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    "When did my life turn out like this? Why am I here? Am I still me?" Flames everywhere, screams could be heard everywhere, a figure holding a katana while it's back turned to me, the sword covered in blood along with it's body. I could see the chaos everywhere around it. Then the figure turned it's head in my direction. I could see no face, no eyes, no face expression, just the shadowy shape of a face with tears running down it's face. It almost seemed that it was trying to say something, but before I could understand it....Beep!

    Episode 1: Calling

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    Beeping, beeping, and more beeping as Greg's alarm clock continued going off. While pushing the snooze button a few more time, he dosed off again not giving a thought of the strange, but almost realistic dream he had. Twenty minutes passed and he knew it was time to get up. He had plans today. Not too long ago, he got into reading. It was never his hobby in the past, as a matter of fact he hated to read during that time, even though he always wanted to get into them. One day, one of his friends gave him a recommendation for a good book he got into which sparked that interest he always wanted.

    Today was the day he would get the third book of the series he got into recently. He was the type of reader that would buy all existing volumes of a series he thought was interesting, even though he wasn't on it yet. He got out of bed and prepared himself for the day. It was his day off and it was a great day outside. He didn't go out much, but wanted to enjoy the day for once. After getting himself ready, he headed out on his journey to have some fun...have some fun. He laughed at the thought of having fun in the outdoors. "The outdoors, having fun, yeah right."

    The book store was in the mall. He didn't really like huge crowds of people. It always made him uneasy which was strange to him. He use to always like to be around a lot of people. It always brightens the mood. "Times have changed," he said in his head, thinking about the old days. He was twenty-six and didn't feel it. While being an adult time seemed to go on so fast. Before he knew it he was in his mid twenties. He still didn't feel any different from when he was nineteen.

    Music theme: Silence

    After getting the book, grabbing a bit to eat in the food corner of the mall, he decided to head out to head back home. "Enjoy the day haha, yeah right," again he said in his head. While on his way back home, he noticed smoke in the direction he was headed to get back to his home. "What the hell is going on over there?" he wondered while still heading that way.

    When getting reaching the area of the smoke he saw that it was from an car accident. The road was blocked and he didn't know how he would get back. The second path he knew was also blocked, but for road construction. The car was still on fire and it looked like it could explode at any...In an instant the car blow up and for a instant Greg notice some huge coming from the car. It flew in the air and came down his way before everything went black.
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    Jenna wiped her head with her wrist against her forehead, trying not to get the chicken breading on her face as she had been making fried chicken all day. She wasn't a fast food worker, but sometimes it felt the same. She worked in a grocery store that was doing well, and she was one of the main cooks.

    She was trying to focus on work, and not on the dream she had last night. It was odd; it was so much darker than she normally dreamed, and it felt ... like deja vu. Although she knew she had never experienced such a thing. Even though she was in her mid-twenties, she had not experienced nearly that exciting. She shook her head and noticed someone was calling to her.

    "We need more 8 pieces!"

    This was her life. Work, then home to play some video games or to spend time with her husband if he wasn't working. But it was nothing extraordinary. Work, home, relax, sleep. Work. A normal routine but it was something she didn't mind. She preferred to have this than the drama that others were having at her age. It seemed like most of her friends were at two extremes; married and starting to have kids or just partying a lot.

    She was the "in-between".

    Music Theme:

    She finally looked at the clock and noticed it was time for her to go. She found her replacement and finally started to head home. It was one of the things she liked best. Work over, and getting to go home. Her husband had only just started working when she left, so she knew the house would be empty unfortunately, but it made it easy to just play whatever game she wanted.

    She started her car to get home. She decided to take another route home that she doesn't normal, just to see the scenery. But then the cars in front of her turned sharply and she quickly tried to spot why. And her eyes grew once she saw it; a truck was heading straight at her. She didn't have time to react and it hit her head on.

    Everything became black.
  3. Darkness, nothing but darkness surrounded Greg. He knew his eyes where open but he couldn't see anything, then a bright light. It was very bright, but he didn't feel pain in his eyes from the sudden light in the darkness. It was like he didn't have eyes but he could still see. He didn't feel his body either. It was almost like his physical self didn't exist. He was unsure about what was going on, he couldn't even panic about the situation. He felt nothing. The only thing he could do was stare into the light. Was he dead? What happened before all this? Wasn't he doing something before all this?

