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  1. Basically here is the gist of it:
    There exists a school, famous worldwide for the legendary music stars, commonly referred to as 'Idols', that begin a life filled with fame, money, and a whole entire fandom once they graduated from this specific school. It is said that the graduation rates are so low, however, that only those with amazing musical talent can succeed (whether it be composing, singing, or playing an instrument, the choice is up to you dear player!)

    As for how the school really works:
    In this school, there are only 3 main classes for each 'grade', all of them dedicated to music. (Music incorporates math, english, language, and the basic necessities needed to graduate, so the students don't have to worry about that.) The classes are Vocal Art, Composing, and Instrumental Art. Every month, all of the classes work together in a special hands-on "exam" that is basically having a group perform a "song" based off of a theme, genre, etc... Oh, but of course the students must be the ones to write and make the sheet music for it!
    In order to pass the first "exam" of this year, you need a group that has 2-5 people. The group must consist of people the same grade level, and can have both genders.

    Here is where you and I come in:
    You are a freshman, who is attending this legendary school in hopes of being the very best, like no one ever was (sorry, couldn't resist!) In order to do so though, you will need a band.
    The group is going to be consisted of multiple bands. Any late people might be able to join existing band or if there are more than one late player than they can make another band.

    Basic Plot:
    This is just supposed to be something like a slice-of-life slash comedy type of RP, so nothing too dark (except paparazzi rumors, and blackmail, cuz I'm not a total peacekeeper, and this is high school people! XD)

    Here are some ideas for plot bunnies and what to expect:
    -School Festivals
    -Contests that are held as a school fundraiser
    -Final Exam
    -Actually becoming famous
    -Field trip

    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: (anime prefered, if not no big deal though)



    Age: (note you are a freshman)


    Sexuality: (optional)


    History: (why do they want to be famous,etc..and background too XD)

    Likes: (optional)
    Dislikes: (optional)

    Type of musician: (Singer, bass guitar, Ooc for more info!)

    Member of: (Ooc again, sorry :)

    Extra: (anything else, put here?)

    1. No godmodding please, if you do it unintentionally then fix it please.
    2. Try to make this a PG TO PG-13 rating please, mild cussing and most references are alright, but absolutely no smut please!
    3.Try and respect what either I or possible Co-GMS say alright? If you disagree, then feel free to PM me or bring it up in the Ooc thread.
    4. Please be aware that not everyone has the same schedules/timezones. Everybody gets one week in order to post, then I will start to worry.
    5. If you cannot post for about/over a week, PM me please so I don't worry.
    6. My expectation for posting is at least 3 complete sentences that are relevant to the plot. If you want to make it longer than go right ahead, but please don't make it a book. If you have issues with this, for example you are stuck, we'll work something out.
    7. To show that you read these please put a heart (<3) next to your characters name.

    Courtesy of @Alexstrasza

    Group 1 (name coming soon)
    Kirizaki Aruko (Karakui) [​IMG] Role: Lead Guitarist/Vocal Color: White
    Relationships (open)
    Kaito Hiro (Maximus) [​IMG] Role: Drummer/Bass Color: orange
    Relationships (open)
    Chouko Hana (Raven Haruka) [​IMG] Role: Lead Vocalist Color: Plum
    Relationships (open)
    Aika Mizushima (Katsumi Y.) [​IMG] Role: Composer Color: White
    Relationships (open)
    Group 2 (name coming soon)
    Park Shin-Yang (박 신 양) (Alexstrasza) [​IMG][​IMG] Role: Vocalist, Dance Choreographer Color: Red
    Relationships (open)
    Suou Matsuri (Crow) Image Coming Soon... Role: Composer Color: White
    Relationships (open)
    Group 3 (name coming soon)
    Kazuhiko Hitachii (Squiddy Kaiwaii) [​IMG] Role: Vocalist Color:
    Relationships (open)
    Hana Haru (Almalthia) [​IMG] Role: Violist Color:
    Relationships (open)
    Michael Vayner (Kobal) [​IMG] Role: Lead Guitar/Vocal Color: Maroon
    Relationships (open)
    Mitsuru Suzuki (Trionfi) [​IMG] Role: Composer Color: Purple
    Relationships (open)
    Renata "Eta" Katalin (Energetic Alice) [​IMG] Role:Guitar/Backup Vocal Color: White
    Relationships (open)
    Luce Capolli (Angel Evans) [​IMG] Role: Lead Vocalist Color:
    Relationships (open)

    look it's the Ooc thread!
  2. Aye, the Sign up thread will come up shortly, it took me forever just to do this XD.
  3. Yay!! Once the CS template is up (assuming you are doing one), I'll start working on my character. Though, I already have something in mind. Guitar, here I come!
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  4. Oooo I can't wait I'm so excited.
  5. I take the drums
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  6. Totally interested. Vocals please!!
  7. If it's alright , I'd like to have the composer spot !
  8. I want the keyboard!
  9. Since people are choosing, I would love locals or guitar (bass or lead, either one).
  10. I might consider a Composer.
  11. Holy crabcakes! Just woke up to see this magnificent explosion of conversation!
    My character was going to take a vocal spot as well, and to all of you who requested I give it a thumbs up! Though if any more people join we might have to consider splitting it into two seperate bands...rivals perhaps?

    Ah! Speaking of which we should come up with some band names, since I'm lazy and suck at these type of things XD...
  12. Individuals, to represent how we're different yet together as one.
    Rock the Beat, because... well... if we're rocking it'll be Rock the Beat.

    We need a motif first. Rock? Flamenco? Classical music? Pop? Arabian Dancers?
  13. @Crow
    I'm liking the name Individuals, and as for motif...the school will try to get you to do things ranging from contemporary to heavy metal...but if you have like, a favorite genre or something that the band will later go into...or it could be a diverse band that plays multiple genres, and kinda goes through phases...hmm Idk let's all decide...
  14. So, try first, decide later?

  15. Yeah basically...
  16. Hmm there's no spot for a dancer. Can I take that? A idol bands needs to dance!
  17. I think multiple bands will be necessary, considering that:

    1. A band with 10 members is just impossible to coordinate
    2. A band with 3 vocalists, 2 guitars, 2 composers and a percussionist is dreadfully unbalanced
    3. It'll be easier to have character development when there are two groups. If everyone's in a 10 member group then the slower posters are going to get completely ignored and people will forget they're even there.

    Also just sayin, but don't idols typically just sing and dance to a backing track? I don't remember an actual band the last time I watched Idolmaster or Love Live or that other one or that other one... Geez there are a hell of a lot of idol anime.
  18. If we're going to make it balanced this is what we need.

    Visual, Maknae, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Main Vocal and a Leader. The roles can be doubled.

    And as far making it more than one band... I agree.

    Also... :D I want maknae and main dancer bwuahahha. Lets see we need a another band name besides Individuals. How abouts S.T.A.R.S.?
  19. While I'm not particularly interested in group music, I'm pretty sure most bands don't have separate dancers and vocalists. I also have no idea what Visual, Maknae, Rapper and Leader are supposed to be. I kinda thought the Leader was the Main Vocalist...
  20. I've seen instrument users in subseries of THE iDOLM@STER. However, those are limited to mere units of 1 to 5.

    Yeah, a unit the size of Muse isn't easy to coordinate. Coordinating instruments at such a scale isn't a very idol thing. That's a downgraded brass band with a Conductor!

    So yeah, important question - are we a band or are we an idol unit?
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