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  1. Hey, I see a lot of people who like anime here but not a lot of people like Bleach. Who likes Bleach here?
  2. I feel overall kind of neutral about Bleach. To explain why, here's how I feel about two parts of Bleach.

    Bleach fights: Aw yeah, gimme that sweet sweet power level juggling bullshit with cool swords and magical powers, I don't care that it's obvious the good guys will win with little to no real losses at any time, it's just cool shit and I love it.

    Bleach everything else: Ugh, go fight something, shut up, I don't care about your angst. We both know you're gonna go fight, Ichigo, so stop being a little bitch about it and go do your training for this arc and then fight the thing. You're gonna go in all strong, then get slapped around when they reveal a previously unknown level of power, then full on power level juggling will ensue and the power of friendship will save the day, so stop angsting about things damn it. And for fuck sake stop giving me filler arcs about Ichigo's stupid sisters, those are literally the worst filler episodes I have ever had the misfortune of watching in any anime and I watched through the fucking filler that was most of the second half of the original Naruto series. The character personalities are all two dimensional and they've remained that way throughout the entire damned series, so I really doubt that having another angst-filled side plot or backstory revelation is gonna change that. Just get back to the fighting you turds.

    So yeah, overall neutral about Bleach. :P

  3. I don't dislike it but I sort of stopped paying a lot of attention, after the beginning of the Thousand year blood war. Overall, the series has great characters and fighting scenes as well. The Espada arc was fairly great, in my opinion. ​
  4. XDD
  5. I remember watching Bleach when the dub first came on TV, and I liked it. I liked it well enough I got the first DS fighting game, which actually was pretty fun to play. And I watched the anime up until they got into Hueco Mundo and then... stopped. I think I realized at some point that I wasn't interested in the thousand episode long shounen thing they were going for, and started to miss what the show looked like it would be based off of the first few episodes, i.e. the ghost cops stopping people from turning into monsters. And honestly the more that they tried to focus on the Soul Society the less it made sense to me.
  6. I think @Jorick got it down perfectly. After Aizen's betrayal (Which was a sweet ass betrayal btw), it kinda went all downhill from there and I just started watching it for the fights (Which are some sweet ass fights btw). Ichigo being angsty every single arc, Aizen becoming a preaching bastard, everything being apart of his plan, blah blah blah. Pretty much what Yorick-senpai said.

    Manga? The first bit of this final arc actually started picking Bleach up in terms of story. Answered a lot of questions, patched up some plot holes, and so on. Then it had a sudden fucking drop when it became focused all on the fights again in which majority of the fights, especially the actually interesting ones, were being skipped over. And characters that "died" being revived over and over. That put the final nail in the coffin for any hope I had of the series.

    Few good moments here and there, but ultimately if you're going into Bleach for the story then you're going into it for the wrong reasons. You should go into it for badass fights and a sick ass soundtrack (Which is a sweet ass soundtrack btw) 8D
  7. ... Holy shit, it sounds almost exactly like Dragon Ball Z.
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  8. That's because it pretty much is, in a summarized plot sort of sense. It suffers from the common shounen trope of unashamed power creep.

    1) Discover powers (or capitalize on them)
    2) Encounter villain(s), get defeated
    3) Power up/Train/Bestowed with power
    4) Fight villain, beat them
    5) New arc, lull in fighting
    6) Restart from Step 2

    It's in every single popular battle shounen out there, period.
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  9. DBZ is pretty much the father of it all. Although one thing I can give to DBZ is that it knows it's all about the fights and doesn't really try to push itself to be anything else, unless comedic. 'Tis why DBZ is cool yo. Bleach is pretty much DBZ but with swords though, yeah.
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  10. Shonen battle anime almost always suckles at the teat of DBZ. It is both father and mother, role model and life giver, to these modern iterations of the "let's just have a bunch of awesome fights" formula.
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  11. I'm being educated, hooray! I never got into a lot of anime, so most of this is pretty new to me.
  12. Spoilers within~
    Personally, I really loved the series until the last bit, after they finally defeated Aizen and Ichigo lost all his powers. After that it felt forced to me, it was done, it was going to be a good ending. Sure I was a little sad thinking the series was finished, but I felt like that was a good spot to end. That is only for the anime itself. Only recently have I been reading the manga to see if it's good or not.
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  13. In other words this. :3

  14. I like Bleach :) When it came to America, I was a pre-teen so nostalgia is definitely there for it. But I have to admit I kinda stopped watching it after..... Damn I forgot where I left off D: But I do indeed plan on re-watching the series from the beginning and catching up :D Dragon Ball Z will always be my favorite though with NANA as a close second.
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  15. I really liked the simplicity of the first couple seasons, but after that I sort of fell out of love. Nothing against it. It just grew a little too complicated for me.
  16. Jorick is very spot on about Bleach and Dragonball Z. Though I absolutely adore Dragonball Z, it's very simplistic and easy to follow with fight after fight and some comedic moments thrown in, it's why it works so well as a mostly comedy in its Abridged form by TFS.

    And it's funny that people still use power levels as a way to gauge someone's strength when Akira Toriyama went "Power levels eventually mean nothing at all, it's meant to be a foil for the villain to use."

    Also, you guys should watch Blood Blockade Battlefront, it's a neat anime series with a good blend of humour and action.
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  18. Kekki Sensen/Blood Battle Front is fantastic and I strongly recommend it. Dargo is right about the action comedy blend. Add to that a vivid semi organic feel to surroundings and actual interesting characters.. Well it's pretty Darn good.

    As for bleach. Jorick is pretty spot on. The show/manga also feels like it was drawn way past its intended ending.
  19. Bleach, like many shounen, is basically a waiting game. I don't like it when action is stretched, because it loses tension really fast. Bleach bores me because of it.

    I can also recommend Kekkai Sensen. It doesn't always exactly remember things in past episodes happened, but once you get over that it is quite amusing.

    This season I'm following Arslan Senki, Gangsta (tho seriously read the manga, it's amazing), Durarara (though it's more out of habit now, that running too long vibe), Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri, Rokka no Yuusha and Ushio to Tora.
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