    Music Theme: Theme

    A figure slowly became visible in the light. He couldn't make out who or what is was a first then it became visible. It was a girl. She has very long blonde hair that came down to her ankles, pale white skin, a long white plain dress, and a big grin on her face. She looked to be about 8 or 9, but that wasn't the only thing weird about her. Her overall look, colors, and atmosphere was off. She looked like something from an anime, which Greg knew about all to well. Her eyes covered by a shadow, even though she didn't have anything over her head.

    "Will you accept the calling?" she said. "Calling, what is that suppose to mean?" Greg thought, not knowing what to think of it. He tried to speak but the words never came. He couldn't speak, and because off that gave Greg more the thought of him not having a body. He could still think but not speak. What will he do now. He looked at the little girl wondering why'd she ask him the question, and how was he suppose to answer. He thought of trying something, but he wasn't sure if he should. The girl was still looking at him with that grin. Something about it was strange but he didn't have his emotions to help him make the right decision. He also thought that if he said no that she would leave him here, so he did the only thing he thought he could do.

    "Yes, yes, I accept. Just get me out of here," Greg said in his mind with as much feeling as he could muster, which wasn't much at all. The girl's grin faded. "Thank you," she said all the light began to dissipate, and everything began going dark again. "Please, don't leave me. Hey, get me out of here. Hey," Greg tried to plead, thinking he was stuck in the darkness forever.
  4. Jenna blindly reached out trying to feel something, anything. This darkness was starting to scare her and she hated to be alone. Especially like this. She couldn't see anything, she couldn't hear anything, she couldn't feel anything. It was her ultimate nightmare. She was about to try to speak out when a bright light flashed in front of her. She didn't question and quickly headed towards it.

    Music Theme:

    There was a tiny figure heading towards her and she squinted to try to see better. Who else was trapped here with her? Were they okay? And then she widened her eyes in surprise; it was a little girl. And she was smiling. Jenna wasn't sure what feeling she was getting, but she went to her to see if she was okay. But once she got close enough, she found that she stopped and starting taking in the appearance.

    She looked... odd. Much different than a normal person. Like...

    Like from a Manga. Or an Anime.

    Jenna rubbed her eyes, trying to see if she was just imagining it, but she wasn't. And she was surprised when the little girl spoke. "Will you accept the calling?" she said.

    Jenna tried to speak to ask about what she meant by calling but nothing came out. She quickly brought her right hand to her throat. What was going on here? She was starting to panic a little bit. How can she get out of here? She focused on calming down and focusing on the little girl. She just continued to smile at her, as if already expecting the answer. Then Jenna knew.

    'Yes, I accept the calling,' she thought.
    The girl's grin faded. "Thank you," she said all the light began to dissipate, and everything began going dark again.

    'Please let this darkness finally end.'
  5. Greg's eyes opened in a flash, but didn't move. Thoughts of the strange dream ran through his head. "Wait a minute was I originally sleeping?" he thought still not remembering what he had done before sleeping. He sat out of bed, his eyes dimly closed. He put a hand on his head, feeling a little dizzy. Then opened his eyes fully so that his eyes could focus. When his eyes were half way focus, what he saw put in a slight panic. "You've got to be kidding me?" he said as he observed his surroundings. The colors, the bed that he slept on, the items, everything was anime like. He knew anime when he saw it. This wasn't your average anime-like bedroom. The colors, the color and lighting was that of an anime. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. "This has to be another dream...right," he wondered while glancing at his hands. "What the hell is going on?" he asked out aloud while, even though he thought it was a dream, in his heart he knew it wasn't.

    Episode 1: Calling end-

    Ending Theme: Ending


    Opening Theme: Opening

    Episode 2: School!?

    Music Theme: Theme

    Greg was of African heritage, so he had dark brown skin, but his hands wasn't that color at all. Not only that he felt something rubbing against the back of his neck. He remembered in his past of having an afro at a point in time but this feeling was different. He still felt panic, wouldn't anyone? He reached for what was bothering his neck. It was just as he, and lots of it. It was a grayish silver color, with a length reaching slightly pass his shoulders. He gave it a yank and sure enough it was his.

