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  1. Ahem, welcome to the IC thread, let's get this party started!
    Chouko Hana

    Chouko walked in through the gates of where she would be staying for the next four years, taking in the sight of students making small talk in their own little groups, or in the popular kids' case, mobs. Now, the letter said that there should be a table somewhere... The purplette thought, before finally resting her eyes on a brightly colored banner that read:
    "Ah, there it is!" She thought out loud, smiling as she walked over to it, towing a white suitcase that looked big enough to fit a chihuahua comfortably in it. Now all she had to do was sign up for her dorm, find a group, ace her classes, and become a star! Or at least that was what she hoped, but the young girl knew that life doesn't give miracles, especially when it comes to this.
    Signing her name on a piece of paper, Chouko smiled slightly as she was handed a key to her dorm, walking over to a bench and sitting down. Getting out her phone and a pair of earbuds, she sat back, stuck the earphones in, and began humming to the tune of her favorite song. While it is true that the world can be cruel and harsh, she knew that if there was something as beautiful as music existing, then maybe, just maybe...she could have a small miracle, for once...​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Kaito Hiro

    Walking in through the gates towing a medium sized suitcase with him. "This is it then" mumbling to himself. Looks like my dream starts today... The six foot tall kid though. Inside his bag was a pair of drumsticks and a bass and some clothes. Looking over to see a brightly colored banner that said 'FRESHMAN SIGN-IN'. Walking over to it he notices a small girl walk past him to a bench. Am I really that tall? Thinking to himself as he signs in his name on a piece of paper. Taking his key he sits down next to the same girl that walked past him and takes out his bass.
  3. "I have returned..."

    A short, petite androgynous one walks into the fray with a serious look on his face. No matter how you looked at him, he seemed cross, but at what. He was pretty small compared to the deal of two suitcases behind him.

    Some girls walked up to him.

    "A- are you Matsuri-chan of Sakuramatsuri?"

    "You look like someone... from very long ago."

    "I've seen you before on TV! A lot!"

    He simply retorts, "I was never in such situations before. You have mistaken me for the one you are looking for."

    As he continues, he sees a sign that says 'Freshman Sign-In'. He walks towards it and takes his forms out. "The requested paperwork has been prepared, and I have printed the required schedule," the boy grimly nods. "Thank you."

    "Are you-" the person at the counter asks

    "-Matsuri-chan of Sakuramatsuri? No, I am not. I am Suou Matsuri, I am an Idol Producer in training and Amateur Music Composer. I am unsure why I get that a lot."

    "Actually I was going to ask you if you're alright."

    "If that is the case. The answer is yes."

    The answer is no, actually. Matsuri wasn't alright.

    "Have a nice day, Miss," the counter guy greets as he hands Matsuri the keys to his dorm.

    Matsuri turns around, responding, "I am a Mister. Mr Suou Matsuri, not Ms Suou Matsuri."

    He looks at the few others, thinking, "the world of idols has a holy crust and a dark filling. I hope you are prepared for your fruits of labour."​
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  4. Aika M. (open)


    Aika Mizushima

    The day that had just begun proved to a certain white-haired female that it was going to be a start of another chapter in her book of life . From a distance , she could see the huge banner with the words FRESHMAN SIGN-IN . Aika felt as though her heart had skipped a few beats at once before jamming to a tune . Okay , that doesn't make sense , Aika told herself before smiling lightly .

    "Hey there , I'm Aika Mizushima !" , the female greeted the staff handling the freshmen sign-in , receiving a smile in return .

    People here sure are nice , she thought to herself as she took her dorm keys and information before trailing her medium yet very heavy blue bag to the direction of three other students- a female around her height , another male who was obviously a basketball player in his past life and an expressionless male .

    "Hello ! My name is Aika Mizushima . How are you ?" , she asked with a friendly smile , hoping for at least someone to answer .

