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  1. Anima's Game

    Hey, thanks for stopping by to read this concept. I've RPed this idea several times in the past to come to various exciting endings. I think if would be fun to go at it again to see how it pans out this go-round.

    Sorry that it's a lot to take in, but all the information here was built on the grueling, hard work of various RPers from all walks of life for a total of eight years. I just can't throw it away. I do, however, ask for critiques - what can be improved or revised to make it easier to understand. That, I'll definitely take under consideration.

    I would like to just play with this - nothing too serious, just action-packed, full of emotion and a lot of drama!
    ~The Inspiration~ *Required*
    Inspirational Song - Savin’ Me, by Nickelback:

    You were on the verge of reaching your end; a simple car crash, an unorthodox accident at work, or an intentional threat to end your life...

    One of the numerous ways for someone to die was chosen for you. Your number's up...yet, you still breathe. Why?

    Maybe there was a stranger, who just happened to cross your path, reached out a hand to pull you out of the burning car before it exploded...maybe a friend at work realized you were in danger and warned you before the forklift dropped the heavy crates on top of you...maybe, just maybe there was a sweet old lady with the kindest voice coaxing the young gentleman to put the gun down. "Don't shoot. Murder is not the answer for revenge." They were there, just at the nick of time, and never seen again. Who are they?

    All you know is what you remember. A compassionate Good Samaritan who rushed to your aid, without a care or concern for their own safety. But, strangely, at their touch, your whole world turned red.

    You are part of a blessed/cursed group of people who can see when a person's time on earth is about done. You don't know why you've been chosen for this task, you don't even know what the glowing red numbers mean, until you see someone actually die. However, when you realize what it is, you find life to be more complicated that you once thought it was...and the game begins.

    You have now entered the Anima's Game, a chance for rebirth played on the celestial chest board hovering between good and evil. You are just a game piece, with no choice on participating, just on how you play the game itself. Your strategy, you have none. Yet, you have been blessed with certain abilities which allow you to survive to fight another day. Your greatest power, your greatest strength... you already possessed: your emotions; how you handle the pressure. And the greatest gift of all – Unconditional Love; it’s the only thing standing between you and your enemies...

    The only way to win this game is to stay in sync to your emotions, and the emotions of your new family, reach the peak to Unconditional Love, and watch the world change. And the prize...


    ****The Story*****

    Pratt University, one of the most extreme private colleges in the world, specializing in the arts and business, it has housed and educated some of the most influential history makers of the century. Here is where you attend, homing in on your academic careers, and making a mark for yourself in the process. The better you are, and the more you are seen, the higher your chances to be spotted by one of the many alumni businesses that still maintain a watchful eye on their beloved Alma Mata, scoping for raw talent in many fields.
    Pi Mu Society – The most feared society on campus. They only invite students who have shown certain ‘possibilities’ in their eyes. No one really knows what they do for the students on campus, and no one wants to find out. All that is know about them is that they are the money makers of the school, dishing out high priced scholarships to worthy students, donating thousands of dollars to the university in various areas, and throwing the most elaborate end-of-semester bashes every year, yacht ventures, overseas explorations, wicked month adventures anywhere they want to go.

    The reason that they are so feared is because of the powerful clout they have over the university. They get away with everything. There are a lot of instructors within this society, vets since their years in study, so you can’t always find help through them. In so many ways, Pi Mu has corrupted the campus…

    Now, Fall mid-semester exams are over with and The MidMester Bash begins (October). There's a full-out block party happening on Society Road and everyone is invited. As people party and drain the stresses of the Fall exams from their veins, the ever present Pi Mu watches for 'potential'.

    The annual Film and Arts Fall Festival is next on your to-do list this year. You have been selected within your artistic degrees to group anonymously with other film, art, drama, and music students to interpret a student screenwriter’s work. You haven’t met the others in your group yet, but all have worked together via phone, chat, text, (everything but video conferences or face to face meetings) to combine talents to prepare for this thirty minute short film. Now, in the mist of the Mid-Mester, you’re about to meet your film team face to face for the first time to begin shooting the short student film before December when the festival is to begin.

    Character Listing So Far

    Salvatos: (Pratt University Film & Music Festival Participants)
    In need of a few more Sals and one Angelo.

    Owen Reed - Musician by CosmicWeinerDog

    Innocent: (Pratt University Film & Music Festival Participants or Associated with a Film & Music Participant) - All Humans Are Filled

    Ravi Kapur - Writer by Levusti

    Maxine Daxe - CGI & Traditional Artist by Phi Chisym

    Vuotos: (Other Pratt Students or Associated with Pratt University)
    In need of a few more Vuos and one Daemon.

