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  1. Hello Iwakuvians! I have been away for a long time but I'm back and ready to get my creative brain juices flowing with some RP's! I feel there are a lot of the same anime RP's being done over and over again (Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Soul Eater, etc.). Now, I don't know about you guys, but I know there are a lot more anime out there that would be cool or interesting to roleplay. Am I the only one who's seen them? Let's find out!! I'll put down a few ideas here and you can look about for one you might like to do with me.

    The wikias are provided for visual effect so that you can get a feel for the type of anime it is. I am quite open to suggestions for how we could go about each RP. Just PM me whenever or leave a response here.

    Gintama (adventure/comedy/historical/fighting/misc. activities/tom foolery/aliens)
    Generally, the idea here is a group of three, maybe four, people who meet through unforeseen circumstances and end up working together on odd jobs (Yorozuya). They take on many weird, quirky, some times emotional and deep slice-of-life type jobs. Anything from finding a lost pet to bodyguards to delivery boys/girls. There will be a need for Shinsengumi members (which are a lot!) so there won't really be a restriction on the amount of people that could join in on this RP. The Yorozuya and Shinsengumi will bump heads often enough with some of the jobs they will take on.

    I have been hankering for a Gintama RP and two people have come to Iwaku, started one, and life coldly snatched them away and they have not come back. So I have a character for the Gintama verse and have not gotten a chance to use her yet!

    Samurai Champloo (swordplay/historical/traveling/fighting/hiphop)
    OC Thread:
    Originally, two men are tricked into helping a girl look for this samurai that smelled of sunflowers. They end up trekking all over the country, meeting all kinds of strong opponents and getting into all sorts of trouble (some of it illegal >..>). I'm not quite sure how to go about this since there are only three main characters. There's always gender bending but I don't know. We can brainstorm for this one. It could be with the original characters or OCs or a mix of both.

    I recently rewatched this anime for the second time and... I just... I would really like to do an RP for this anime. I thought to write a fanfic but decided this would be more fun. :D Also, I wouldn't necessarily be focused too heavily on the actual historical element.

    Cowboy Bebop (futuristic/90's feel/spaceships/planet-hopping/green hair/hackers)
    Four bounty hunters travel the galaxy hunting bounties and trying to scrape up money for food. A gambler, ex-cop, hacker, corgy and former member of a crime syndicate. The character's backgrounds drive this anime for the most part so I suppose we could follow that type of pattern with the characters learning more about each other as the RP goes along. They make for a rather interesting bunch but OC's will be present here. That means the players would have to know very little about the other characters. I like this idea but, again I'm open suggestions.

    I'm thinking of generally making OC's for this one and our own storyline. I'll need help with plotting if anyone wants to do this anime.

    Natsume Yuujincho (slice of life/supernatural/school/drama/yokai/special items)
    A boy who can see yokai is given a book passed down from his grandmother, who could also see them. Inside the book are the names of yokai which gives him the power to control these yokai. After finding out that Natsume has passed, they come in search of it; some want to use it to control the other yokai, some just want their names and freedom back. Natsume is guarded by a yokai who intends to eventually eat him and take the book but for now he protects him from the other yokai.

    There are about five main characters here but there could be players for the yokai. The story here is interesting so I would actually like to keep the general storyline here. This would be a really nice RP to do. I have only ever talked to one person who actually knew about this anime, but it's a really good one. There could be some action but this one would mostly be a slice of life type.

    Hopefully you've found one of these as an interesting universe to jump into. There isn't necessarily a need to have seen the animes since the RPs won't follow the original story unless we want to do that type of thing.
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  2. So interested in Gintama <----(though I only see few episode (1-10-ish? and their epic movie)
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  3. Awesome!! Thanks for stopping by :)
    Two really cool people tried to start a Gintama RP but they didn't come back so I would like to try it for myself this time, possibly using their ideas because they were so good.

    Also, I've seen over 100 episodes but I likely don't remember too much from them unless I watch them again. So we're basically on the same page :P
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  4. Thanks lord! XD~ so.... what's the idea about?
  5. Well, I thinking that there couldn't really be a dead set plot for a Gintama RP- It'd be too constricting, in my opinion. But, there could be a long term plot that is weaved throughout the roleplay so we could work on the plot sometimes and other times go completely off track and do whatever we feel like roleplaying at the moment. The last RP I was going to be in sort of explains what I'm getting at a little better, plus, I wanted to use the skeleton for it for the Gintama RP.

    "The roleplay will start off with our characters either already being part of the Yorozuya, or a prospect/future member. That's for the player to decide how they want to start their character's story. As this is a Gintama RP, there won't be an overarching storyline from the get-go and will be more of a wing-it roleplay where the stories are created by the players themselves and can range from any kind of genre, from drama and romance to absurd humor and thrilling action or mystery.

    Basicly the story will be tailored by the players, through the OOC Thread or simply by improvising on the spot."

    I was also thinking we could do them like episodes and I could archive each episode for easy reading later on if need be. What do you think of that? Suggestions are welcome. ^_^
  6. OOOH! Air Trek! It is amazing!
  7. Sounds interesting but never seen the anime but heard it was good could someone explain maybe a little about it just a small amount and id catch on or someone could help me along the way if not it's ok And I'd so be down with being part of the cowboy bebop one and samurai.

    and that would be good XD~
  9. I have never heard of that anime but it sounds like it's similar to Air Gear, which I have not seen either. Though when I said suggestions welcome, I meant suggestions to the plot I proposed. ^_^

    I think you're talking about Gintama so I'll try to give a little bit of setting. Gintama takes place in Edo after aliens have come in and completely integrated into the Japanese culture and banned the use of swords, stifling the age of the samurai. You could also check out the link I provided in my first post to the Gintama wiki. ^_^

    I am glad you are interested in the Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop RP's as well.

    Yaayy~! I am tempted to get a thread started for the Gintama RP. :)

    I do have to say, my internet might be cutting off tomorrow, I don't know. I can get to the library so we don't have to necessarily postpone anything but I did want to let you all know. I'm also not sure how many more people would be interested in these ideas, but if we could one more for each so there could at least be three people on any of these RPs.
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  10. lol, yes, I meant air gear. I havent watched it in forever and confused the actual skates with the name of the show ^-^'
  11. I would love to do a samurai champloo Rp with you! I love the anime so so good.
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  12. Awesome! Then I can go ahead and create a thread for that one and possibly for the Gintama RP as well since I'm not sure anyone else will join in. But yay~!
  13. Awesome! I'm excited to start planning it ^-^
  14. The last animr sounds awesome ^^ would love to play a yokai x3
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  15. The Samurai Champloo OOC thread is up!

    If things are still okay here I shall get the Gintama thread up tomorrow. Otherwise, I would like to wait for at least one more player for the Cowboy Bebop and Nastume Yuujincho RPs. If no one else shows up and the two interested would really like to do those we can do 1x1 RPs for them if you would like. :)
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  16. As for your list, Natsume Yuujincho sounds like my cup of tea.

    Also, while hard to initiate or remain lore-friendly, Date A Live and Campione!.
  17. @Minata @Crow There are, as of now, enough people to make the Natsume Yuujincho OOC thread. I will get that started as soon as I can.
  18. Awesome :D
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