    Music Theme: Theme

    He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm himself down slightly so he could think properly. No use getting worked up completely over something that's already happening. He remembered the dream he had. "A little girl with blonde hair," he said in a whisper to himself. He was still in bed, which he decided to get out of to check his surroundings. As his feet touched the hard floor he realized that even though him and the room was anime-like everything felt normal. The wooden floor was cool to the touch. He noticed the bathroom a few steps ahead and made his way towards it.

    It was hard moving around in the room. Greg's eyes had a little trouble adjusting to the new colors and lighting. It wasn't a strain to his eyes, but he wasn't use to his entire surrounds in anime colors, so his walking was a little off.

    When reaching the bathroom he took a look in the mirror to take a look at his changes. He had bright blue eyes, just like he'd seen a minute ago he had long silky silver hair, with two bang on each side of his forehead. He wore a plain white v-neck shirt, with a necklace around his neck. He Held up the necklace to get a better look at it. It was a leather strap necklace with a bright, blue jewel for a charm. It was a beautiful looking jewel, it almost looked as though it was slightly glowing. He let the necklace hang while he took a look at the mirror once more to get another look at himself. "What now," he thought, sighing.
  6. Jenna blinked and grabbed her head as she tried to sit up. What in the world was that madness? It almost seemed like... a dream? Was she hit hard on the head and it caused that dream? She shook her head but noticed something before her eyes.... what in the world was that? She jumped back in surprise only to find herself scooting into a corner. What in the-

    Everything. Everything looked different. Either she hit her head REALLY hard, or something is going on. And somehow, she had a feeling it was the second option. And somehow... she wasn't sure how she felt about this.

    Ending Theme: Ending


    Opening Theme: Opening

    Jenna was couldn't help it, but she was getting kind of excited. Whatever was going on was kind of awesome - at least to her. She had always loved anime, and that was exactly how everything was looking like. Like it was straight out of a bedroom in an anime. And that-that thing she had noticed earlier... oh my goodness! It was her hair! She grabbed some more of it to look at it. Long blue hair! She could only get away with it in an anime. That was for sure. She had done red streaks in her hair before, but this was completely different. Then she noticed her skin. Being Filipino, she was used to a semi-tan looking skin color, but right now, she was so light!

    She could not help but squee in delight. What an awesome dream! She quickly got up and regretted it. Looking at things like this would take some getting used to. She clapped her hands together, closed her eyes, and forced herself to focus. Once she opened her eyes again, she took a slower pace, getting used to everything. She scanned her room then noticed a mirror. She couldn't help but look. But what caught her eyes wasn't how she looked, but this beautiful dark emerald green pendent around her neck. It was simple, a black leather strap holding it, it fit perfectly against her neck. It didn't choke, but she was surprised she didn't feel it before.

    But then again, she was caught up in all the other changes as well.

    Dark long flowing blue hair, and blue eyes. Yup, this was fantastic. What should she expect next? She reached to open her door.
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    After everything that's happen so far the one thing Greg did was take a shower. Right now whatever was happening to happening and he couldn't do anything about it. After his shower, he took a look at the closet and was surprised with the amount of clothes within, but one suit caught his eye. It was a dark blue school uniform. Dark blue pants with a golden dragon symbol on the side next to the left pocket, a dark blue blazer with a white shirt underneath. "What's this for I wonder," said Greg, while putting on some normal clothes. He put on another v-neck t-shirt and blue jeans, then began looking around for some clues. On the coffee table near his bed he saw a folder and instantly picked it up. He sat on his bed and slowly took in the information inside.

    He found a student ID inside with other school information. He also found a check book with information on what to write on the check with it. It was a lot of information to take in and he was only half way through it. He stopped to think. "Whoever I am now is a student at some school called Hytsu Academy, 2nd year student, and this is my name," he said looking at the student ID. Yamagami Sion was on the ID, age 16, class 2-C. He could tell that the name was in Japanese style, so his last name was Yamagami and his first was Sion. "So my name is Sion Yamagami then. It going to be one hell of a name to remember," he said finally realizing that his voice was different also while rubbing the temple of his head. His voice was slightly deep but his original voice was much deeper. He was a 16 year old, he was a student, and an anime character. It was so much to take in. He still couldn't believe what was going on. Under normal situations it would be an exciting experience, but he didn't have his memory of what happened before his dream.