    Velicity MacVaugh - Writer by Charlie (Daemon)
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  2. Template

    College Major: (Have something on the lines of film/art/drama/photography/writing/music)
    Appearance: (Photos and/or description, no anima please.)

    RP Information


    Anima - Soul

    Anima Salvato - Saved souls.
    Salvato - lower level: Someone who was saved by another Salvato, freed from death's grasp.

    Angelo - Higher level: A saved soul who was lost at birth (a stillborn) and was reborn by an Angel.

    Master Angelo – A true angel of Heaven. I’ll get into specifics when it comes to the Archangel’s involved in this later on (after I finish my research).

    Your job is to save the Innocent whose numbers are on the verge of extinction, and stop the Vuotas from touching others. The more Innocent lives spared or changed for the better will great increase chances for Good to prevail. They also have the ability to win over a Vuota and warm up their hearts, returning their lost souls.

    ((You are all Salvatos, but I am only allowing two Angelos: The Master and Apprentice. The Master is already taken by myself, but I am seeking a Co-GM who will also handle this charrie (possibly more than I will). Apprentice - GM’s Choice. This is private information that will only be revealed within the RP – in due time.))

    If you are a Salvato, you will not know a Vuota when they’re near until you’ve learned how to spot them. This group is not well seasoned, but they can tell the difference between an Anima and a Human. They just can’t quite tell the difference between the Animas.

    Some Sals will be new to the game (limited amount), others are considered vets but they’ve never been trained by an Angelo. Therefore, they know things, but not everything – and they seek someone who is capable of training them (A Master Angelo).

    Anima Vuota - Empty souls.

    Vouta - lower level: A saved soul who fell into an extremely deep depression due to their lack faith and their emotional weakness. They are still humanly capable of holding emotions, but are like ticking time bombs…

    Daemon - higher level: A saved soul who have been completely emptied of all emotion – not completely dead within the soul, but alive and lacking any emotion.

    Their job is to end as many Innocent counts as they can, blowing out the candle for the many faithful, and changing the corrupt into Vuotas. They also play the friendship card with Salvatos, befriending them, taking their emotions for a sinful rollercoaster ride until they are lost. And with a little bit of luck, their emotions are weakened enough for the picking for turning a Salvato into a Vuota.

    Their goal is to weaken the hearts and minds of humanity, for a speedy demise.

    ((I'm only allowing two Daemons: The Master and Apprentice – GM’s Choice. PM me if you’re interested. This is private information that is only to be revealed within the RP – in due time.))

    If you are a Vuota, you will choose your nemesis, one of the Salvatos, and cause them as much trouble as you can – within reason. You will try to get close to them, become friends, or enemies. Doesn't matter what you do, just choose the sin that's just right for your Vuota and use it you your advantage. Run them however you want to, but they are under the direction of the Master Daemon. And, of course, this group of Vuotas are more advanced than the Salvatos in the RP. They are still without an Apprentice Daemon. These Vuotas will be able to spot the Salvatos.))

    Neutrea - Undecided Souls: These are saved souls who have not decided on a side. They are weary of the whole situation and have never had the chance to learn more, or meet another saved soul. If found, they are the easiest people for a Salvato or Vuota to change.

    Rarity - These are Innocents (Humans) with a strange energy encircling them. The only people who can see this aura is another Rarity, an Angelo, and a Daemon. They can pass a glimpse of this aura to anyone they wish to see it through touch.

    A Rarity holds a remnant of both Good and Evil. They have not been changed, but if they were, they would be a vital ally for either side. Their weakness is that they are forever marked by both sides of the spectra - a true Yin/Yang. Even if they chose one side to work under, they are most likely to also pull towards the other; naturally trying to maintain a balance within themselves. This can turn against the plans of whichever side they are assisting, unless they are capable of fully turning the Rarity towards their side, which will shatter the opposite side of their spectra. (GM's Choice. If you're interested, PM me.)

    Innocents: Humans untouched by any Anima. (All Innocent Spots Are Filled)

    A Vuota's touch will distort a human's ability to cope with situations; alter their perception, and confuse them well enough to cause them to have an accident of some form. Or they can do the same to other humans so a domino effect will occur.

    If the Salvatos are not capable of saving or protecting the Innocent, the game will slowly turn for the Vuotas. They can save a human without touching them, by using their skills to alter their thoughts, their steps, their perceptions, or anything else that might steer them away from the dangers a Vuota is setting up before them.

    Anima's Touch: The uncanny ability to end a person's number count (life count) by a simple touch. Vuotas are the only Anima capable of such. A Salvatos' touch will transfer the Touch to save someone, turning them into a Neutrea Anima until they choose their side.

    If you are planning to be a Human, keep in mind your charrie will be ‘persuaded’ to do certain things and eventually be turned by someone. I strongly suggest that any Vuo/Sal who is attempting to sway a Human, to avoid or cause them problems, to first contact that Player and discuss the scene before moving on. I don’t want any unwanted godmodding here – just good, respectable collaborations.


