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Anime Music Covers

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Razilin, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. Do you have a favorite remix or cover of an anime theme?

    Post 'em here!

    Everyone should check out the group known as "Tokyo Brass Style." They do some absolutely fun little jazzy covers.

    I told my wife I'm totally going to ballroom dance with her to this. From 00:30 on, its just a perfect set-up for the dancefloor.
  2. Best remix of an anime song, bar none:

    I like some English version covers of anime songs as well, particularly when they do general meaning translations rather than trying to do a word for word translation. This is one of my favorites:
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  3. We're restricting it to theme's and covers of such? :P

    In that case I got this.

    Which you actually introduced me to @Razilin
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  4. I love this song, and I like this version :D

    Here's a Bleach one ^_^

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    I heard this one before! I actually love the nightcore version of this song more than the original version. Because its fast enough that I can actually work out to it!
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  6. Like I said, you introduced me to the song! :P
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  7. Destin Historie (from GOSICK) + Sorairo Days' lyrics (from Guren Lagann)

    Confirming the theory that Destin Historie already is a cover of Sorairo Days!



    A cute pint-sized Victorian-era detective solves mysteries using imagination/willpower-based Spiral Power! And then gathers similarly powerful, strong-willed detectives from around the world!

    They form:

    The Gosick Lantern Corps!
  8. Also... now you got me looking up more Nightcore Fate Raz. XD
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  9. Check out Studio Megaane for some fantastic 8-bit/MIDI style covers!

  10. Fun fact: hearing it for the first time was the thing that made me aware fan-made English covers of anime songs were a thing, and thus began a long Youtube excursion to find good ones.

    Also, since I'm posting here again, have another.

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  11. I love her voice.

    Also, it's cool to hear English translations because I do not have Superior Nippon hearing.

  12. Now this is instrumental.
  13. I found this lately:

    Felt bad about not posting Pellek first. Here:
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