    Music Theme: Theme

    "Stop being such a baby about it and let's get it over with," said Midori while reading a book and walking at the same time. She was short with glasses, short brown hair. She wore a sky blue polo with a golden dragon symbol on the upper left of it, a blue skirt and a golden bracelet around her left wrist. With her was her two friends. Kumi was walking a few steps ahead of her. Kumi was a shy girl and didn't talk much. Kumi also wore the same school uniform that Midori wore. The other that was making a big fess was Jin. Unlike her and Kumi, Jin wore a dark blue blazer and dark blue pants. Jin was walking beside her with his hands behind his head while his eyes wandered about. Because they were such good friends they called each other by their first names, Midori never using honorifics, while the other two did.

    "I'm just saying that if sensei wanted it done so bad she should of did it herself," said Jin looking over Midori's shoulder to see what she was reading. Midori gave him an elbow to the side while still reading her book. Jin played off the pain with a laugh. He knew Midori hated when others looked over her shoulder when she was reading, even if it was him, but he loved messing with her. "But isn't it exciting though?" said Kumi turning to them while smiling. "I mean we haven't had new students in a long time right? We even have two at the same time.

    Kumi's voice to always lower, and softer than most of the girls, maybe because she was so quiet, but it was cute to Midori and Jin. Both smiled at her and Kumi blushed a little. "What, did I say something weird?" asked Kumi, even Midori directed her attention to her, actually leaving her book for a moment. Midori never smiled, but Kumi was the only one who could put a smile on her face because of how cute and adorable she was when she spoke. "Not at all," said Jin. "It's just that it's rare to see you so excited about meeting people," said Midori following up after Jin's response. Jin smile turned wider. "Maybe you'll fall for the new guy," said Jin seeing her blush redder than before. "Geez, stop teasing me already," said Kumi, trying to elevate her voice but failed in the attempt. "So cute," both Jin and Midori said at the same time, while Kumi turned her back to them feeling embarrassed.
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  8. Jenna opened the door and was surprised to find how quiet the home was. "Hello," she called out, to see if anyone else was there. If someone else did live here, they were gone for the moment. But it didn't bother her. This dream seemed to be quite fantastic as it is anyway. That thought made her pause. Was this really a dream? She is experiencing so much for it to really be a dream. She had felt dizzy earlier, and she could feel her hair swishing around her. And the ground was very solid...

    You don't normally experience all of this in a dream.

    Music Theme: Theme

    She was starting to calm down as realization hit her. Maybe there was more to this than she really thought. Then something dark blue caught her eye and she turned to look at it. She slowly went to pick it up. And nodded as she realized that yes, she could feel the fabric. Then she focused on what it was; a school uniform. Obviously for a female, as it had a skirt. She put it down, wondering truly what all was going on when she noticed something else.

    A folder.

    She took the uniform and folder back to her room. It looked like someone had just cleaned her uniform and set it out for her to find. But that wasn't what caught her interest the most. It was what was in her hand. She sat on a chair in her room and opened the folder, not noticing that she tossed the uniform on her bed.

    It was paperwork. For school. She was signed up for school... and apparently she was 16...

    16? A teenager?

    She was surprised but then looked at the ID. It was her alright, but it wasn't her name. Miyamoto Naomi. She took in the other information on the ID. Hytsu Academy. 2nd year. Class 2-C. She could place the information from reading mangas. Naomi was her first name, and Miyamoto was her surname. Class 2-C.... this was crazy! This was almost straight out of a Manga or Anime! This is how they talked about school, and how they identified themselves.

    If she wasn't already siting down, she would have collapsed. This was beginning to be a lot of information for her to take in. What now? She couldn't help but reach up and touch the Green necklace.
  9. Greg found a note in the back of all the paperwork. The note was hand written.

    If you're reading this message then that means that you viewed everything in this folder. I know that you're confused, but don't panic. I don't know who you were before but you're now Yamagami Sion, nothing will change that now. We'll come for you, but for now live as your new self. Give Sion-kun that much. Oh and be nice to Naomi-chan.