    Ability List: All abilities come with time. ((Both Salvato and Vuota))

    One Ability per Charrie.

    Psychic - Someone who can read into a person's thought, sense their emotions, can even alter their thoughts to avoid fatal mistakes. (Any altering to be use on NPC Humans only. Do not godmode someone else’s charrie unless it was discussed in OOC or PM’s first.) Can also scurry their history.

    Drawback - Their emotional state is the weakest of the group. They have a constant connection to everyone's emotions, and this burden of sorrow will slow their ability down. They are the most venerable, and easiest for a Vuo/Sal to turn. Higher lever Vuos does not have emotions.

    Telepath: Speaks to others through mind waves. (Can be used on Anima.) Can also place themselves or others within dreams, or memories of their past, to alter future outcomes. (Cannot be used on Anima.)

    Drawback - Will weaken with use, causing the Anima to hear the voices of the Vouta with the same ability. It will give the Vouta a connection to jump into their dreams when wanted, and coast them down the empty path.

    Matter Manipulation: Able to alter matter around the atmosphere to avert accidents from the Innocent. Any solid, liquid, or gas, and its many altered forms. With proper training, can also return said matter back to its original status before it was altered.

    Drawback: Can backfire when emotions are higher in anger, or hatred. Must maintain a constant balance of heart in order to maintain control of the matter. If not, a lot of Innocent lives will be lost due to their weakened actions. The Anima can lose hope of their abilities and soon fall into a depression fitting for a Vouta to pick at.

    Jumper: A person with the ability to jump through another’s time. They can phase through their space and hours, backwards or forwards to set a person's reality, avoiding a fatality. A living DVD Player, more or less. (Can use on Anima, but cannot enter their past, or future. Just jumps within the present.) Can also jump themselves as a means of traveling across short and long distances.

    Drawback - Their original number count drops every time they jump. In the end, when they regain their numbers, they would have lost at least a year or two. The loss of count will visibly alter the Anima's appearance, making them look and feel older than they really are. In many situations, this will cause a lot of conflict, pains, and make things difficult for the Anima to handle...causing sickness, and depression.

    Time Bender: Has the ability to raise or lower the life numbers of an Innocent. They can also slow or stop time in a particular area, placing Innocents in limbo - placing their numbers on pause. ((Does not function on Anima, but in time may evolve to do so.))

    Drawback - Ran by the emotions of the Anima, and their Will. One can feel like helping another, even wanting to help, but their will and emotions about the cause will alter their choice of action, or inaction. If they would like to, but don't want to for any number of reasons, then surly they will not. Also causes the Anima to fall into a deeper limbo of their own, making it harder to regain their numbers if the game is won.

    Fair warning: This will be a slow runner… Well, it just depends on everyone’s time schedule. But, don’t expect to hit 1000 postings by the end of the month. Just put it this way, if you don't have a good amount of time to RP, but still want to, this is the one for you. Post once or twice a week and all will be good.

    No one liners. Two paragraph minimum.
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  3. This is interesting. Give me some time to think on a character but I'd very much like to participate.

    Thinking about doing a solo musician trying to get by as a music major. Independently minded and having little patience for the frat community and the drama often involved. Run him as a Telepath in the future but more recently as a confused Salvato trying to figure out what the heck's going on.

    Also thinking of partially basing the character on Jarle Bernhoft.

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  4. Note to Masses - Edit: I have a special opening for a senior member of the Pi Mu Society. If anyone is interested, PM me first before posting for this charrie.

    Also, if you wish to hold more than one charrie, that's fine. I have about a dozen possible movers, NPC's, and C&G's in my pocket for this one. BUT I still don't wish for this to go overboard. I would like the active charrie count to be even, at least, with about eight or so people involved at a max. If the story gets too big, I'll have to request the aid of a Co-GM...someone who can help me maintain what little secrets I already hold, as well as help me build new ones.

    Wonderful Cosmic! Thanks.
    There is no major rush, as you know, and this will not be an overly heavy RP. I personally don't have the time for one this go-round, but still I believe this story will be fine in a somewhat intermediate run. But, your charrie concept so far is glorious, and I can't wait to learn more.

  5. Name: Owen Reed

    Age: 27

    Job: Solo Musician

    College Major: Music major specializing in composition

    Appearance: A taller but lanky man with a bit of a youngish face and a thick pair of glasses. Generally modest dresser with out much for flair, the man has little about him that really sets him apart from the crowd.

