearby bench, she pulled out a sketchbook and tore out a page. Art was one of Vivi's electives, and she was very passionate about it. That had probably rubbed off on her from her parents. Vivi looked over the paper, as if making sure none of the lines would move, then folded it up and put it in her pocket. With that, she got to her feet and walked over to two students older than her that she recognized. The dark-haired one was... um... Jasmine, right? The other girl was Keiko, whom Vivi knew better. Keiko had given her a pastry one day, and it was delish. Vivi yawned again and looked at the older girls, still smiling. "Um, hi, guys," she began. "How's it going? I made this thing for oil painting, and I think it looks fine. What did you guys do over the weekend?" Vivi asked. Of course, she was just getting warmed up, talking-wise.
  12. jasmine looked at keiko, "today we have 3 new clubs that want to be started but we only have enough room for one more. So today they coming before a committee of you me and the secretary to debate their clubs value to our school." Thats when she heard a familiar voice behind her and looked back. "hey vivi, this weekend i just trained like i normal. Thats a beautiful painting. How are you this morning."
  13. "Three clubs? Ee....I wish there was a way to fit them all in..." Before she could say anything else, Vivi had already approached them."Good morning~Great job on your oil painting, keep it up~" she greeted, welcoming Vivi with a smile and giving her a thumbs up.Then she put a finger over her lower lip and thought about what she had been up to the past two days of no school."Weekend...? Oh,you know, stuff.Nothing really special~" She was actually jumping from roof to roof in her magical girl form and doing some "electricity art" at the beach at night, but they don't really need to hear that, right?
  14. Name: Kuari Zukarin
    Age: 17
    Appearance: See link above for Magic Girl(?!) form.
    Human(?) form

    He was cursed with the 'Gift of Immortality", a special spell that prevents him from being able to die, yet allows him to feel every bit of the pain of every injury he experiences. He is able to either regrow a part of his body if it's lost or too badly damaged, or simply reattach it if the damage is minimal, his head, however, cannot be destroyed, no matter how much of a beating it takes, and it can be reattached if severed, which also instantly heals any wounds that were previously inflicted on the body.

    Weapons Mastery:
    He may be seen most often using the chainsaw he was 'gifted' by his "savior", yet he is able to wield any weapon flawlessly as long as he's either seen or read up on it's applications, or has built it himself.

    Junk Smith:
    He is able to create a sturdy, working weapon or item out of literally anything, be it a gatling gun made of pipes that fires paper clips, a sword made of an old fishing rod, or even a motorcycle out of scrap metal, he can make it as long as he can find the right parts.
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  15. Despite the rough week he'd been having, Kuari decided it best to pretend none of it had ever happened, because, really, who would believe that his girlfriend tried to kill him and he was given the power to not be able to die by a high ranking demoness? He decided that despite everything, he should go back to school and hang out with his friends, hoping that they might be able to make his crazy life seem a bit less tiring.

    Upon reaching school from his apartment downtown, despite riding his self-built motortrike, he was already running late, and he knew just how bad of a thing that would be for him, as the heads of his clubs were, despite being friendly to most, very strict with him, making him sometimes question why he had to join every club that he'd shown interest in, yet he was glad that he'd discovered that he could appease most with the promise of food or sweets, which he made in home-ec before having to go to his clubs' afternoon meetings.

    After finally finding a parking spot, he slugged his way across the large campus of the school to get to his first club: kendo, where he knew the prez would rip him a new one for being late, yet even more so for missing the last competition due to his current predicament, yet as he went along the path leading to the school, he saw that he must not have really been late, and merely must've had a fast clock, something he'd have to fix when he got home.
    Upon noticing exactly who it was that was talking, he walked next to them and bowed, a smile on his face as he greeted them, despite knowing that they may not recognize him with his now platinum hair and red eyes, which were blonde and blue a mere couple weeks ago.

    "Kuari Zukarin, ready for duty miladies."
  16. Name: Izumi Himura
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    peak human strength: Izumi is capable of lifting many times her own body weight, which entails to doing the following actions: punching an enemy through a brick wall, breaking/bending steel cuffs or chains, or striking down doors with a single punch or kick

    Background: Izumi is your typical tsundere, she shies away from others out of fear of rejection, and although she doesn't mean it she often dismisses them with a cold and hostile demeanor. But if given time she will warm up to you once you've gained her trust, she also has quite the temper and is not afraid to let it flare. While she tries to control it as much as she can there are just some things that send her over the edge i.e. badmouthing her younger brother which is what she considers her only family, however she does have a softer side and you will often see it when she's around animals. She lives in a one bedroom apartment about 2 miles from the school and spends most of her free time at the gym with her boxing coach when she's not working
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  17. Name: Miname Sanoir
    Age: 17
    Appearance: (When transformed)
    Appearance: (When not transformed)
    Powers: Can control metal and is a master of any sword.
    Background: Raised in a Japanese and English family she is fluent in both languages and has been trained in the different ways of blades from a young age. Now in high school she is a world renowned master of swords and is constantly sought out by boys and women alike every time she steps onto the school grounds. She is a quiet individual who doesn't like to talk too much. She served as the Student Council President for awhile before she relented the position to her peer and has had nothing to do with it since.
  18. Name: Shade Ukazami
    Appearance: tall (6'1') tanned muscular Hispanic dark black hair blood red eyes keeps quite (some say he's mute) wears a black coat with the word ice written across the back wear dark black jeans and toxic green shoes sometimes wears a mask of dark blue that say 'the muted philosopher' and always has a canteen
    Power: he can control water turning it into ice and making himself armor of pure ice
    background: Shade came from the back reach's of hell some say. some fear him others think he's a fake others don't know what to think of him. he doesn't really talk much very silent. has cunning. There was a story spread of him making ice from blood pictures were shown some say it isn't him he doesn't kill people he helps them others say he's just a evil devil waiting to be unleashed
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