    "What the hell, and who's Naomi-chan?" wondered Sion running a hand through his new hair. That's going to be a new habit. He took a deep breath and sighed. What to do now. Sion thought he heard something. He got off his bed and opened the door. He had taken his time getting there not feeling ready to talk to anyone. He opened the door and poked his head out not seeing anyone. If he had went to his door earlier he may have seen who it was. He opened his door and walked out to take a look at his surroundings.

    Music Theme: Theme

    He walked around, walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, then the living room, and near the front door. At least, he thought it was the front door. He didn't feel ready to open it yet.


    Music Theme: Theme

    "So this is it," said Jin stopping in front of the door of a big house. Midori didn't say anything, just continued reading her book without even looking. Kumi wasn't shocked at all and Jin knew why. Kumi was the daughter of a rich father and she hated being reminded of it. "The love of your life is inside that door, you prepared for it?" said Jin knowing Kumi would get mad at him. He felt an elbow hit him in the side again. "Stop fooling around. We'll be late if you keep goofing off," said Midori losing her patients. "Why just me," said Jin dimly why holding his side, feeling the blow was harder than the first. "After you Princess," said Jin bowing like a butler, letting his master go first. Kumi puffed out her cheeks at him, then walked to the door and gave it a knock. It was a very soft knock that Jin knew no one would hear. He held a hand over his mouth, almost cracking a laugh until he saw Midori giving him a death stare.

    Jin shrugged at her and walked to the door and gave it a good bang, startling Kumi.


    Sion stood in front of the door scratching his head trying to figure out if he should go out and take a look around. He wanted to take a look around but decided to wait instead. He began making his way back to the stairs, then he heard a faint knock on the door. Was that a knock? He stopped and looked at the door. A few seconds later it became a loud bang that made him jump. He heard voices on the other side. "Jin-kun, that was to loud, you're going to scare them," said the voice that appeared to sound like a girl's. "No way, that's a friendship knock," jokingly said the other voice that sounded like a boy's voice. Sion smiled at that but the smile faded away, feeling nervous about what he was about to do.


    Music Theme: Silence

    The door opened slowly revealing a boy with long silver hair. He had his fingers holding the hair above his forehead, guessing to keep it from covering his eyes because his head was titled slightly downward. He had beautiful light blue eyes, that shined more in the bright sun light. Kumi slightly blushed, feeling nervous by the sudden answering of the door. Jin whisper next to Kumi. "We have a looker huh," which made Kumi fully blush. Before Kumi could say anything, she noticed the stranger looking at her. It was almost like he was fascinated with her, and it made her uncomfortable.


    "Interesting," thought Sion, finding himself staring at the two that was staring him down. The girl had short black hair with hazel colored eyes and wore a uniform that looked similar to the one he had but it was light blue and obviously the girl's version of the uniform, seeing the skirt. The other one had dark green hair with red eyes. The boy wore the same uniform that, he had up in his room. It was obvious that they went to the same school as the one he had to go to. Sion didn't say anything, just waited for them to speak.


    Jin could tell that the stranger was waiting for an explanation. "Yamagami Sion, I presume?" he asked seeing the stranger hesitating for a second then spoke. "Yeah, who are you?" the stranger asked. "Are you here for me?"

    "That's right! You get a no cost escort trip to Hystu Academy. My name's Kobashi Jin and this lovely lady is the popular Farutori Kumi, at your service!" announced Jin not announcing Midori, who was still far from the door still reading her book. Jin and Kumi were both at the door, so maybe Sion didn't see her. "Oh I almost forgot, Miyamoto Naomi here as well?"asked Jin "You two have the same address"


    "Miyamoto Naomi?" Sion wondered, then remembered the note. Oh and be nice to Naomi-chan. He turned to look to the stairs. "Was this Naomi here the whole time? Was that what I heard," he wondered looking back out the door at the visitors.
  10. Naomi was still shuffling through the papers when she heard some noise. She paused, listening carefully, trying to see if she could tell what the noise was. She put the papers and folder on the desk softly, as she tiptoed to her door. Not hearing much, she put her ear against it, seeing this trick in the movies. Still not much. She was about to move when a hard knocking came from somewhere in the house.