    Personality: An independent mind without much for drama, Owen breaks the mold of the collage student by remaining frugal and introverted in many ways. Having already been out on his own in other countries and learned the ins and outs of how to function on a budget, what to avoid and what to hold as important, he tends to have little in common with other people in his age bracket. Generally tending to keep to himself, most would look at his lifestyle and write him off as another wanna be musician that spends most his time sleeping. They'd be half right. While being an extremely talented musician, the man has little to no mind for business. This, through out his life, has been the thing keeping him to small scale events for chump change.

    But hey, it's a living...

    History: Growing up in a less than pleasant section of Detroit, Owen was orphaned from a very young age and left to grow up in a group home. As the years continued, rebellious streaks of teenagehood mixed with a less than conducive atmosphere to childhood lead to the development of a very headstrong front that has never really been kicked. At thirteen, the young child decided he had had enough of school, the group home, and the mess of a life he'd been born into. Grabbing a handful clothes in a bag, the kid opened a window and left, never looking back.

    The streets of Detroit are anything but kind, less so to a minor with no money and no skills to his name. What the child managed to get a hold of as far as food went was often stolen. Shelter was often limited to overhangs and stoops he wasn't kicked off by residents and landlords. It didn't take long to realize the value had from even the lackluster shelter of group home he had abandoned, but pride kept him from going back. What solace the child lacked from the world, he was forced to find in the short periods of sleep that graced his lids. An outlet for creativity, the child learned to play in his dreamscapes. Shaping the stories had to the beat of his own drum. Lucidity, as many things, came naturally as things often do when you're not force fed the word "Can't".

    Eventually, his vagabond nature brought him to the storefront of a mom and pop music shop that managed to get by on the skin of it's teeth. Owen, after being caught stealing random junk to sell for food, was cornered by the owner and scolded. Rather than call the police on the child or issue a beating, the owner brought the kid into the shop and made him work off the attempted steal. It was a change of pace, but in some ways it was the first time the lad was treated with a decent ounce of respect. A few days later, the child came back and asked if the owner had any further work than needed done.

    During the time working for the music store, the child took to the guitar like a fascination. He'd watch people come in and play, never asking questions or the like, just soaking information. Seeing the interest, the owner struck up a deal with the child that in exchange for his work, he'd give the child his first instrument and teach him the basics. The boy took to the instrument like a fish to water. Learning chord structure and experimenting with new forms and functions of ways to play. As the years passed, the child's experience expanded, but the passion never quite faded.

    After several years of Working for the music store and busking around Detroit, Owen started to experiment with loop stations. Recording devices that took phrases played by the musician and repeated them in a fashion. The musician in turn continued to play over the recorded phrases and, if done right, after a time a whole band feel came as a result. As before, this reinvigorated the young musician. Hours of practice and study were dumped into the development of a skill base and utilized as the musician played for scraps around the city. As he continued, he only got better. Eventually, he never came back to the music shop.

    Catching a train out of Detroit, Owen hitchhiked out across the country. Using the same skills earned in the trash covered streets of the city, the child took his show on the road. Being a drop out and minor, the kid never earned much and was often screwed by dive patrons and bartenders alike. Money was money though and often than not, it kept him alive long enough to get to the next town. Years were spent in this routine and the road became a second home to the nomad. As the musician moved into his 20s, he continued to try and improve his work base by applying to play at larger venues. Being a drop out however, his prospects were often limited to hear say. The gigs that were picked up were often small scale and yielded little as far as coin was concerned. The more he looked into it it, the more he realized that without an education, he was doomed to continue the cycle.

    Putting his tour on hold, Owen took what little money he had and invested into his GED. Months were spent studying for the exam and while his end marks were not the stuff of legends, they were enough to get him a certificate. The piece of paper opened doors, but rather than continue the life on the road, the young musician's passion remained the pursuit of music. Seeing the opportunity, Owen placed what little money he had into the music program of a local community collage and began working towards an associates in composition.

    Having been in the business already for the better part of a decade, it didn't take long for the student to quickly run circles around his instructors. Learning the foundation for theory and the math involved in music production, the performer's set continued to improve. Taking pages from his childhood, Owen's time spent sleeping were set to create entire orchestrial scores from the instruments of his REM cycles. Upon waking, he'd take to the pen and map out his constructions before displaying it to the instructors that graded his progress. His professors were floored and began meeting with the solo artist to discuss where to go next. Letters were sent out, recommendations were made and while Owen fell short of a full ride, his graduation got him accepted to Pratt university...


    Salvato/Vuota/Human: Salvato

    Ability: Telepathy. Having learned to lucid dream from a young age, Owen has a solid foundation of the things he can and can't do in his REM cycles and what they mean. He's about to find that those roots go quite a bit further than standard examples.
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  6. I'll have my charrie up soon. I'm revamping the few I have for this new playground.

