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  1. So I'd like to start up an anime-inspired roleplay based on futuristic space featuring large-scale, epic mecha engagements. This will take inspiration from mecha franchises such as Armored Core, Gundam, etc. Battles will take place in space and on several different worlds/colonies as a war for control of the fictional galaxy. The technology in the universe will evolve as the RP progresses, starting with basic weaponry, thrusters, shields, etc. and eventually incorporating large-scale beam weaponry with mechs flying around at ridiculous anime speeds. Large battleships will be present from the start, but the ships will become more advanced as the RP progresses as well.

    I won't be divulging any huge plot points, but I will present the basic background and story. The year is 2053 in a fictional universe. As humanity began to expand and inhabit several other worlds and man-made colonies in the infinite realms of space, the longing for power in the hearts of several leaders grew. One faction began to rapidly expand its influence and advance its technology, developing powerful machines of war known as xyoni (the mechas of this universe). To compete against this growing power, other nations began to fight an interstellar war. Technology across the galaxy rapidly advanced along with conflict and destruction.

    By the time the RP starts, it will be 2062. The galaxy holds 4 major factions, several smaller, neutral powers, and rogue scavengers that terrorize the galaxy for their own survival. There are also independent mercenary ships that travel the galaxy in search of work. The roleplayers' characters will be high-ranking members of one such ship. They will fight several battles as they make their mark in the universe, and as high-ranking personnel, will have the power to influence the decisions of the ship's captain. Will they join one of the 4 major powers? Will they remain as mere mercenaries? Gather some followers and fight as their own faction for peace of the universe? That's up to you. While I have a grand plot in mind with several events that will affect the characters, essentially, it's up to the roleplayers what they want to do.

    Besides being a roleplay, this will also have game-like features. Firstly, during character creation, characters will be given a number of stat points that they will distribute amongst various statistics which will affect various interactions with NPCs and the environment, as well as in battle. Secondly, characters will be given credits with which they can spend on equipment to customize their xyoni and their performance. Finally, the success of attempted attacks will also be determined by dice rolls in a simple home-brew system that will be beginner-friendly. Dice will not play a part anywhere besides battles.

    Because of the nature of dice within engagements, as well as some particularly difficult battles and situations, the threat of your characters dying is real. You are free to make a new character after (and if) your previous one dies, however.

    Does this appeal to any of you? Feel free to ask questions.
  2. Oooh, definitely interested! Character customization and dice rolls for an animal-esque mecha epic? Count me in as interested! Only criticism I have is that... 2062 seems incredibly early for this sort of story but that's not very important, heh. But yeah, I will certainly be watching!
  3. I lika da dice rolls
  4. Yay dice rolls. Yay mecha. Yay anime. All the yays.
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  5. I'm glad to see that this has gotten rather positive feedback so far. We'll just wait for a few more people before I get the resource up.
  6. So, I'll join this because I wanna raise a flag, but I have a question: are there any human-sized weapons that can damage the mechas? Or are they THAT durable?
  7. Sorry for not replying earlier. I was busy with Christmas things. Yeah.

    During the beginning of the RP, mechas won't be so advanced that they are completely invulnerable to human-handled weapons. They will take some damage, but it's just not as efficient as combatting mechas with other mechas, or at least other machines (tanks, fighters, etc). As stated in the OP, however, technology and such will advance as the RP progresses. After a certain point, they will essentially be immune to human-handled weapons.
  8. So human handled weapons didn't advance while mecha armor advanced? No shoulder-mounted anti-mecha missiles like we have for anti-tank missiles?
  9. Why would you bother with human handled weapons if majority of battles are taking place in spaaaaaace? Apart from that I think the whole point of human-sized anti-materiel weaponry is to save resources(and space) which, in such a scale as space-war, won't make a difference in this case.

    Also, @Zombehs made me pay attention to this, but I am currently still away from home because of christmas, but I'll keep my eye on it.
  10. Pretty much what @Skyswimsky said. There was also the arms/research race that everyone was competing in which made the use of humans (at least vs the current war machines) mostly forsaken.

    We have enough people for me to start working on the resource. It'll be finished in a few days. I am still accepting more people, however, if any more are still willing to join us.
  11. Mostly forsaken? That's fine with me then.
  12. Sure, I'll stick my interest here.
  13. Well, I'm back home now \o
  14. Welcome home~

    The resource is almost finished. I expect it to be up by the 2nd.
  15. seems kind of interesting, so what about fighters etc does it fit the idea that their are mech variants that turn into star fighters/air fighters ?

    Or do aircraft/star craft still exist at that size.
  16. Ok Op you have my interest. NOW GIB ME FUNS T____T
  17. Fighters, bombers, helicopters, tanks, etc. do still exist, though they are weaker than the mechs. Mechs will not have the ability to transform into other machines until later in the RP.

  18. Hmm I might be interested, I have some questions though.

    1. Since you imply that crazy anime speed and such is later in the game, does this game start out as a kind-of real robot boxy mech game?
    2. How big are you thinking for the mechs in general?
    3. What expectations do you have for posting in terms of length and/or quality
  19. Oh my, this RP has been getting a lot of attention!

    1. We'd be starting a little more advanced than that. Basic thrusters will be available for land use which will allow for brief periods of flight (more like a glorified jump) before the machine must return to land. Space battles will also be present in the beginning, however, which is possible by suiting space-specific equipment on the machines, which only function effectively in the vacuum of space.

    2. They would be about 8m tall. Some variation is possible based on equipment, faction (and their faction's designs for their mechs), and just overall size based on a pilot's preferences.

    3. This would be semi-detailed. I'm not too picky so long as people can write at least 1.5 good paragraphs.
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  20. I'm certainly interested in this. Giant robots and so-on are always amusing to me.

    Though, since you mention that traditional vehicles (tanks and fighter craft) are inferior to mecha, it begs the question. Why? I know emcha anime tends to always just skirt the issue entirely, but still, if you're going to say that somehow, the giant humanoid robot is the way to do combat and is just plain better than more conventional alternatives, you should be prepared with some justification.

    No, I don't care in the end, I'm all about the giant robots, but it's sad when crazy space fighters of the likes you see in Gradius or other shmups are pretty much not an option because they're not meant to be the focus so they're not gonna be as good.