    She was shocked, and she felt a surge of energy run through her. There was someone else here... and they answered the door. She could hear some voices and could not help but slightly open her door to hear better. She also spotted some silver hair from the person at the door.

    "Yamagami Sion..." she caught. So, the guy's name is Sion? No, wait, here they refer to people by their last name. Yamagami... kun? Yes, that would be proper. If she remember correctly. Or San. Wait, they were talking some more. "...escort trip to Hystu Academy..." They're from the school! Does that mean she needed to get dressed? She peeked again. Yup, the others were in uniform. Luckily, she can get dressed quickly. She grabbed her uniform and put in on, not hearing her own name being mentioned.

    She quickly brushed her long hair, and smiled; yes, this was a definite perk.

    Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she opened the door once more and stepped out.


    The door slightly squeaked letting the others know that someone was coming. Out came a girl with long blue hair and dark blue eyes. She gave a shy smile as she got closer and near the bottom of the stairs. "I'm sorry, but were you looking for a Miyamoto Naomi as well?"
  11. Episode 2: School!? ~end~

    Ending Theme: Ending

    All three turned in her direction. Jin was about to respond until his eyes meet her. He fell silent when seeing her. He almost felt himself staring, then looked away for a second, keeping himself composed, then turning back to her. Before he could speak Midori appeared in between him and Sion.

    Opening Theme:Opening

    Episode 3: Class 2-C

    Music Theme: Theme

    She looked at Naomi, then at Sion, looking him up and down. "When did you-," said Jin getting cut off mid way by Midori. "It seems that she's ready, but what about you?" she asked looking at what Sion was wearing. Sion looked at his clothes realizing that he had on the casual clothing from after his shower.

    He sighed reading the situation, then shrugged his shoulders and made his way back to his room to get prepared. When he pasted Naomi, he gave her a quick glance then continued upstairs. Is it possible?, he wondered when getting dressed.

    "We are going to be late at this point," said Midori closing her book. "Jin I'm going on ahead," she said, then looked at Naomi. "Miyamoto-san, you're free to join me," she said, then looked at Kumi. "Kumi you wait for Yamagami-san," she said while walking off. Jin gave her a big smile and waved good bye. "Good luck," he said following Midori, then stopped turning his attention to Naomi. "You coming?" he asked putting his hands behind his head, trying to keep himself from blushing in front of her. "Wait, Why am I being left behind?" said Kumi interrupting Jin. Jin looked at her and smiled. "You should appreciate what other do for you," he said walking off, forgetting that he asked Naomi a question.

    Sion almost had his suit fully on. He was still trying to figure out the situation. Then he thought back on the letter. Whoever wrote it knew about his situation and wanted him to be this Sion guy until he meet him or her. "School again, it's been a while, but it may be a lot different than I remember," he said buttoning his blazer, ready to leave. Miyamoto Naomi. I wonder if she knows he thought while walking out his room.
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    Naomi waved and smiled finally joining them all. She hadn't quite caught all responses to her walking up, but she was okay with that. She nodded and listened, opening her mouth to respond, but they seemed to have decided and made plans already. She was caught between if she wanted to wait for him, or if she should go ahead. She doesn't know him and this would be a good chance to get to - especially seeing as they are living in the same home.

    But they seemed to want to leave ... Kumi? to wait for Yamagami-san. She bowed slightly. "I'm sorry. I'm going to follow them. Let him know that I will meet up with him later when I can. Thank you."

    Then she went after the other two. "Ah, please wait! I am coming!" She had started to jog to catch up. It didn't take much since they didn't appear to be walking that quickly. She was filled with energy and could not help but look around at the scenery. "Everything looks so different here," she accidentally said.

    Then her thought went to Yamagami-san. He did not look bad. In fact, he was attractive. But she shook her head. She should not be checking him out, especially since they will be in the same home. Speaking of... she still hadn't quite figured out everything that was going on. Was he... like her? Or is he actually from here? She didn't have a chance to see if he had a similar piece like she was wearing. Again, her hand reached to touch her necklace and she thought. Somehow, it was comforting to have that physical reminder that this isn't a dream... that something really was going on.

