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Fantasy, Action, Adventure
I have plots for a few anime below that I have come up with. All you need to do is make a character for the plot and I'll basically GM the rest! I just ask that your character is relatively creative. If it's in MHA, don't just make your character have one of the main cast's quirks for no reason, or in Naruto, don't just randomly have your character be an Uchiha.
These plots don't have a whole lot to do with the original plots in their series, aside from the Naruto one but that eventually branches off as well.
And the prefix in the title says AxA, but I'd really prefer anything else other than MxF. I just don't really have an interest in it all the much, at least from an rping standpoint. I'd really love FxF tbh, think that could be cute but the other pairing types are also super cute as well.
Below are the plots, just message me if you're interested!

Fairy Tail
A guild of low status an notoriety, the Rotten Rally group was founded by a man of the name Mor Donovan, a wild man who's magic was less than impressive but that didn't stop him. At the young age of twenty-five in the year X723 he gathered the funds to buy a small hall for him and his friends to start a guild. Just a group of troublemakers, they went with the silly name of Rotten Rally, a name that didn't really attract others looking to join guilds. That didn't matter to them nor would it ever.
Throughout the years, their numbers never really increases, jobs slow and sometimes none, but they stayed afloat. Members came as went, especially when the founding members needed to support their new and growing families or when they simply desired more. Years and years went by. Ten, twenty, thirty...
The year is now X784, nearly X785. Word spreads quick, especially within the guilds. Fair Tail's strongest members and guild master are nowhere to be found leaving the guild in chaos.
Mor Donovan, now age 86, still runs his little band of misfits. He's frail but just as wild as he always was. Though, at the turn of the new year another tragedy struck. Mor Donovan, lovingly referred to as Father Donovan, dies. No one in particular mourns his death outside his guild. To the remaining members, it's looking like the end. The guild can't hold on much longer and no one want's to take the place of guild master. That is, until a mysterious woman shows up on their doorstep, demanding she be in charge.
She tells the members her name is Estro, a daughter of one of the founding members. Some members are skeptical, not a fan of a stranger coming into their territory and demanding power, but others are curious to see what will happen. Will she lead the guild into the light or sink them further into the abyss?

Blue Exorcist
In a cold, dank room with stagnant and musty air sits a lone woman. She is frail and gaunt, a husk of what may have been a lovely women. Her breaths are shallow, weak, and coming to a halt. Her ghostly features are illuminated by a peculiar blue light radiating from a bundle swaddled in her limp arms. The room is silent, but the bundle moves. It's a weak squirm, whatever inside struggling to move against what its been wrapped in.
Before long, the room is swarmed with officers, the blue light now gone from the room. The bundle is revealed to be an infant mere hours old, given the name of Muse A.

Today, Muse A is an adult about to begin working at the American branch of True Cross Academy, completely unaware of who they actually are. All their life they've been feeling and seeing odd things, bursts of anger turning into black out where they wake up bloody fists or destroyed items around them. They just thought it was mental illness and as they got older, the bouts of anger subsided but the sightings of stranger creatures has yet to end.
They hope to put that all behind them and focus on their new job, that is, until a fateful night when their reality is made true.

Everyone is always talking about UA, even in the states, but what about the American schools and heroes?
(Name) is struggling. As most kid did, they dreamed of being a hero standing at the forefront of everyone's attention. Of course All Might was their biggest influence along with a few heroes from their country. So, they worked as hard as they could, trying to get good grades and learning what they could about the usage of quirks and when the day finally came, they got into the biggest school in the country (by the skin of their teeth after a spot happened to open up.)
That was three years ago and graduation is closing in but... (name) is one step away from failing, effectively getting kicked out. The school was a lot harder than anyone told them it was going to be and for the first year, it was manageable but after that, it became way too much to handle. (Name) has been struggling for the past two years, barely managing to stay in the school with mediocre grades and lack luster field results, especially with so many classmates that are amazing at what they do.
This is the home stretch, the last chance for (name) to fulfill their dreams and become a hero!

Kickin it kinda old school with this idea, but with a little twist.
(Name) was college student. Average school, grades, part time job... even death. Catching an illness that was a little too strong for them to fight, something fairly common at the time. Lying in that hospital bed, breath slow and strained as they stared at the speckled ceilings. This was the last thing they remember before waking up in an unfamiliar room. Now feeling perfectly fine, they sit up to view what's around them, confusion filling their minds. They call out, a nurse entering the room but a stranger to them. Strange questions are asked to them, who they are, where they came from,
simple information a hospital should already have.
(I wanted to write the rest in more detail but it would take a while lol. Basically, your character died irl and woke up in the Naruto world, miraculously got put on team seven, and goes on some missions with the team. BUT, when the Chunin exams are over, your character would start to realize how out of place they are. They know they aren't supposed to be there, especially when they see that they haven't really been able to change any of the main events they'd wanted to. They run away from the village and that's where I get to have they fun and make a new life for your character to play lol. And then maybe somewhere in Shippuden, your character could reunite with the main cast in some way if you wanted)