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So, I am seeing if anyone is interested in doing a crossover role play. I am open to any kind of role play, including yaoi and I do Yuri, but I may suck at it as I don't have experience role playing that, but I will try my best. I know a lot of different anime series so I am open to any thing!

Also, I don't mind doing a reality tv show crossed over with an anime if your in the mood.

I'm open to do anything!

Animes I know and am willing to do crossovers for:
Fairy Tail, Hellsing, Sword Art Online, Psycho Pass, Kyou Kara Maoh, Uta no Prince sama, Tokyo Ghoul, Pokemon, etc. (These are just a few. If you don't see your anime on here, just ask. Chances are, I know it)

TV shows I am willing to crossover with anime or each other:
Grimm, CSI, Criminal Minds, The Strain,
(These are the major ones I am familiar with)

I am also willing to do Harry Potter as well!

Hope to role play with you soon! :)

Oh and don't runaway if you see a reply to this thread. I am more than capable of doing more than 1 roleplay at a time.
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~ I'd be interested in doing a crossover rp with either Uta no Prince Sama or Fairy tail... I have a few other anime's I'd be willing to try as well :)

Also I'm always open to doing Harry Potter as well!!

Feel free to shoot a PM my way ^^
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