Anime Plus-size Girl - Full Body Portrait Request (Fulfilled!)

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  1. Hello! I have a request for someone who might be of help. I have a character I want to roleplay but the pictures are hard to find.

    What kind of girl? A Plus-size girl.

    So I am hoping to find someone who can draw the character very well. What's her name? I'll give a simple profile for you

    Name: Shilga Oscendo

    Height: 5"10

    Age: She would differ in age depending on roleplay. Youngest she would ever be is fifteen, and oldest she would ever be is twenty-four

    Weight: 240lbs (Overweight)

    Clique: Loner/Conservative.​

    She is not the type to wear very revealing clothing. It's her type of persona. I will provide an image I originally used for her, the type of clothes I want her to wear, and the poses that would fit her. I can pay for these commissions but that's something we can discuss.

    I am hoping the pictures can look like something you see in a professional shoujo manga, whether it be colored or in black and white.

    Here's the picture I originally used for her:

    The one thing I want to change is that her hairstyle will be like this, and her eyes will be colored turquoise.


    As for clothing, she is conservative so she would be very close to a Muslim woman except she wore no Hijab. I can give an example of what I am talking about.


    She would wear this kind of thing casually, so that is what I would like to see on the portrait if possible. It doesn't need to follow the picture 100%, but this is just so you have an idea what she would wear on a daily basis.


    I also have specific poses for her if you can. Since she is a loner, she doesn't do flirtatious and 'attention seeking' poses. So I will provide examples (but feel free to use them) on what I can imagine her 'picture' ending up as:




    But if you have a better pose for the loner girl, do feel free to let me know!

    Also I CAN PAY for this (whether it be just one picture or not). So PM me if you are interested! Price can be negotiable. I also would like to see your other works on your PM so I can see what the picture might look like!

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  2. Wow, I do like the artwork a lot! So I did see your cost and by what I want, it seems like it will be either a half-body or a full-body (Depending on what you think is best). Or half-body/full-body dynamic depending. and the BG can be simple, doesn't need to be dynamic.

    what do you think will work best for this?
  3. In my professional opinion, I would suggest a half body portrait with her sitting down and looking at the viewer in a shy manner, since you did mention that she is a loner. It would come out to $12 via pay pal.
  4. OK! Do you want me to pay you now or after you complete the work? I have paypal as well, so the payment should be able to get through easily.
  5. Pay me after. I will send you a copy of the work with a watermark as proof, and then once your payment goes through, I will send you the finished piece via email/google drive.
    My paypal is
    PM me your email and we'll go from there.