Anime Idol High School?

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  2. Yeah sure, just don't judge if I change my mind...

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  1. Hi there, I didn't really see any musical anime school stuff that resembled my idea, but I was wondering about the idea and decided to make it into my first work of art! Oh, and this is a NO LIBERTINE RP, just a friendly high school life (coughcoughactuallyit'snotbutwhatevercoughcough)

    Basically here is the gist of it:
    There exists a school, famous worldwide for the legendary music stars, commonly referred to as 'Idols', that begin a life filled with fame, money, and a whole entire fandom once they graduated from this specific school. It is said that the graduation rates are so low, however, that only those with amazing musical talent can succeed (whether it be composing, singing, or playing an instrument, the choice is up to you dear player!)

    As for how the school really works:
    In this school, there are only 3 main classes for each 'grade', all of them dedicated to music. (Music incorporates math, english, language, and the basic necessities needed to graduate, so the students don't have to worry about that.) The classes are Vocal Art, Composing, and Instrumental Art. Every month, all of the classes work together in a special hands-on "exam" that is basically having a group perform a "song" based off of a theme, genre, etc... Oh, but of course the students must be the ones to write and make the sheet music for it!
    In order to pass the first "exam" of this year, you need a group that has 2-7 people. (Yes, there are some solo acts in the school, but for roleplay purposes let's just say you must have other people) The group must consist of people the same grade level, and can have both genders.

    Here is where you and I come in:
    You are a student (or possibly teacher, not really sure about this, maybe possible Co-GM role?) who is attending this legendary school in hopes of being the very best, like no one ever was (sorry, couldn't resist!) In order to do so though, you will need a band, or at least a partner, or possibly depending on what you are you can be a solo act, but that is not recommended by the school of course.
    I'm not sure if the group is going to be just one big band, or multiple bands. I was leaning more towards the one big band though, and any late people might be able to add another band, but that's just if enough people even like this, for all I know I coukd just be talking to myself!

    Basic Plot:
    This is just supposed to be something like a slice-of-life slash comedy type of RP, so nothing too dark (except paparazzi rumors, and blackmail, cuz I'm not a total peacekeeper, and this is high school people! XD)

    Here are some ideas for plot bunnies:
    -School Festivals
    -Contests that are held as a school fundraiser
    -Final Exam
    -Actually becoming famous
    -Field trip

    There will be drama, laugter, maybe crying, no death, /maybe some serious injury/, but overall fun!

    Interested? Hopefully yes. Any questions or add on ideas? Just post below!
  2. Sounds interesting I'll join
    Sorry, but seriously, I thank you from the bottom of my stomach. Now if you excuse me I must sleep. =.=
  4. I watched the show and this is the best I can do:bsmile:
  5. I have been wanting to do something music-related for some time now so this is something I would love to join. Might change though. Just saying.
  6. I'm in! Also, can we go as Vocaloids or something like that, or are we all OCs?
  7. I'm in! Also, can we go as Vocaloids or something like that, or are we all OCs?
  8. Is this more iDOLM@STER, more Love Live!, more Aikatsu, or more [gulp] UtaPri?
  9. Ah...ummm
    @Kobal awesome, don't worry I won't judge or anything ;)
    @Eight of Diamonds Vocaloid wise...your character can be inspired by a Vocaloid, but I'd rather have OC if you don't mind...
    @Crow Umm...I only recognize Love Live! XD and haven't even done anything withh it in a while so...Maybe? Maybe not?
    *dramatic pause*
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  10. Do you have room for one more ? :) This seems really interesting and I can already imagine the amount of cuteness in it .
  11. Yes!! I love music inspired roleplays. I hope there is room for one more...?
  12. I'm up for this, so long as you don't expect us to be writing songs and poems instead of making normal RP posts (I've been in one of those before (by accident) it was nightmarish). Word of advice though, in case you had been planning to let people be in any grade - you should have everyone be in the same grade and the same class. Otherwise, there'll only be two or three PCs in each class and if one of those drops out, there's someone with no one to interact with during class time.
  13. @Katsumi Y.
    @AiramHearts @Karakui
    Ah yes, this is still open!
    And as for the grade level thing I was planning on doing just that XD but thanks for clarifying! And I'm not expecting you to write songs, but if you want to then feel free to go ahead!
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  15. Yes still open~ and just to add a little tibit more infor I was wondering if everyone would be okay as starting as a freshman, since kara brought up a good point.
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  16. I am fine with that ^^ Also yaya~! Sounds great~!!

    Also no problem I am actually super confused on where to go at the moment but there are some sections which I can figure my way around lol~
  17. my god

    I guess it's all OCs then? Time to activate the chimera!
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  18. I Want in! Count me in as well