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  1. Hello, I'm Otome! I've been RPing a lot of yaoi and yuri lately, so I'm craving some het roleplays~
    I tend to mostly lean towards FEMALE roles, but there are some exceptions.
    I won't waste any time talking about myself, but if you have any questions, feel free to just ask!

    ✦ I seriously don't stress post length as long as I have something to work with!
    ✦ My average post is about 2 paragraphs, but I'm adaptable. I can normally manage a reply everyday~
    ✦ I don't care for mistakes at all as long as I can still understand you.
    ✦ Perfectly fine with doubling or having more than one RP, so just ask if you'd like!
    ✦ Perfectly fine with alternate universes, crossovers, and canon x oc trades as well.
    ✦ I can RP in threads, PM, or email.
    ✦ My only limits are incest and pregnancy, but other than that, my limits are yours.
    ✦ Ditcher-friendly! I won't hold it against you if you lose interest, but a word or two would be nice.
    ✦ Darker roleplays or cute fluffy ones are both fine with me!
    ✦ Fine with thinking of plots together or going with the flow to see where that leads. c:
    ✦ Don't be afraid to talk to me ooc about whatever you have on your mind!
    ✦ Finally, please just HAVE FUN! That's what we're here for~

    If you're interested, please PM me reply here, but PMs are preferred. Thank you! :heart:

    Bold = My preferred character (if none are bold then I can play either)
    Striked out = No longer searching
    No exclamations = Not too interested but will do it
    One exclamation(!) = Interested
    Two exclamations(!!) = Craving
    Four exclamations(!!!!) = I WILL GIVE YOU MY SOUL!

    Sengoku Basara (can be anime or gameverse);
    Oichi x Masamune !!!!
    Oichi x Nagamasa !!
    Kasuga x Sasuke !
    Kotaro x Tsuruhime !

    Persona 4;
    Shadow Yosuke x Shadow Yukiko !!
    Yosuke x Yukiko !!
    Kou x Chie !
    Naoki x Anyone
    Yu/Souji x Ai
    Kanji x Naoto !
    canon x oc trade !!

    Momo x Gou
    Seijuro x Gou
    canon x oc trade !

    Bleach (possibly AU?);
    Uryuu x Nemu !!!!
    Hitsugaya x Hinamori !
    Rangiku x Gin
    canon x oc trade
    oc x oc

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!;
    Mukuro x Chrome !
    Ken x Chrome !
    Gokudera x Haru !!
    Chrome x Anyone
    Adult Lambo x Adult I-Pin
    Tsuna x Haru
    x Hibari !!
    Haru x Anyone
    canon x oc trade !!
    oc x oc

    Dangan Ronpa;
    Togami x Fukawa/Genocider !!
    Hagakure x Asahina !
    Naegi x Kyoko
    Togami x Celestia
    x Junko
    Leon x Asahina
    oc x oc !

    Super Dangan Ronpa 2;
    Sonia x Tanaka !!
    Kazuichi x Sonia !
    Fuyuhiko x Peko !!
    Nekomaru x Akane
    Tsumiki x Anyone !!
    Chiaki x Anyone
    oc x oc !

    Corpse Party;
    Morishige x Mayu !
    Yoshiki x Ayumi !!
    oc x oc !
    canon x oc trade !!

    Kuroko no Basket;
    Momoi x Sakurai
    Aomine x Momoi !
    Hyuga x Riko !
    canon x oc trade

    Dousetsu x Yukihime !!
    Kaname x Ayane !

    Natsume Yuujinchou;
    Natsume x Taki
    Tanuma x Taki !
    Natori x Hiiragi !
    canon x oc trade

    Kida x Saki !!
    Shinra x Celty !
    Erika x Yumasaki
    Mikado x Anri
    oc x oc
    canon x oc trade

    Hijikata x Mitsuba !!!!
    Sougo x Kagura
    Yamazaki x Tama !
    Tae x Kondo
    Kondo x Ayame
    canon x oc trade !

    Rabbit Doubt;
    Haruka x Eiji !!
    Haruka x Hajime !
    Yu x Haruka !
    Yu x Rei !
    Eiji x Rei
    Hajime x Rei
    oc x oc !
    canon x oc trade !!

    Death Note;
    Mello x Halle !
    Matsuda x Sayu
    L x Misa
    Matt x Misa

    Future Diary;
    Tsubaki x Akise !
    Yukiteru x Yuno
    oc x oc !

    Deadman Wonderland;
    Toto x Shiro
    Minatsuki x Crow !
    Yoh x Shiro
    oc x oc
    canon x oc trade !

    Kingdom Hearts;
    Hayner x Olette !
    Olette x Demyx !!
    Namine x Roxas
    Larxene x Marluxia
    oc x oc !

    canon x oc trade !

    Other Fandoms;
    One Punch Man (canon x oc trade accepted)
    Sweet Fuse (ocs accepted, canon x oc trade accepted)
    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Angel Beats! (ocs accepted)

    K Project
    Amnesia: Memories (canon x oc trade accepted)
    Norn 9
    Code: Realize
    Persona 3 Portable
    Higurashi/When They Cry (ocs accepted)
    Fate/Stay Night (and Fate/Zero) (ocs accepted)
    Ask about anything else!
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  2. Would you like to give a canonxOC trade, Persona 4 roleplay a shot? c:
  3. I'm interested in the fate based Rps.

  4. Hey there, I'm really sorry for the late reply! I was gone for a while since I didn't have any wifi... but I'd definitely love to do a P4 canon x oc trade! If you're still interested, you could PM me and we can discuss plots/characters and whatnot? ^^

  5. Hello there, I definitely wouldn't mind a Fate-based roleplay! You could PM me so we can discuss preferences/ideas and whatnot~ ^_^
  6. This ain't your list but you look well knowledged in fandoms like a lot of anime. Would you care to do a D.gray-Man RP with me :D

  7. Oh, I think I've only watched about 5 episodes of D. Gray Man, and that was a reeeally long time ago... so I'm afraid I don't actually know the series well enough to RP it. ^^;; I'm sorry!
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