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  1. Hello everyone. To get to the point, ive been dying to watch a good anime with a female protagonist for quite some time now. However, most of the series ive checked out havent sufficed my tastes. Below, you'll find a decent list of shows I have enjoyed, and shows I havent enjoyed, both with male and female leads. Below that, you will find characters that I have enjoyed and havent enjoyed, just to give everyone a bit of perspective before they make a suggestion. There is one rule however; I dislike anime like Highschool DxD where all the girls are essentially dick-hungry for the shitty male lead, or any other type of anime that has a male lead with a female co-lead. I dont care how epic the girl is, the fact that there is a male lead at all bothers me (Medaka Box is an exception because Zenkichi was actually useful and decently skilled.) Ive seen so many anime with a male lead and frankly, im sick of 'em. Also, anything with yuri gets extra points. Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!

    List I - Liked Series
    I. Black Rock Shooter (<-A personal favorite.)
    II. K-On (<-A personal favorite.)
    III. Rinne no Lagrange
    IV. Lucky Star
    V. Medaka Box
    VI. Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation (,-A personal favorite.)
    VII. Blood + (<-A personal favorite.)
    VIII. Kill La Kill (<-A personal favorite.)
    IX. Vampire Knight
    X. RWBY
    XI. Akuma no Riddle
    XII. A Certain Scientific Railgun
    XIII. Bleach (<-A personal favorite.)
    XIV. Deadman Wonderland (<-A personal favorite.)
    XV. Fullmetal Alchemist
    XVI. Yu Yu Hakusho (<-A personal favorite.)
    XVII. Code Geass
    XVIII. Death Note
    XIX. Watamote
    XX. Love Live! School Idol Project
    XXI. Kiniro Mosaic
    XXII. Selector Infected Wixross
    XXIII. Sword Art Online
    XXIV. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (<-A personal favorite.)
    XXV. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    XXVI. YuruYuri
    XXVII. Yuyushiki

    XXVIII. A-Channel

    List II - Disliked Series
    I. Attack on Titan (<-I dislike this series entirely. Only Mikasa is likeable to me.)
    II. Spice and Wolf (<-IMO, boring.)
    III. Guilty Crown (<-Pretentious and a complete Deus Ex Machina.)
    IV. Gunslinger Girl (<-Again, boring.)
    V. Claymore (<-Yes again, boring.)
    VI. Black Lagoon (Revy is so uncivilized and childish, I cant stand her.)
    VII. Ghost in the Shell (<-Major Kusanagi cant save how bored I get.)
    VIII. Highschool of the Dead (<-Really? I dont need to explain this one.)
    IX. Highschool DxD (<-WASTED POTENTIAL! If only Issei didnt exist.)
    X. Shin Sekai Yori (<-Saki going from girl to guy. That's literally it.)
    XI. Inuyasha (<-Just not my thing. I dont hate it at all, or even really dislike it.)
    XII. Accel World (<-Same thing as DxD.)
    XIII. Ao No Exorcist (<-Generic as hell to me.)
    XIV. Strike the Blood (<-Same thing as DxD.)
    XV. Psycho-Pass (<-Felt too familiar to me, like a badly done Death Note somehow.)
    XVI. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (<-Tsuna is a complete coward for far too long.)
    XVII. Date A Live (<-Same thing as DxD.)
    XVIII. Mirai Nikki (<-I dont like crazy chicks. They are boring and predictable.)
    XIX. Elfen Lied (<-Goreporn as far as im concerned.)
    XX. Fairy Tail (<-Generic, but awesome music and Erza is pretty damn cool.)
    XXI. Infinite Stratos (<-Same thing as DxD.)
    XXII. Hunter X Hunter (<-Terrible follow-up to Yu Yu Hakusho. I only remotely like Killua.)
    XXIII. Hidan no Aria (<-Generic and the character designs bother me.)
    XXIV. Shakugan no Shana (<-Generic, and Yuji bothers me.)
    XXV. Rosario Vampire (<-Same thing as DxD.)
    XXVI. A Certain Magical Index (<-Fuck Toma and Index. Railgun is leagues better.)
    XXVII. Baccano! (<-I like stories I can follow, thanks.)
    XXVIII. Durarara! (<-Same thing as Baccano!)
    XXIV. Revolutionary Girl Utena (<-Not an old-school fan, and I found it a bit too boring for me.)
    XXV. Space Dandy (<-Really? It's fucking pointless.)
    XXVI. FLCL (<-The sheer stupidity of this show gives me a headache.)

    XXVII. Senki Zesshou Symphogear (<-For some reason, this one just..Irks me.)

    List III - Liked Characters
    I. Mato/Black Rock Shooter
    II. Kurosaki Ichigo
    III. Uchiha Sasuke
    IV. Otonashi Saya
    V. Kurokami Medaka
    VI. Nakano Azusa
    VII. Matoi Ryuko & Kiryuin Satsuki
    VIII. Yuki Cross
    IX. Ruby Rose
    X. Mikoto Misaka
    XI. Igarashi Ganta
    XII. Urameshi Yusuke
    XIII. Edward Elric & Riza Hawkeye
    XIV. Lelouch Vi Britannia & C.C.
    XV. Yagami Light & Near
    XVI. Kuroki Tomoko
    XVII. Simon the Digger
    XVIII. Ichii Tooru
    XIX. Asuka Langley Soryu

    XX. Funami Yui

    List IV - Disliked Characters
    I. Basically the entire cast of the series ive listed in the 'dislike' category, save for the following: Mikasa Ackerman, Major Kusanagi, Rias Gremory (<-and the other lead girls), Kuroyukihime, Himeragi Yukina, Erza Scarlet, Shinonono Houki (<-and the other lead girls.)