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  5. image.jpeg
    Chouko Hana

    Chouko was just sitting there, her eyes closed peacefully while she was humming when suddenly she felt a slight vibration go throughout the bench. Cracking one eye open, she saw a tall guy, almost what seemed like double her height, which was actually very easy to do. Oh, he must be an upperclassmen, the young student thought to herself, watching for a few seconds as he got out a bass and started to play.
    Not wanting to interrupt, she unplugged one side of her earphones in case the man decided to speak to her, then began to close her eyes once more, prepared to fall back into the loving arms of her music. Suddenly, she heard another girl's voice from what sounded like directly in front of her.
    Opening them back up once more, she saw yet another student, this one a girl with blue eyes and hair that was either a super platinum or pure white, Chouko wasn't sure. Realizing that said girl was greeting the two of them, the purplette quickly turned off her music, not wanting to be rude as she sat straight up and gave an even bigger smile.
    "Hiya Miss Aika Mizushima, my name's Chouko Hana! I'm doing great, and how are you?" Suddenly realizing that she totally excluded the male sitting beside her, Chouko quickly turned to him, guilt completely written all over herself as she stood up and bowed an apology bow. ​
    "Oh dear, I didn't want to interrupt, but now it seems I might have. What's your name, mister upperclassman?"​
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  6. [​IMG]

    Esme Avila Takawa

    "By Aunt Claire, by Uncle Toshi. I promise to behave and to call you whenever I have the chance." Getting out of the car, Esme said her good-byes to her family. Once the car was out of sight, Esme sighed and tuned towards the gates of the place she will be staying at for the next four years. She couldn't believe it, she had been accepted to the most prestigious music high school in the whole region. Tugging at the strap of her guitar case, that was placed on her shoulder and towing the small suitcase that had her essentials, Esme went inside.

    The first thing that she noticed was the big sign that read "FRESHMAN SIGN-IN" and the people that were helping the students get adjusted. Quickly, Esme started walking towards the them and as she did, she passed by a small girl with purple hair talking with a tall boy with grayish-black hair with a bass on his hands, and a girl with white hair or was it platinum?; it was hard to distinguish. It seemed they were exchanging pleasantries. She also passed by what look like a serious looking girl that was being watched by other students. Apparently, she reminded them of an Idol that they used to hear. Though, Esme was not sure if she was an actual she, something was off about her.

    Shaking her head, she arrived at the place to sign up and putting her name on the paper, she took her dorm key that was handed to her. 'Finally, I'm officially a student of Idol High.' With a small smile, she went over to bench near the students she passed by and waited. What was she waiting for? Esme didn't know. 'Well, I'm ready for school to start.'
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  7. [​IMG]
    Kaito Hiro

    Hearing the girl introduce herself and confuse him for a upperclassmen" Oh I'm not a upperclassmen I'm a freshman, the name's Kaito Hiro" Looking at the girl with a silent look then focusing back on his bass he plays a upbeat solo, lookin at the new girl with a look of Blandness.
  8. Aika.M (open)


    Aika Mizushima

    "Hiya Miss Aika Mizushima, my name's Chouko Hana! I'm doing great, and how are you?"

    " Oh I'm not a upperclassmen I'm a freshman, the name's Kaito Hiro"

    Getting a reaction from both was already enough to place a grin on her face . The white-haired female then noticed another taller black-haired female student walked past them who seemed quiet but friendly nevertheless . "I'm doing good , Chouko-san ! You guys can call me Aika or whatever you think suits me ." , she said cheerfully .

    Aika then turned to face the male who was playing a beat on his bass . "Neh , Kaito-san , that's a cool beat . Do you wanna jam a little with my trumpet ?" , she smiled before reaching towards her luggage bag to retrieve her steel-alloied trumpet .

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  9. [​IMG]
    Kaito Hiro

    "Neh , Kaito-san , that's a cool beat . Do you wanna jam a little with my trumpet ?"

    Hearing the girl Aika ask if she can play. A chuckle arose on his face "That depends, can you keep up with the beat?" Playing his solo faster.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Esme Avila Takawa

    Sitting down and waiting, soon became boring to Esme. She started to ask herself, 'What should I do? What should I do?' However, before she did something she would alter regret, Esme heard a catchy beat coming from the students near. "Neh , Kaito-san , that's a cool beat . Do you wanna jam a little with my trumpet?" She looked towards them and spotted the platinum haired girl, take out a steel-alloied trumpet. "That depends, can you keep up with the beat?" she heard the tall boy respond, who, if not mistaken, was called Kaito-san. 'Hm... Maybe I should join...?'

