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  1. hello everyone I am looking for a 1x1 partner who can post at least twice a day with relatively long posts filled with detail. I am looking for a partner who is willing to try anything and be able to finish an rp Like the tittle says I am looking for a partner to do an anime rp with me. No they don't have to be pre-made characters, yes they need to be characters who will fit into the world that is around them and be able to adapt if you are interested you can pm or post hear and I should be able to get to you within 30 mins


    naruto- it will be about a team of anbu or ninjas in training and their life as they are faced with physical challenges emotional challenges and mental challenges so just like naruto different plot and different characters.

    vampire knight- this will be about Yuki and Kanames family and life's after they have defeated there uncle and left the school yes Zero will be back in it.

    bleach: Okay this one is gonna seem really strange but I would love to focus on Kenpachi and Yachiru relationship and have them go on missions together and end up living in the human world.

    One Piece: anything one Piece I would love to do

    Shuffle: This is a rare anime that a lot of people don't know about its so good so def watch it i would have the same theme a boy must chose between the devils daughter and gods daughter and marry one of them while living with his best friend who is a girl.

    Full metal Alchemist: want to use twin brother and sister and the deadly sins are back.

    these are just the bare bones of the rps if you have any ideas or are interested in anyof them please pm or post hear

  3. ow i got that kenny
  4. Sorry, Kenpachi, I kinda got to excited.
  5. lol i got it after a moment so do you have any ideas
  6. Oh god, I got to excited, I didn't even have a good idea... I mean, I can look into some, we can figure something out over conversation?
  7. did you get my pm
  8. New ideas for 1x1
    These are book related themes

    1: immortals insturment or clockwork angles

    2:skulduggery pleasent

    Fantasy ideas

    Werewolfx human


    Video game ideas

    Dragon age


    Red dead redemption
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.