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  1. Just testing the waters to see if anyone's interested in this idea I've had for a while now for an RP. This would be an anime-style RP, but it can be more normal. It takes inspiration from Naruto-style storytelling but isn't a ripoff of Naruto by any means.

    The world is governed by 12 elements (I know, 12!) The way it is organized and what they are are as follows:

    Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Metal, Sound, Mind, Life, Light, Dark.

    The 4 Basic Elements : Fire, Water, Earth, Air
    The 4 Extensions of these Elements: (respectively): Lightning, Ice, Metal, Sound
    The "Worldly" Pair: Mind and Life
    The "Spiritual" Pair: Light and Dark

    Basically, there are 12 young adults/older teenagers who each have harnessed one of the elements/energies and have the task of taking down and fighting whoever threatens the world.

    This time, they are sent on a mission to investigate a huge increase in criminal activity in the most peaceful and coldest nation of the world, Glacia. Their first stop is the city of Celestion. Villages, towns and cities have been attacked, people killed, property stolen and no one knows who it is and how it is happening. Never has this happened before in the peaceful nation of Glacia.

    At first, the team thinks it is nothing, but it turns out to be a criminal organization called BLACKWINGS, beginning their mission to raid the country and slowly take it over all at once with their advanced knowledge on engineering and technology, their motivation rooted in greed and climbing the social ladder. They have the most sophisticated weapons, and surprise everyone with what they can do.

    I'm not looking for a full team, it could just be some of the team (they're called MINORS) sent to Glacia. I'll need both good and bad guys. Anyone interested at all?? Or if you think something can be made better, please let me know! I want to get this RP happening. Any further inquiries please ask below, or send me a pm if you'd like.
  2. So pretty much this is like the anime "Kaze No Stigma"?
  3. I've never heard of it, but I read a little bit about it and saw some of the first episode. From what I get, mine is going to be different in the sense that the characters are more americanized, the plot will be darker and the overall sense of the story will be more serious, but I suppose that's also up to the other RP-ers? I had no idea this anime existed lol

    Edit: Now that I've seen more of it, I'd also like to add that it's not so much as magic as it is having mastery and taming of the element. Also users are able to get as creative as they'd like (without god-modding of course) with their powers and what they do. I'd say the Minors have a considerable amount of skill (two years worth) but not crazy. Think more like teen titans + naruto.

    Ex. Light Guy (who also has control over plantlife) can expend much of his energy in order to solidify his light energy into tangible and heavy prisms and send them flying and crashing to do his will. Of course, this takes a taxing amount of energy and he would only do it when pushed to his limits.

    The Minors have powers but they cannot spam without consequence. They have their elemental energies which they use whenever they attack with their powers. Also, many of them are trained in physical combat so they need not always resort to using their elements/energies. They, like my planned character, can combine physical combat and the usage of their powers to effectively battle.

    Also, there's a lot more backstory to this idea and developed plot I already have, but I didn't want to bore you guys with such great detail. If you guys want to know more, I certainly can provide you with how they got their powers, who trained them, the main villain (though I don't think he'd be brought up in this specific RP), what the world is like and the way the world works.
  4. I'd read Blackwings and I stopped taking it seriously. XD

    And since it HAS to be Elemental based, Ugh. Sorry, but I hope the RP stands once it's built.
  5. the name/idea of the blackwings is that bad huh? lol. I was trying to think of something different from the original story I thought of back in high school but still good enough. Any suggestions on what I could make the main antagonists be instead? Or an idea of what it should be like?
  6. It reminds me of Yu-gi-oh too much, Lmao.

    I can't say I can help, as I'm not sure if you're trying to make a Team Titans, or a kaze no stigma.