    Not being the type of girl to start a conversation with strangers, Esme opted for taking out her guitar, she would always let her playing do the talking. It was a beautiful guitar in the color of green, which was her favorite. It was a gift from her parents before they died. She quickly, shook her the thought of her parents away before it made her sad. Placing the guitar in her lap, she made sure it was tuned up. And after doing so, she paid attention to the beat and started to follow it with her instrument. At first it was bit difficult with how fast the boy was going, but soon she got the hang of it. Her fingers ran across the strings of her instrument with ease, and soon she lost herself in the vibrations of her instrument as it got a bit louder. If the others were to look at her, they would see a slight smile on her face and they would have to yell at her so as to snap her out of her musical reverie.

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  11. Aika.M (open)


    Aika Mizushima

    "That depends, can you keep up with the beat?"

    The white-haired female smiled before saying , "I may not be the best person who can play the trumpet , but you'll never know until you try ." . Right after saying so , she heard the sound of a guitar playing to the sound the male's bass . Aika looked over to see the black-haired female from just now . Finally ! , she thought to herself before placing the mouthpiece of the trumpet to her own .

    Aika began to blow and the tune that came out was an octave lower than what the two musicians were playing . It was indeed a challenge to keep up with the male slightly , but after awhile , she got a hang of it and the lowered octave of her tune complimented the higher pitch of the other two , making the music sound cheery yet with a splash of rock .

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  12. Aruko strode briskly into the hall. Though she was only a first year who had no idea how to navigate this place, she already held her air of superiority and the sheer confidence it exuded was enough for the crowds of not important characters to move back slightly. As they did so, she saw a familiar face and a small smirk crept across her own. "Yo, Aika. Already showing off your pro-trumpet skills huh?"
  13. Eta's breath caught as she stared at the school in front of her in awe.
    She shook her head and entered, the plain white case that held her guitar swinging on her back. She headed to the table that said FRESHMAN SIGN UP on it, signing up and heading to a random area of the school. Her ears caught the sound of a catchy beat and she unconsciously headed to it, eyes staring at the students that played the beautiful tune.
    She looked at them and laughed quietly. "Hey, hey! Can I join in? I think I can play that!"
  14. Mitsuru Suzuki
    Carrying his two simple black suitcases with him, Mitsuru walked through the gates leading to the prestigious Idol High. Though he remained calm on the outside, internally he was a mix of apprehension and excitement. He had always been a classical musician, idol music was a completely new genre to him. But no, no need to worry. He would be able to handle this. He was going to become better at composing, he was going to make more friends his age, everything was going to be just- fine!!

    And with that thought, he tripped in the doorway of the school, falling and dropping his suitcases as his headphones flew off his head. He blushed with a deep red embarrassment and pulled himself up from the floor and gathered his suitcases. He began a desperate search for his hearing aid, looking down at the floor as he searched, politely apologizing to anyone he bumped into on the way. Not that he could hear those apologies, of course, but he hoped he wasn't offending anyone. Someone please help him find his headphones. Please, save this boy. Be his hero.
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  15. image.jpeg
    Chouko Hana

    Chouko could not believe what was goong on around her. First of all, this super tall Mister sitting right by her-no wait, he gave her his name-Kaito, was actually a freshman! Then all of a sudden, the young purplette could hear the sound of a guitar playing along with Kaito. Looking over towards the source, she saw a girl with black hair, smiling as she was lost in playing her green guitar.
    As Aika started to play her trumpet, complementing the two other players brilliantly, she stood up. Walking over to the black haired female, she politely tapped her on her shoulder...or at least tried to, but it ended up more like she tapped her upper arm. "Excuse me miss, would you like to come over and sit down?" Chouko asked, loud enough to be heard over the trio of instruments, but not loud enough to interrupt them completely.
    As she was waiting for an answer, she suddenly heard yet another female's voice, filled with what sounded like excitement and enthusiasm as she asked to join in. Turning around, the purplette smiled at the other girl, with brown hair and green eyes. "Of course! Feel free to hop in!"
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  16. Michael Vayner
    Micahel couldn't wait to arrive at Idol High. He was taking a cab since his parents were at work. They said their goodbyes earlier on today, though. The text message he got from his sister was somewhat uplifting; though, one would find it difficult to see if it meant anything positive with the way she worded it. Nonetheless, it made Michael smile to see the 'support' from his sister. Michael enjoyed the view along the way to the School, thinking about how his school years were going to play out.

