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  1. A virus called Renegade has been released onto mankind, mutating human beings from the inside and granting them incredible powers that break the laws of nature. However, this power comes at the price of one's own humanity, and many have succumbed to the virus and gone on a rampage. There is a group of people who stand between the human and superhuman, and both man and monster refer to them as Double Crossers.

    The world is very similar to our world: people work hard, go about their daily lives, and spend time with their loved ones. The Renegade Virus and its power to turn people into superhuman "Overed" is kept secret from the world. With power, comes a price, and for Overed, that price is their humanity. When an Overed uses his powers, he runs the risk of losing control and will eventually cease to be human. As Overed who know the truth, your characters would sacrifice their sanity to fight to protect the world.

    In a city that has become one giant laboratory, the Renegade is studied actively and knowledge of it flows far more freely. A vast majority of the population at least have the potential to become Overed, their Renegade is simply dormant. Your friend may also be Overed, or they may be ordinary, but in the microcosm of this city, you don't have to keep everything secret. The UGN has a number of research and training facilities mixed into the landscape, and many of them double as actual schools, offering classes on controlling the Renegade and developing one's powers alongside Math and Language Arts. For adults, there are many opportunities for cutting-edge research, or ordinary employment. The law-enforcement is handled in a few ways. There is a normal police force, as well as a well-trained unit equipped to deal with Overed, should the situation call for it. The large student population also has their own volunteer public morals committee who often cooperate with more conventional forces.

    Your characters would be Overed living and working in this city, enjoying their daily lives, but often called upon to investigate unusual occurrences where the Renegade is likely at work, or perhaps stumbling over the darker underbelly of a city full of technology 10-20 years ahead of the rest of the world, and dedicated to research on all manner of topics, notably the Renegade Virus itself. I will provide some events from time to time which would need to be investigated and lead to conflict, although I encourage simple rivalries and creating your own scenarios. For the most part, anything I do will be organized in an episodic fashion, rather than necessarily driving an overall long-term plot.

    As the title suggests, this all has a heavy anime influence. The game it's based on, Double Cross, is Japanese to begin with. I'm also going to be cribbing pretty liberally in terms of setting from things like A Certain Scientific Railgun, and probably some other series with similar themes of superhuman people in a more or elss modern setting, and whatever else seems interesting at the time.

    If we're not opposed to dice, I could even try running things play-by-post using the system, which isn't the best for such a format due to a few things on how dice are rolled, and characters getting potentially involved with powers. I do, however, feel that dice mechanics in general are an excellent thing because they allow for something arbitrary to inform conflict resolution (particularly between player characters, or between them and major NPCs). I also think that some underlying system avoids anything necessarily being "overpowered."

    I'd be happy to hear opinions of this, especially the trying to use tabletop game rules with dice. But, if there's room for yet another supers game, hopefully this one will fit well. Major things to bear in mind are that this isn't some "emergent supers" thing, it's well known. There's also little expectation to take on a costumed alter-ego.
  2. I think "high supernatural" is a better term for Double Cross as there aren't anyone from any side that uses thights or capes. But I'm interested.
  3. Yeah, it's less superheroes than people with powers, but it's difficult to classify that way.
  4. It sounds fun, I'm probably going to want to find a copy of Double Cross before actually making a character and playing so I can read it myself. I also like the use of dice to resolve character conflict.
  5. Let me know what you think, if you track a copy down. It is pretty dense for character options, and I find the way the book is organized is a little odd, with all the powers right after character creation, but the actual rules for everything else are afterward. I'd recommend giving a quick read of the rules before really going through powers, if only so you've got some idea of what the timing things or terms like "critical rating" are.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I'll go peruse for a pdf file somewhere.

    Edit: Found me it, should I read into the advanced rulebook as well?
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  7. You could, although I think it's likely that I'd only use the core rules to start, just to keep things simpler.
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  8. Or just use a sample character.
    When do I send the sheet?
  9. But making characters are fun!
  10. I'll probably have an OOC up by the end of the week if I can get more interest. As far as characters go, I'd probably suggest using the creation rules or whatever they're called, not Full Scratch, though. You could use a sample character if you'd like, of course.

    An addendum as far as number of people goes, at least 3 would be good, a couple more better, but it doesn't need to be a huge group, if I'm running this as close to tabletop as possible.
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  11. Going with what I've read so far, I might make a pure breed Bram Stoker. You didn't lie when it came to the character options though, so many things that seem fun!

    I'm gonna try to refrain myself from asking questions until the ooc thread is out and if I still haven't figured it out.
  12. Alright. I did find a little document from a while ago which details some things about how the Double Cross books are laid out in Japan (notably, that there are two of them, one of which contains all the basics, the second of which adds more powers), and mentions which powers in the English-language core rules are the sort of "basic" powers contained within the first of those books, should one need a guide on narrowing down the options to some of the more straightforward, core abilities.
  13. You can ask at the Google+ community for pointers and general help, too.
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  14. So, should we give it a go with just 2 people and a GM? It's not like I can't keep hunting for players after starting an OOC anyway.
  15. So is this an actual game of Double Cross or is it an RP set in Double Cross?
  16. If I can swing it, it'll be an actual game of Double Cross I'll run play-by-post in the Dice RP section. I have no clue how well it'll work, but I figure it's worth a try.
  17. I'm used to playing with two people as players and me as GM, no problem.
  18. I'm cool with it as well.
  19. Hm. Well gave it a read over, and would be interested in trying. Don't mind trying the actual Dice mechanics and seeing how that works.
  20. Cool, cool. I'm honestly still not sure what to do about Double Cross stuff in terms of character creation, because there's a LOT of stuff to go over, and I'm not going to transcribe all of it. Bu worst-case scenario, I can look up relevant things in the rulebook for anyone who needs it, likely based on "what do you want to do?"

    I've got some stuff to do like grading and homework, but I'll try to get the OOC up sometime tomorrow at the latest.
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