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  1. Make your list of Anime Powers!

    Share your lists ^^.

    Battler Killer Executor
    Club Bruising Smasher
    Crushing Energy Necro Power Mashing Inferno Killing Blasphemy Dying Strike
    Damnation Bashing Malevolence Bruising Diabolic Crashing
    Dark Execution Devilish Dirge Crushing Reaper
    Dirge Hellish Obituary Malevolent Flash Bane Masher
    Dying Crashing Fiend Satanic Crush Crashing Epitaph Damned Mash
    Dying Executor Unholy Club Infernal Bane
    Fatal Crashing Mortality Infernal Satanic Blast Killing Dirge
    Fatal Inferno
    Funerary Killer
    Hammer Necro Bolt Devilish Kill
    Hellish Devil Dying Dark Blasting Omni Dirge Wicked Smasher
    Inferno Infernal Mace Devil Mortality Deadly Fatal Damnation Wicked Crasher
    Kill Hellish Reaper Deadly Diabolic Fusion Fiendish Smash Demon Death
    Malevolence Bad Executioner True Devilish Hammer Funeral
    Mashing Mace Fusion
    Satanic Vile Obituary Crushing Evil Omni Unclean Flash Necrotic Executioner
    Smash Crashing Omni Death Demonic Fusion Mash
    Smash Damned Diabolic Beam Mace

    I don't even...
  2. Doesn't this belong with the other generators?
  3. Battler Control
    Blasting Atomic Blast Nuclear Barrage
    Crashing Seducer Funerary Atomo Reaction Controlling Dominator Hypnotism
    Dirge Nuclear Tyrant Kill Controlling Dominator
    Electron Killing Atom Dirge
    Energy Blasting Seducer Overwhelming Crashing Atom Domination
    Eulogy Decree
    Eulogy Dominating Ruling Reactor Nucleo Nuclear Enchantment Reaction
    Fission Authoritative Omni Force Radioactive Master Command Crashing
    Fission Dominating Rot Proton Control Nucleo Tyrant Charm Bane Execution
    Fusion Hypnotic Necrotic Death Atomic Influencer
    Influence Dominator
    Lance Inhumation
    Mortality True Atomic Eulogy Charming Neutron Rot Proton Tyrant Charm
    Overwhelming Funerary Beam Necrotic Barrage Bewitching Rot Authoritative Mortality Reaction
    Proton Nucleo Lance
    Quantumn Rule Dominator
    Quark Ruling Control
    Rule Necrotic Fatal Rad Charming Nucleo Seductress Bewitching Influencer
    Subjugation Blasting True Way Proton Overwhelming Subjugator
  4. Bane Umbra Midnight Kiss Caress
    Charming Way Tender Enchanting Charge
    Dark Thunder Lightning
    Electrocution Enchanting Zap Black Flash
    Energy Ebony Charming Caress
    Midnight Tender Omni Seducer Enchantment
    Omni Assault Blasting Pulse Seduction
    Omni Spark Ebon Ebony Charming
    Seductress Black Blaze
    Shocker Romantic Kiss Battler Way

    Okay... Some of these are... A little... Wow... >///>
  5. Bane Electronic Gadgetry Charged Lance Motorized Punching Grapple Kick
    Blasting Gizmo Battler
    Blasting True Flash Grappling Gadgetry
    Bruising Flash Electronic Pulse Battler Electric Battery Motorized Bolt
    Cable Omni Shocker Circuit Battler Boxing Volt Kicking Mecha Grapple
    Charge Wrestling Boxing Zap Battler Beam Gizmo Punch
    Charged Voltage Cybernetic Electrocution Beam
    Circuit Boxing Voltage Punching Attack
    Cybernetic Artificial Mecha Motorized Battery Omni Electro Jupiter Boxing Bane
    Electro Electronic Boxing Computerized Flash Electric True Lance Techno Electrocution
    Flash Electrocution
    Grappling Crashing
    Kicking Electrocutioner
    Lightning Charged Boxer Gizmo Beam Crashing Shocker Fusion Bane Crasher
    Mecha Cyber Gizmo Wrestling Battler Grapple Grappling Punch Omni Reaction
    Motorized Mecha Foot Computerized Boxer Battler Cybernetic Barrage Punching Fist
    Reaction Kicking Boxer Mecha Grappling Boxing Tap
    Spark Boxing Cyber Beam Blasting Bruising Finger
    Wire Thundering Machinery Barrage
    Zap Bruising Caress
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