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  1. Over the year's I've been drawing random Anime character's i like aswell as requests from a few friends so I thought I'd show them all to you guys ^^
    the first one, is Edward from Full metal alchemist, this is the last drawing I did before stopping for awhile.I draw at the moment but not as much since i gotta get ready for university, since i go in two weeks(oh the joys of having my mum not being there to cook for me xc )
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  2. Joker(old).jpg
    The old style animated joker :3
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  3. [​IMG]
    If anyone's seen Ao no exorcist(blue exorcist)they should know who this is ^^ if not..its a half demon/half human called Rin Okumura, who is Satan's son...he's so bad ass, but caring ;-;
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  4. Your art is so expressive! You render these characters' personalities wonderfully — and I especially enjoy your choice of framing for Edward and Joker; it really adds to the effect of their poise and presence. :D
  5. I didn't actually plan for the framing to be like that, it's all natural due to the time of day i took them at haha, I drew the Edward over a single night(took me 6 hours but I couldn't sleep so was worth it) and took it the moment there was enough light to see it and the joker I think I took about 10pm hence the darkness.But thank you for that little fact ^^ and thank you for the whole compliment!! :D
  6. Well, what's natural is no less valuable than what's deliberate! :D
    I find that the Joker's intimidating gaze is accentuated by the breadth you've implied with his shoulders being cut by the page as they are; similarly, the highly-detailed and in-focus fabric around Edward's head keeps my attention focused on his determined expression.
    Chiaroscuro brings out the dissonance in Okumura's pain, but there's a lot of whitespace that dampens that effect; perhaps you were going for something more nebulous — empty, maybe? — than I got from his attitude. :3
    Of course; any time! c:
  7. Well i tried to somewhat show how empty he felt after he lost his father, not Satan but his adopted father.
    I'm gonna add a few more pictures in a minute, yet one of them is somewhat blurry due to the fact my old phone was rather shoddy camera wise, and I can't take a new picture of it due to the fact my baby sister ripped it up, she was in my bad books for about 5 weeks ;-;
  8. [​IMG]
    Ichigo full bring, first release form ^^ (this is the blurry one i was just talking about)
    After my sister finished with it ;-;
  9. [​IMG]
    Jiraiya, this one is somewhat bare due to the fact i wanted to colour it in since I had actually found the picture on Google,(i really wanted to draw Jiraiya yet just couldn't draw him from memory) and thought that colouring him in would be pretty good.Yet when i looked at my colours i didn't have the correct colours, both unmixed and mixed, to colour him in with.So that is why part of it is shaded or coloured in with pencil.
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  10. Your composition on Jiraiya is really quite neat; do/did you do a lot of lineart or do you tend to fill things in?
  11. *blinks* I dunno what that means >_<
  12. I mean that your art is very clean and defined; I'm curious if you'd started out drawing only contours without shading, coloring, et cetera. :3
  13. ahh c: well i self taught my self to draw, but i only started to use colour recently, so most of my drawings are black and white and some of them are shaded c:
  14. Well, for what it's worth, I hope you do well. A lot of people give up on color too early because they feel like it ruins their sketch. :3
  15. Well my Killua drawing has come out quite alright with colour(only used blue on his eyes and top), i just need to learn how to colour with a certain technique to make my colouring look better to be fair :3
  16. That's good to hear. :D
  17. Good job d. :)

    I'm really digging your art! I know a lot of people start off with fanart in the beginning and I am curious as to whether or not you do your own original characters yet or have considered doing that?
  19. ............. I cannot even express how angry I'd be if my sibling tore my work apart like this. Please tell me she's like 2-3 years old...

    On the bright side... you did get a picture of it before it was attacked lol. Although blurry.
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