    Anyone interested, this is still up for grabs! Also, anyone interested in Co-GMing this with me, by all means, shout your name! I'm accepting fresh ideas for this and need a fresh brain to feast from. *nom*
  7. Dunno about Co GMing, especially in a situation like this where you have years of plot invested into the brain child. However If you'd like someone to bounce plot ideas off of, I'd be more than happy to give feedback and ideas
  8. That's great! Thanks so much. When I have a moment, I'll PM you a few thoughts and concepts about the deeper story (which I'm seeking for a new threat for this one). If you have something new for it, I'll be thrilled!

    Honestly, my intentions is to not run this the same as before. From the other sites, the members were either younger with less experience, or just too shy to really press forward with any creative thoughts to add to the bit. So, I ran the piece just all willy nilly and made it work with twist and whatn nots.

    This time, I wish to strive towards something more substantial, but not too deep or heavy-handed. I don't have the time for us, others won't have the time or will quickly loose interest, or they'll feel lost and the lack if creative thought will cause an epic death.

    But, all of this doesn't matter if I don't find more participants. I'm planning on requesting a banner, but I have a few things to settle first with my thoughts (and reality issues threatening my time) before I do.
  9. Lemme know if you need any help with any of it.
  10. Levusti is very interested in joining. Although--not trying to diminish what creative effort was poured into the idea--this isn't an original idea, it's a fresh take on the idea of having premonitions of death and glimpse of the end of life.

    I'll be creating a character (more like recycling and revising a character that was created which I thought actually seemed naturally HUMAN rather than superhuman for once, but the RP died before it even began) and submitting it.

    I do have to let you know I am a FULL-TIME college student and a FULL-TIME employee. Co-GM'ing, while an interesting prospect, is something I for which I have neither time nor experience. I'm really restricted to just a normal role-player for the time being, and honestly, I don't see it changing anytime soon.

    I do have a quick question, though. Are the college majors our restriction for ALL THREE "archetypes?" (Human, Salvato, and Vuota?)

    Anyways, I'll reply to this soon once the question's been clarified and my character's been revised. =)
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  11. Well Levusti, anything and everything we read or watch on TV is an old idea reinvented. That's the way it is with creativity - it's an neverending circle of reinvented reruns.

    The spot for Co-GM has already been filled, so you have no worries there. And being as I am also a FULL TIME mother, FULL TIME student, PART TIME music teacher, and a FULL-TIME business owner; the likelihood of this RP running at a high octane rate of 500 post per day is also something you don't have to worry about as well. LOL! Everyone here has some sort of Reality that will take them away from their Roleality, and that's fine with me. Just let me know when it happens, and I'll hold your charrie(s) within the action of the story so they are not left behind.

    The majors are mainly for the two Humans, the Sals and the only Angelo present in the RP. The others can be whatever they choose to be. The whole college setting is where the basic story takes place - and the events on campus is how they will eventually meet and learn about each other... The sudden collection of so many Sals on campus will eventually catch the eye of a few Vuos, and they will possibly report this to their Daemon... Just a thought there.

    And just saying, I'm limiting this story with two humans for now, one being held by me. They will be turned in this story, but I don't want everyone choosing humans and not anything else.

    Other than that, can't wait to read about your charrie! :)
  12. Name: Ravi Kapur

    Age: 26

    Job: Bookstore Manager/Owner

    College Major: English Literature and Journalism

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Ravi was a very outgoing man, boisterous and flirtatious man before tragedy struck him. After a life-changing incident, he's become much more reserved and serious. Nothing much seems to bother him, other than a obnoxious teenager defacing some books or signs in his store or a couple so infatuated in one another that they are almost naked within the aisles of bookshelves. He's very quick to doubt strangers and seems distant or sullen at times.

    History: Ravi was, from a young age, always a loner. Being raised by his father Siddarth alone since his mother died after a nosocomial infection after giving birth to Ravi, he learned to entertain himself at from youth. Already in debt from the out-of-pocket payment for the funeral of the grandparents, Ravi's father had to pay yet more money to pay for funerals for his wife. Bad decisions plunged the father-and-son duo into deep debt. His father would work tirelessly, giving Ravi little attention though he loved him more than any other in the world.

    Naturally, craving love and attention from his anyone, Ravi rebelled the instruction of his father, running with local drug dealers to inconspicuously deliver goods to the regular customers in the local area. No one would suspect the twelve-year-old son of the well-known, industrious, diligent Mr. Kapur to be dealing drugs, so Ravi was the ideal middleman. He was always praised for his hard work and would be rewarded the a portion of money--or of the drugs which he delivered.

    As debts were paid off, Siddarth invested in a long-abandoned bookstore, which he cleaned up and redecorated. It was built into a successful entertainment store over the years, selling books and music, while providing the local, small-town customers coffee from its café.

