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  1. ?

    Now that i think about it, i can probably count on one hand the number of anime that had a pregnant character in it

  2. Now substract the number of characters that were pregnant for the story purpose of making them weaker, or making the shock value of a death (Either mother or father) Higher.
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  3. Subtract also when a character was pregnant mostly so the birth of the child could bring inspiration or teach a lesson to another character.
  5. I actually can't think of any anime's that had a pregnancy in it... hmm... I must go do some googling.
  6. Oh oh oh. Itazura na kiss has a pregnancy. I'm not sure if we ever got to see her pregnancy though or if they just went from "I'm pregnant" to "Child is born :D"... Haven't watched it in many many many many years, and it was mainly because my friend wanted me to see it, so I remember nada xD But the main character was pregnant and got jealous because her daughter wanted to marry her father when she grew up.... The main character was pretty stupid..

    And that's the only anime I've watched where someone has been pregnant (as far as I can remember).
  7. S-Stab them in da belleh. GOod old chock horror animes of the 80's
  8. Eureka Seven maybe?
  9. get your mecha trash outta here