    After a somewhat long Cab ride there, Michael arrived at the front gates of the School. After paying the driver, and getting his guitar from the back and his suitcase from the trunk of the car, Michael whistled at the sight of the school. He was surprised by the size and how well designed it looks. He pulled his suitcase along with his guitar on his back and headed towards the school. "There should be some kind of sign-up for freshmen somewhere.." He spoke softly to himself. He didn't make it past the front doors until he saw someone trying to search for something. "Did he lose his contacts or something?" Michael wasn't the kind of person who would walk by someone like that. He headed towards the student on the floor. While heading over there, he kept an eye out for anything that could be what he was looking for. Could this be it? He thought to himself before picking up something that looked like some headphones. He leaned over and tapped the person's shoulder and held up the headphones to him with an expression that asked if these were what he was looking for.

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  17. Mitsuru Suzuki
    Fumbling around on the floor, Mitsuru had started to think that the search for his hearing aid was a lost cause. He wasn't finding them, and with the school as crowded as it was, he doubted he was going to. Running his hands along the floor one last time and hoping for a miracle, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up from the floor and saw a boy who looked around his age (a freshman too, possibly?) holding his headphones.

    Mitsuru stood up from the floor and light brushed any of the dust and dirt that might have gotten on him off. Taking the headphones and adjusting them back on his head, he breathed a sigh of relief as sound came flooding back in as normal, not the muddled blur he had been hearing without them. "Thank you so much!" He smiled and looked around at the commotion surrounding them, and then back at the other boy. "These are very important. I really can't thank you enough." He politely stuck out his hand, offering a handshake. "Well, I suppose we should to introduce ourselves, then? I'm Mitsuru Suzuki. It's a pleasure to meet you. And you are?"

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  18. Park Shin-Yang (박 신 양)

    Front of School | Freshman Sign-In

    Park Shin-Yang got out of the sidecar of his twin sister's motorcycle. He readjusted his large backpack which was akin to a large hiking or travel backpack. "Annyeong Sun-Mi!" Shin-Yang said as he waved his sister goodbye and bowed. He watched as his until she was out of his sight and then followed the stream of students towards the doors of Idol High. One his way there he noticed two students off to the side who seemed to be talking. Shouldn't they be inside for sign-ups? Unless they're upperclassmen... then.. He trailed off as he got closer and recognized one of the students. It was none other than Michael Vayner, his best friend. Shin-Yang knew his friend coming to Idol High but he did not expect to meet him on the front steps. Not that it mattered how they'd meet. He left the stream of students and walked over to the two, walking up behind Michael he wrapped his arm around the taller male and smiled. "Whaa? You got in? Never thought you'd have the skills." He joked and looked over to the other male, who he overheard as Mitsuru Suzuki, and held out his hand. "Park Shin-Yang."

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  19. Michael Vayner

    Michael smiled while rubbing the back of his head, letting out a slight chuckle when he saw how glad the person was after he helped him out. "Well, it was pretty lucky I came by before they were stepped on, huh?" Of course, someone else would have probably done the same for him. "Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you, Mitsuru. My name is-" He heard what the guy's name was and was about to reach out to shake his hand, introducing himself before he heard a familiar voice. It was his best friend Park. He didn't really expect to see him so soon, but he was glad that he did. "I could say the same for you, Park." He said with a smirk while letting out a small chuckle again before continuing. "Glad to see you made it. Oh yeah! My name is Michael Vayner." He finished as he held out his hand towards Mitsuru as well. Not really noticing that he was holding out the same hand as Park towards Mitsuru.

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  20. Mitsuru Suzuki
    Mitsuru shook Michael's hand in a friendly, amicable way, then turned to shake Park's hand as well. "It's nice to meet the both of you, Michael, Park." Despite the earlier incident with his hearing aid, things were going pretty well for him that day, he thought. Now that he was starting to make friends here, the school didn't seem nearly as intimidating to him as it did before. He chuckled at the banter between Park and Michael, then gathered his suitcases and prepared to head inside. "I believe sign-ins are inside." He look at the both of them with a warm, inviting smile. "Well, I guess we should go in, then."

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