    Soon, the Kapur family's debt was nearly paid off. Siddarth was finally able to spend time with his son, who was almost 16-years-old. However Ravi was still drowning within the drug business. He'd already tried to extract himself from the circle of drug-dealers once before, but that nearly cost him his life. His "mentor" Lucas knew Ravi was a seasoned, skillful drug dealer, having been caught only twice on his runs and then only by a passerby--never by police. Ravi was an incredible asset to business and he threatened to kill Ravi should he left.

    Ravi continued within the drug business until his 18th year, when he knew he was, at least by legal law, a true adult. Following his graduation and enrollment into the local community college, he left his drug dealing group for good, wanting to start a better life without drugs and secrecy from his father and the public. However, it wasn't that easy. At first, the bookstore was robbed. Then defaced. Then ravaged. Repeatedly, the attempts to win Ravi back to the circle of substances yielded no fruition. When Ravi's father had lost nearly two month's worth of hard-earned cash in repairs and regular customers driven away from the lack of security, Ravi realized he had to finalize his leave from the group.

    Ravi went to Lucas the drug dealer to attest his leave. The man, enraged at his best seller and his imminent downfall of his business, assaulted Ravi in a flurry of kicks and punches. That night Ravi went home, covering his bruises and wounds with long sleeves and hats and pants in the middle of summer and avoided his father for the next week.

    Nothing was able to quell Lucas' rage however. On a Saturday morning a month after the beating, Lucas stomped into the bookstore in a stuporous high, pulling a gun from his pant waist, shot Siddarth and stole all the money in the register, the café tip jar, and all the customers. Nothing was ever heard from Lucas again.

    Ravi, having lost his only living parent and family member, was now alone in the world to fend for himself. After a month of cleaning up what was left of his father's livelihood, he sold the quickly failing bookstore, withdrew from the local community college, liquidated the house that was too much to pay for himself alone, and landed odd jobs here and there.

    Eventually Ravi moved to another state to start anew. Using his own money from the liquidation of the house, he opened his own bookstore, called "Siddarth's" in memory of his father. It was nearly the same configuration as his father's bookstore with the cash register near the entrance and a cafe in the back. Money slowly started to filter in and by the time he was 23, Ravi was as successful as his father was.

    On the days where customers were few and far between, he would reminisce of the past when his father would read Indian folklore and sacred Hindu scripture such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Veda. Ravi picked up these scriptures and folklore and became enthralled within its text. As a hobby, Ravi would also begin writing fiction inspired by Hindu beliefs and Indian folklore.

    At 24, Ravi enrolled again in higher education--this time Pratt University. Considering his talents as a writer, he enrolled as a major in Journalism and English Literature, hoping that this is a stepping stone of sorts to one day go to the University of India at Delhi to major in East Indian Literature.

    Other: He's had a few girlfriends and boyfriends and was engaged once, but his fiancée left him after she realized he had been dealing drugs. This was a two months before his father's death.

    Salvato/Vuota/Human: Human

    Ability: No Ability; Innocent
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  13. Very nice. There's a lot of great background that any Sal/Vuo would love to pick at. :)
  14. Thanks. Doing some cleanup after rereading it and seeing all the blatant missing words and grammatical errors.

    Now I have another question. What is the correct spelling of Vuota/Vouta/Vuoto? And what is its plural form? Surely it's an unrecognizable word by most word processors, but it's found in both forms in the information post above. I just want to be able to not look like I'm too lazy and ignorant to read the first post, haha.
  15. It's Vuota/Vuotas.

    Vuota or svuotare is Italian for Empty. I just absentmindedly continue to place the 'o' before the 'u', which really irritates me, but meh... it happens.

    Salvato/Salvatos in Italian means Saved. Easy, right? :)

    Innocenzo/Innocenzos for Innocent, but they're so close I decided not to bother about that one. And Rarity is like Rarita (with accented a). Didn't really care to change that word, so another meh there...

    Other than that, it's obvious that I was reminiscing about Italy while I was working out this RP back in the day. XD! But, it works. The language just felt right.
  16. LOL, it's okay! It looked familiar, and I knew it had traces of Romantic languages, but I wasn't sure. It's good to understand the etymology of your terms. =D

    So, couldn't you call your Anima also Salvatore? As in Savior? I'm not trying to change your nomenclature or anything, but I'm just thinking aloud. =P
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  17. True, but it was just the sound and look of Salvato that I liked. IDK, I do a lot of typography so words tend to play with me like that at times.
  18. Hey! I sent Phi a message requesting for the position of Daemon, if it is accepted - then this bio is what I'll use. :) If not, I'll alter and tweak it to fit just your regular Vuota. Thanks for reading!