    Then she realized she was still walking with two other people. "I am sorry, you seem to know my name, but I didn't quite catch yours."
  13. Jin heard Naomi call out to them. Jin turned to her noticing how amazed she was at everything. He didn't understand why, but the look on her face made him blush a little, but quickly shook the feeling away. "Everything looks so different here," he had heard her say, then asked for their names. "Oh how could I forget our introductions," said Jin stopping and bowing like a butler, with his arm across his chest. "The name of the handsome individual in front of you is Kobashi Jin," he said taking her hand and gently kissed the back of it. Midori walked behind him elbowing him in the back. Jin yelped in pain for a second and introduced her while rubbing his back. "And the brute of a woman is Ryo Midori"

    "Try not to be freaked out by him. He's a good guy, but can be a bit of a weirdo, and a flirt sometimes. If he bothers you too much just give him a good punch to two. That'll do it," said Midori, while Jin stopped rubbing his back, feeling hurt. "How horrible Midori-chan. I'm not a weirdo," he said, while Midori ignored him and continued ahead. Jin turned back to Naomi. "Oh and the girl that was with us a moment ago is Farutori Kumi. "Oh and if you're wondering about why we left them, this was the first time we saw Kumi-chan blush in front of a guy. We want to see how it goes. He doesn't seem like a bad guy. I'm pretty good at judging character," said Jin, taking pride at that. Midori closed her book so hard that the sound could easily be heard. "But if he does anything to hurt her, I'll kill him," she said, while Jin backed up a few step feeling the hairs on his neck stand up knowing, she meant every word. Jin then remembered what she said before.

    "What do you mean by different? Is the scenery different from where you're from? Are you from Adonia or are you from the war countries?" asked Jin wanting to start up a conversation, putting his hands in his pockets. Midori reopened her book to continue her reading. "I've heard of people coming to Adonia to find a new life here, but you guys are the first our age to transfer here in a while."


    When Sion came down the stairs and turned to the front door he only saw the girl, what was her name again? Something Kumi? "I hate to ask, but what was your name again?" he asked, knowing some girls hated their names forgotten, at least from his experience. He was never good with remembering names of people he hardly met, especially names in Japanese style. If it wasn't for his student id we would probably forget his new name. He was a little worried we would upset her. He didn't have much experience dealing with an anime girl, only watch them on his computer.

    If the girl was upset she didn't show it. She smiled looking nervous for some reason. "Fa..Farutori..Kumi," said scarcely getting her name out. She was shy, very much so, Sion could see that. "I'll need to try and remember that," thought Sion, using his fingers to move the hair covering his eye. "If this is an anime than I should use her surname instead of her first, and also, because we aren't close friends I should address her as," he thought as he looked at her. "So Farutori-san it is. So I guess they ditched us huh? Should we try to catch them," he said smiling at her, which made her blush a little but she smiled back. "Yes"
  14. Naomi laughed at their interaction. "I suppose that makes the flirt part true," she responded. She then considered his question. She felt silly saying it out loud, because honestly, she wasn't sure what the excuse was supposed to be. "Ah, and what I meant is that things are a bit more compact here. All the buildings are much closer, and it's surprising to see. But somehow I don't feel... trapped. Or that things are too close like I thought I would," she lied. She said it with a smile then looked around some more. "It's nice having more things in walking distance."

    She couldn't help but think about the boy who she had left behind with the other girl. So, her friends did it because she seemed to have taken a liking to him, but she felt bad that she just left him. What if he was like her? What if he didn't know what was going on, or needed to swap stories with her to set up an alibi? Or what if he really is just from this world and happens to know why she is here.... There were so many things to think about.

    "So, are you two in the same class as me? Or just kind enough to take me?"
  15. "You're in 2-C right? If so then you're with me, Midori-chan is in 2-A, and Kumi-chan is also in 2-C," answered Jin taking his hands out of his pockets and putting them behind his head. "About why we were the ones who came to pick you two up, sensei told us to do it. She ran into us on our way to the academy. I think she went out drinking again," Jin said thinking back to earlier this morning.

