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    ''Fight, Victory, Glory''

    Anime Battle Royale is a Arena based RP, Arena RP is a small part of rp that consists of the violence and action of the said rp. This RP will not be acted out like any other RP but to be only acted out in battle and who you battle as depends on YOU! You the member will pick from two characters from ANY Anime you desire and you will fight with them in a arena against another member. These two characters will be called ''Main Character'' and ''Secondary Character'' The main character is the character you like the most and honestly this is the first character you choose to fight with. The Secondary character is the character you pick second and the character you can switch between via battles. Every battle will be 1v1 based and you have to pick between your main and secondary character to whom you wanna fight with in that said battle.

    The limits of who your two characters can be is LIMITLESS!

    You can pick anyone from ANY anime you want!
    There will be Weekly Official Tournaments and unique Events every Month!
    And not only that but everyone can battle one another at ANY TIME! These battles will be called ''Free Battles''.
    If you have any questions then please ask me.
  2. I go think there should some limits to certain characters and certain animes such as immortal characters such as ryuk from death note or c.c. from code geass along with extremely overpowered character such as almost every dbz character that's just my opinion.
  3. Ryuk doesn't have fighting moves does he? Never seen him fight before and you can't make up fighting moves for a non violent character so yea. And of course immortality will be removed, duh this is a battle RP. xD
  4. he could just use his death note and win that's what I mean
  5. oh no that is even worse than immortality so no that will not be allowed.
  6. ok
  7. I guess it's time to roll in the big guns. Find a favourite that can wreck Goku or something.

    Say, are Tokusatsu characters allowed?
  8. If Tokusatsu is a anime then yes, every character from every anime is allowed as long as they can fight. Any immortality and auto K/O moves will automatically be removed from the character though.
  9. Goodness, I do not watch enough anime for this.

    Seems interesting! pick two anime characters.
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  10. I pick Son Goku from DBZ and Reis Gremory from Highschool DXD. The strongest man in theunivers (besides Super [Cheap] Man) and the scarlet princess of ruin. Consider your self F**ked :lol:. But in all seriousness they do have weaknesses. Exploitable ones too, I mean how many times has Goku died? And Reis..... Well you got me there. Goku will be my main, and Reis my secondary. Come to look at it... I'm the second one to pick my chars.
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  11. I guess I'll roll with Silver Crow from Accel World. His series is still going on and he continues to get stronger for his King. The Incarnate System gives him an upper hand in dark times.
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  12. I am here to express my interest.
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  13. Also I guess I would take Rurouni Kenshin as my main and Bo-bobo as my side character.
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  14. I'm thinking about...Hiyori from Noragami (side) and...Tsukumo from Karneval (main).
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  15. This is what I mean goku should be banned and if not then I choose whis a man who is stronger than goku. It's just out right unfair because they are at the point of gods basically actually they are just any dbz character should get banned i'm completely fine with everything else.
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  16. He's only died twice -_-
  17. Three if you count the piccolo saga in DB. Fans count his first fight with him as a death. And who knows what's going to happen in DBS
  18. Calm down Sasha, I will ban any god like features. Most DBZ characters will be vastly downsized.
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  19. Mewtwo can easily kill whis. Psychic power counters everything in DBZ. Heck Mewtwo ... Or heck any psychic... could just just his powers to just stop whis' heart or trap him inside a force field and crush him. So really a character is only as powerful as how resourceful a player is.
  20. Oh if only I had more slots I could build a pretty good team.
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