    P.S - I was reading about activity and I'm okay with it not being 500 posts per day aha. I too am a full time student as well as juggling other personal real life commitments such as a job, and my own business and relationships etc. :) Thank you for being understanding!
    Velicity MacVaugh

    A 26 year old Vuota Daemon who is currently underpinning a lot of what used to be the off-handed elements which make up the background activity of the Vuota.

    She holds an impassiveness about herself. Beneath the surface of this facade lies a cold hearted blank slate which holds no sympathy for others, or concern for their general well-being. However, this isn't her being 'cruel' or 'unkind' it's just a reflection of her mere incapability to wield emotions in everyday existence.

    In actual fact, perhaps Velicity's transition into the alliance of the Vuota has something to do with what most would consider her complicated and difficult past. For Velicity doesn't tick your everday 'troubled past' boxes. In actual fact, her family is still alive and more likely well and healthy. But it all begins from before she was born.

    Velicity's mother and father were having issues with fertility, and so visited Doctor after Doctor to figure out other matters and ways of pro-creating and having their children in the naturalist way possible. It was difficult to find out that Velicity's mother was unable to have children and had long been carrying an infection that for years had been dormant in the tissue of her womb. After coming to conclusions with this, Velicity's sister offered to carry the child as a surrogate mother. The chances of her sister becoming pregnant were also very slim, but not impossible. It seemed that luck or some other supernatural force was on their side when Velicity's fetus came into existance. In which her surrogate mother carried her in her womb for little under nine months.

    After having the baby there were some brief dramatic moments that would repeatedly occur on topic of emotional attatchments to Velicity. Although they were dealt with by regular councilling sessions to help her through it. However, the pain was so great that she cut herself off from Velicity's 'mother' and left for South America, Argentina to be specific.

    Velicity was brought up then on in a very much so wealthy household, which over time had developed to a stage of status. People served upon the family of three, one nurse in particular who took care of Velicity the most. See, Velicity's mother had this very "traditional" idea that every baby should have a wet nurse, "just like the Ancient Greeks would have" she would say. So from birth, Velicity was mainly raised by Opeia, a Scandinavian immigrant who had once bore children of her own, and still carried the maternal instinct to care for children other than her own. In which she came to the household directly from an advertisement for a wet nurse to assist with the family.

    Unfortunately this had a horrible backfire on Velicity's mother, and there were times when she would completely forget that she had a daughter. As Velicity grew older and more aware of her surroundings the psychological whiplash from the child not having that particular bond with her 'mother' was creeping up on her mother. Her father had shown little interest since she was a child, so the fact that he had no support or rarely made reference to Velicity as his 'daughter' didn't help either. In aid of that, Velicity wasn't even technically related to either of these people, and the closest person she saw as family was her wet nurse, who at the age she was now was merely just a teacher. Velicity had even begun to sleep in the servants quarters with Opeia.

    In a heated argument Opeia was 'relieved of service' from the household, and sent off on her way. Velicity had stuck to her like glue and intended to continue doing so. Which of course, the 'family' she had seemingly didn't care what she did or didn't do. So they both left hand in hand with one another. For so long was Opeia working in soup kitchens and coming home to the hostel where Velicity sat on the front porch waiting for her to return. Until a letter was recieved in their name, it was from Velicity's surrogate mother. A "little bird" had let her in on the circumtances, and this letter was her invite to go to her home. Opeia would go with her due to their connection, and Tracy, Velicity's surrogate mother, had agreed to pay her in return for her service to the home as a maid.

    They both moved down to Argentina, and for many years were still as inseparable in the start as they ever were. Tracy briefly attempted to re-construct a bond with Velicity, thinking it would have better chance of working what with her carrying her in her womb for such a long period of time. But, it just was not there. Much like the connection with her other family - there was no bond, no connection between the two of them. Not like she had with Opeia. There was no question about it. None of these people had raised her like this woman, nobody came to her aid when she grazed her knee but Opeia, and that in itself would seem sad to anybody. However, having never known a 'mother's love' or a 'mother's bond' it made no difference to Velicity.

    Till the day Opeia passed away..

    Vel' rarely returned to the place that was supposed to be referred to as 'home.' Her definition of 'home' was clearly different from anyone elses. She constituted 'home' with terms such as 'happyness' and 'belonging.' But, without Opeia, nowhere really felt like that. So she would go to the 'bed', sleep briefly, eat and pack food, and then take herself off for long walks to Las Heras, where for hours on end she would sit on the cliff edges, and take pictures. Of the same areas, daily.. However, there was just something about her images. The way they would capture something new everyday. However, the image didn't change. Just the vibe, the emotion, the back story which it revealed. She could just vividly put words to image, into such a manner that the picture was almost a location which she could delve into, like another world. This is where she found herself most days, day dreaming.

