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For either animes or mangas that you've enjoyed and would like to share with the your fellow members of Iwaku!


Any recent ones that you've seen that are good?
Re: Any Good Animes?

No. None. Nope.
Re: Any Good Animes?

I'm not an avid viewer, despite my.... urges.

If there's one that's going to remain stuck in my head, it's going to be Legend of Galactic Heroes. If you want to get into that one, though, a word of warning: for a series that's old and is not Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece, it's got over a hundred episodes, and some side stories, to boot. Worth a watch if you like to switch your brain on when watching anime. It lacks the kind of cute stuff that's common in anime, so those of you who are quite jaded are safe.

...recent anime? Hah! You're better off asking Paorou. I only fill a very small niche.
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Cromartie High School(All on youtube) - old
Gintama(crunchyroll) - new season just started
Beelzebub(crunchyroll) - recent
Re: Any Good Animes?

Unfortunately I'm cursed with the inability to know about what recent animes are hot only until they gain massive notoriety like I did with Gurren Lagann or Haruhi Suzumiya...

The only recent anime I know of is Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and I've heard its pretty good. Considering this is Gainax making an anime that takes refuge in audacity, it might be worth a look.
Re: Any Good Animes?

a word of warning: for a series that's old and is not Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece,
You continue to pique my interest, good sir.

The original movie for Ghost in the Shell was good. Other than that I'm not a weeaboo.
Re: Any Good Animes?

"Time of Eve" was the last one I watched.
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I stick by my Miyazaki films, but my all time favorite anime is Orphen (and its sequel)

Other then that I don't really watch any and only catch an episode or two of random ones if I know one of my idols are involved somehow.
Re: Any Good Animes?

I like old stuff and relatively old stuff.

Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa, Kiki's Delivery Service, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailormoon and Sailormoon R, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, Bubblegum Crisis, Noir, Madlax, Vision of Escaflowne, Gundam Wing.

For new/relatively new stuff, I did enjoy Sword of the Stranger, Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann, and Claymore. That's...about it. Haven't seen much that caught my eye.
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Been away from hardcore anime watching, but I have been skimming a bit from what my little sister, the only one in the family that still tries to scope out anime that is a billion episodes long, have been watching.

Props on Eden of the East, fucking awesome series.

Just off the top of my head: Bakemonogatri, The Legend of Koizumi, Sayanara Zetsubo-Sensei, Monster, Level E, Coyote Rag Time Show, Higurashi No Naku koro Ni,Tokyo Majin Gakuen, Kurogami,Umineko No Naku koro Ni...

I am pretty sure you have seen at least a couple of mine if not all of them. It's kind of a mish mash of things, comedy, action, I think one or two psychological horror in there... But I think over hald of those shows have decent to good fight scenes.

Oh and watch gintama. Good shit right there if you aren't.
Re: Any Good Animes?

Gun x Sword
Ouran High School Host Club
Elfen Lied
Outlaw Star
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Wolf Rain
Gundam Seed


The only ones I remember watching and loving. Most have probably seen those shows, though. I'm not so into animu like I used to be. :/
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Probably because you noticed that animu uses a lot of stock characters, so after you see a bunch of shows, you've seen 'em all and get bored.
Re: Any Good Animes?

Berserk - Best Anime I've ever watched.
Vampire Hunter D
Ninja Scroll: The Series
Ninja Scroll
Re: Any Good Animes?

i furgut narootoo.
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Darker Than Black (OCD superhumans are badass. Though Yue is annoying as fuuuuuck.)
FMA (What a twist!)
Dominion Tank Police (Girls and tanks.)
Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Universe (The only harem anime that's worth a goddamn.)

Errm. . . ummmm. . .eeerm. . .

Oh! And Iria and Battle Angel Alita.

Shit was awesome.
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I remember Iria! God, that was a loooong time ago.
Re: Any Good Animes?

It's been a while. . . >_>;
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Now, for some recent ones.

Reborn: Take Mafia, mix it with Japanese school (is actually lighter than usual on that) and later on, DBZ (some pretty kick ass fights)

High School of The Dead: F**king amazing anime. 12 episode OVA, Japanese high school when the entire world gets zombor'ed, fight to survive and escape. Ecchi is a bit rampant, but not ridiculously over the top.

Tegami Bachi- Letter Bee: First like 3-4 episodes are set-ups for rest of series, really kicks off on 5-6 episode. Hard to explain, just freakin' watch it.

Eyeshield 21: American football anime based in Japan. I LIKED IT, IT WAS COOL. Main character is a complete wimp, but can run like a cheetah and a Lamborghini's bastard child. His new high school's football team scouts him as a secret weapon, and puts an eyeshield on him to hide his identity from scouters/the school/his best friend and he's RB, which lands him the legendary Eyeshield 21 title.

Edit: Reborn and Eyeshield 21 in it's entirety is on crunchyroll. Tegami Bachi is still running on crunchyroll as well. High School of the Dead I found on Somewhat reliable, go in with an anti-vi just to be safe.
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

That's all I was watching last season. (I still refuse to watch anything else until this is done.)
Re: Any Good Animes?

Jumi's list is identical to mine.