    Jin's Flashback

    Kumi, Jin, and Midori were halfway to the academy when they saw their teacher leaning on a fence looking pale. She almost looked as she was about to throw up. "This isn't good, I think I have too much last night," she said hold a hand over her mouth. "Too much of what?" asked Jin, seeing her startled by his voice. "Sensei, are you ok?" asked Kumi from behind him. Midori paid them no mind and continued with her book. When their teacher turned to look at them, they could see the sparkle in her eyes, and Jin didn't like the look of it. When Sensei had that look it wasn't good for them. Almost ditching her sickness like it was a persona, she put her hands on Jin shoulders, looking him in the eyes. "How would you like to do sensei a favor," she said tightening her grip so he couldn't escape. The annoyance on Jin's face showed and he knew he didn't have much of a choice. "Why is it always meeee!!?" he yelled.

    Jin's Flashback end~

    "Then she wrote down the information and walked off. Geez, I wonder how she even became a teacher sometimes," he said slightly scratching his head in annoyance. He then noticed Sion and Kumi running towards them. "Guess they decided not to take their time. How disappointing," he said shaking his head.
  16. Naomi was quite surprised at the information she was just give. "Our teacher... d-drinks?" This was something that caught her completely off guard. Especially since she comes to school with a hangover! Then she giggled. That will be very interesting. She then looked in the direction Jin was looking, and saw the other two hurrying towards them.

    "Ah, good, looks like they won't be later." She then waved. She would apologize once they reached them. "I wonder if they had a chance to discuss anything..." But mostly, she had her eyes on the boy. The one with the silver hair. She really needed to focus on learning his name. But what she wasn't sure was if she was supposed to have already known him or not. What was their situation? She was starting to worry and touched her neck again. She was really getting attached to that green stone.
  17. When reaching the others, Sion wondered why he wasn't out of breath like Kumi was. He was a little tired from the run but wasn't winded. He looked down at Kumi, seeing how out of breath she was. Kumi was slightly bent forward, with her hands on her knees, then rose after the quick rest. "Sorry if I pushed you to hard. I should of realized how far we ran," said Sion readjusting his necklace, that was out of place after the run. He then wondered out athletic his new body was. He could never run that distance and barely break a sweat. Some of his hair got in his way again and he gentle fixed it. I can tell already that this hair is going to be a nuisance.

    Jin noticed the necklace Sion was wearing. He had to ask. "Are you two related?" he asked noticing Naomi's necklace a while ago. "You two live in the same house-?" "Enough with the questions, we're going to be late," interrupted Midori, picking up the pace a little, closing her book so she could focus on making it to school. The others followed her lead. Sion glanced at Naomi noticing the necklace around her neck. It looked similar to the one he had, the only difference was that it was another color. He wanted to ask but didn't want to bother her. He knew he had to ask sometime. She was the only one that he knew so far that may be connected to whatever was going on, or maybe she wasn't. He didn't want to make himself look like a fool, or weirdo if he was wrong.

    Maybe he would learn something at this school. "I wonder if they have internet in this world," he thought to himself taking another glance at Naomi's necklace. Jin took notice of the glances but didn't say anything. As they continued down the streets, Sion couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by how different this world looked from his own. Not just the colors, but the atmosphere and the overall look of the building and the people. Even though he was overwhelmed, he couldn't help but smirk. "I'm I getting excited," he thought to himself again. Kumi noticed his overwhelmed expressions and smiled. "Is it not like this where you're from Yamagami-san?" she asked. Sion almost didn't realize she was talking to him. He forgot he was going by a new name. "I guess you could say that. It's a little similar but not so similar," answered Sion knowing that she would be confuse by that. "What do you mean?" she asked. "I don't know if I know the words to answer that properly," he said taking one more glance at Naomi.

    What about you Nao...I mean ahhh," he stopped cupping his chin trying to remember her name. He wanted to see how she would respond, but didn't think about what the others would think. When he realized that his question may have given away that he didn't know the girl and they where living together. He faked a smile while looking at the others. "What I meant was do you think it's also different than here slightly?" he asked realizing that he took a risk at that question as well. "This is bad," he thought looking at Naomi, hoping she was what he thought she was or else he wouldn't know how to get out of the situation. I should of kept my mouth shut.

    The others looked on, not knowing what to say.
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