    Then she took a turn for the worst after a build up of unecessary emotions had derived her attention from her foot placement. She couldn't remember the fall, just opening her eyes to the repetitive beeping and obvious hospital hue of the lights. Everybody around her was communicating in some foreign tongue, or maybe that was just the way sound was attempting to make its way through her blocked ears. What on Earth was going on?

    "Ah, you're awake. You took quite the tumble, and if it wasn't for a group of guys absailing down the mountain - you might just be dead." A voice said, which she could vaguely make out through the sound of her blood pulsating through her ears.

    She thought nothing of it and attempted to get up, when doing so people tried to put her back down. However, obviously it being the law that you cannot force somebody to be in the hospital against their will, she was making her way out. In the process of discharging herself she would look at people in the ward, laying in beds. Around their bodies seemed to be arrays of numbers, and strange pictures which at the time she could not decipher. Their lips were not moving but murmurs and whispers were surging through her mind clearer than the nurses voice speaking to her earlier. From the nausea it wasn't long till she was rushing to the side walk to spew up the remainding chunks from her lunch.

    She clutched around her neck and felt the thin string which held Opeia's ring on it. Then started to make her way down the road, hoping to find something more familiar to her than a house, a hostel.

    Over the years which were swiftly passing by, Velicity had come to realisation what these numbers she would continuously see were. When one got to "0" something horrible would happen, which would lead to the person's death. It had started to become an everyday occurrence, especially with her living next to a main road - people were dropping like flies. Assuming that the thought she could physically see were a part of the numbers, that was an ability she was yet to discover and delve into further.

    A day had come when a new face had registered into the place where she was staying at the time. A boy named Jarn. He was tall, and had an appearance about him which seemed so care free and rugged. The girls around the neighbourhood had a strong attraction to him, and no wonder when he would seemingly swoon over them, and play upon their thoughts of him. Leading them into disappointment and upset, Velicity would always stay well clear. Especially after he had started showing an interest to her. She never responded much, only with grunts and shrugs.

    However, her curiosity got the better of her one day. She had noticed long ago that the numbers around him were just non-existent. He also had very controlled thoughts, that were organised and neat. As if he had a way to polish them into alphabetical order, and chosen catergory. She had wanted to approach him and question his background for some time, but did not want to come off like she would add to the group daily swooning over him. But, it never stopped Jarn from approaching Velicity.

    However this time he didn't display the persona he had long been fooling the others with. He was blunt, and upfront. She didn't even need to ask questions, as it was obvious on her face what she wanted to know. So in private, he told her. Explaining how he only came to the hostel to find solely her. He had seen potential in her from day one, and that is why he saved her from falling off the cliff to her death. He'd managed to almost pause her, him and a group of Vuo took her to the nearest hospital, and he'd watched her movements from day one of her transition. Subconsciously placing subliminal messages into her mind to bring her to his 'side' as he put it. He further went on to explain that he would help her, become her teacher and show her the arts of her abilities.

    After finding out that he was the Daemon, and she his apprentice. They became two peas in a pod, inseparable comrades which were growing an army. They had their subordinates, which she had gained the respect of. These subordinates provided her with clothes, homes, and other aspects of living which were so necessary for her survival. Jarn's life was not long torn from him after very unfortunate circumstances. For quite some time it knocked Velicity back, as she had to pick up where he had left off. With her head held high, however, she had begun to do exactly that. She was now the Daemon, and the army would continue to grow.

    Ability: Telepathy.
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  19. Okay, I just posted a lot of information that I'd forgotten to place for template histories, but I just lost it due to my faulty internet...

    Don't know if I have the time to do it all over again, but I shall try.

    Alright, condensed version. Later on, I will post this information with the template.

    A Reminder, Animas are created because they were saved from death by another Anima's touch. They were touched in some way by an Anima of any type, which transferred the power to them and they lost their life-count, or it was paused.

    The type of Anima you become (Sal or Vuo) depends on the influential Animas around you and how you emotionally handle your new life.

    All Animas can recognize other Animas due to the absent of the red number countdown above their heads. So, if you're in a crowd of red and you find one missing, you've either found a friend who might be able to help you understand what's going on with the numbers, or you've just met your worse enemy. There's no way to tell...

    Rarities are only seen by Angelos, Daemons, or other Rarities. When they are still Innocents/Humans, they still have their countdown, but instead of red, the numbers are blue. When they become Animas, they will have no numbers, but they will have a natural blue aura around them. They are wildcards in this game... It's great to gain as many souls for your side of the field, but you're practically guaranteed a win if you have the most wildcards. I believe I've planned to have only three Rarities in this RP. One is already claimed.

    Um...Oh yea! If you are a Sal or Vuo, you have a story about your death that should be told. Place it in your template...there's use for such tales.
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  20. Added some more bits and bobs :)!
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