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  1. With all of these new anime coming out related to violence and such i thought i'd reboot one of my first ever roleplays on this site, ABR. Its been rebuilt, resurrected, and restructured for this years edition. Now if you've never heard of this or haven't participated in the previous releases then here's a short summary on what it is.

    '' A battle/pvp roleplay that relates to everyones favorite anime shows, different characters combined into one roleplay to form a strategic different method of how to play. Choose two of your favorite characters and battle it out against others to eventually get to the top to earn a massive prize! ''

    Now, we haven't ever gotten a winner yet so it is up to you whether or not you will be the first ever winner. Rules and systems have been rebuilt to accurately stabilize everyones characters and movesets so every battle is fair game! I've been suggested previously also to add a story, i have one prepared but i'd suggest scrolling up and voting whether or not you want it to be implemented into the roleplay or not.

    First and foremost i'm looking for moderators, people who can help me structure the roleplay and help me keep it civil and nice, if you're interested in being one of those then please express it in a post below. Regular members also post below if you're interested!
  2. Are non-adapted Light Novel and manga characters allowed?
  3. Ooh! Definitely interested!