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  1. Anime expo is comeing up in California LA!
    Im sure the hell going :bananaman:
  2. Would you be mad if I told you I was going to an anime expo in Japan. However, one in California seems nice. Is it nice and warm over there?
  3. yes i would, because you get things sooner there :(
    and yes its very warm at times.
    are you going to cosplay?
  4. Grrrr I so want to go to that one. And it wouldn't be that far away from where I live either.

    Problem is if I do go there I don't know what I would cosplay as.
  5. You dont have to cosplay, its just a convention for anime fans :)
    Im going as bolin from the avatar legend of korra
  6. Yes I will be cosplaying as Chii from chobits ^^
  7. nice :)
    going with friends?

  8. Chi is awesome, sweet and cool!

    I love the anime Chobits as well.

    I've never been to one of those. But, I would love to go to one someday.
  9. I am nowhere near Cali.


    I would cosplay as a Pokemon if I was.