    Well, there you are! Thanks again for any suggestions!

  2. You sure don't make it easy to come up with suggestions, considering the reasoning behind your dislike of certain series would seem counter-intuitive to your enjoyment of those you've listed as 'Liked'.

    But if you liked Railgun, you might also enjoy the original series it stemmed from; To Aru Majutsu no Index.
    The Fate/Stay series is also incredible, but I feel as though you've likely seen it. Throwing it out there just in case.
    If you liked Gurren Lagann (or Gainax in general) try out Diebuster.
    Gundam 00 too.
  3. I apologize for seeming counter-intuitive. A lot of the series I listed in the 'Liked' category, Ive liked for a very long time before my tastes had changed.

    Ive heard so many things about Diebuster, so I think i'll finally give it a go. As for Gundam 00, I wasnt aware there was a Gundam series with a female lead, so that's going on the list.

    Regarding the Fate/Stay series, I keep trying to get really into it, but for some reason I just cant. If it revolved more closely around Saber, I'd probably love the series.

    Also, Magical Index was in my 'Disliked' category, but thanks anyway.
  4. Really? And Shin Sekai Yori too? You're deplorable.
  5. Im going to take that as sarcasm, and explain in more detail.

    I. Magical Index - My primary issue with this series stems from the characters Toma and Index themselves. Regarding Index, she's just a bit too ditzy for my current tastes, and she ends up bothering/irritating me with her incessant prattle most of the time. As for Toma, I have never and will never like characters that can just shut off other characters powers. Its a Deus Ex Machina to me, and I cant stand it. As for his personality, Toma bothered me with the fact that he doesnt seem to understand what he can do and what his situation is. He just seems ignorant to me. Keep in mind, I didnt get passed the first 6 episodes of Index because of these issues. I dropped it for Railgun, which I enjoy far more.

    II. Shin Sekai Yori - I literally have ONE problem with this series; the fact that Saki and Maria's relationship had to end in rape and death for poor Maria. I like dark stories and im a fan of heavy drama, but this was just heart wrenching for me, and I honestly couldnt take it because it reminded me of a girlfriend I had lost to death. I finished the series but with very mixed feelings. Its in the 'disliked' category because of how much it hurt. That, and the whole 'forced to produce the messiah' thing bothered me; I dislike rape or forced conception in any story, no matter how dark.
  6. Good, because it was. I realize others have different opinions, I merely said that humorously because both of them are in my top ten favorite series.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Ive finished Ergo Proxy and while it was enjoyable, I have similar feelings to it as I do towards Ghost in the Shell.

    Kyousou Giga and the Gunbuster/Diebuster series is definitely going on my list, as well as Nausiccaa!
  8. Enjoy them, friend. I respect your opinions~
  9. If you're looking for female leaded anime, you could watch Tokyo ESP. She gives me that spiderman vibe (nothing to do with his powers).
    And here is my shameless op insert to try to persuade you.
  10. Tokyo ESP looks pretty damn cool, thank you!
  11. I guess the only things I should say before hand is that the MC will get her ass kicked a lot (and pretty bad), and expect a LOT of western references/cameos, I know they show the ghost busters, he dad looks like a cross between Cable and Wolverine, and another dad looks like King Leonidas from 300.

    And according to my friend who doesn't watch anime but is watching Gundam Build Fighters with me, and I quote "He may as well be a girl with the way he sounds and acts."
  12. As long as she's a good character, I dont mind her getting her ass whipped or the western references. It'd be a welcome change of pace~
  13. For other anime:

    I haven't been keeping up with it much, but from what I have watched, Akatsuki no Yona has a reverse harem if your into that kinda stuff.

    Sasami-san@ganbaranai as far as I remember only has a faceless older brother as a big male character, but he is FAR from being the MC.

    I've only read Watamote, but I'm not too sure if you'll like her character.

    I'd also heavily recommend Prisma Illya, but only if you've played F/SN. Not that it isn't good on it's own, but I don't think you can appreciate it as much. There's yuri, but even then everyone finds a way to like the older brother (high jump 2strong), but he is a VERY minor character in the anime. I'm not sure if I'm allowed, but its fine as long as its just kissing right?

    Spoilers for the children just in case! (open)
  14. All of those sound interesting and i'll check them out! By the way, that link was glorious and incredibly sexy. I MUST WATCH THAT SHOW.
  15. You should watch Phantom: Requiem of the Opera

    It revovles around a Male and a Female though.
  16. I faintly remember watching Phantom, but I dont remember much about it. Think i'll try and refresh my memory.
  17. Reading this made me realize how little series i've watched that have a female lead let alone a good anime that has a female lead. The only things that i can think of the top fo my head is Madoka magica which i recommend however cannot guarantee you will enjoy it as it's a magical girl show but with it's own little twist.
  18. Ive heard good things about Madoka Magica, but was always turned off by the magical girl thing. I'll give it a fair shot, though.
  19. Kill la Kill comes to mind for female lead anime, plus from the guys that bought you Gurren Lagann.

    Plus your disliked list really limits what I can recommend xD. Hellsing, and Berserk you should check out.