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    OCTOBER 7TH, 2994, 6:28 AM.

    Reports from around the world have been indicating several UFOs. Youtube videos about it are thriving, the most viewed one almost to one billion views. in just two days, twenty million tweets were sent about them. All of the tweets remained anonymous.

    OCTOBER 14TH, 2994, 7:53 AM.

    Ridwell tried to reach the people who reported the videos, but they could not be found. Their family members refused to tell what happened to them. All of them. We will try to get more info as we delve deeper.

    NOVEMBER 1ST, 2994, 6:10 AM.

    Astronauts die, apparently from 'screeching', a NASA employee says. No one knows what caused this screeching. Many people are saying that there is aliens near and they are hostile.

    NOVEMBER 19TH, 2994, 7:43 AM.

    Sudden bombings of New York, London, and Tokyo. No signs of any nations attacking. People are going crazy trying to figure out what is going on. Signs of more explosions on the way to Los Angeles and Beijing.

    DECEMBER 16TH, 2994, 8:29 AM.

    Aliens hack every piece of technology of the world and declare war on humans. Everywhere, people go mad. Percent of suicide increases. The Military is ready.

    JANUARY 1ST, 2995, 9:27 AM.

    Aliens drop bomb that will spread poisonous gas all over Earth to wipe out humanity. Humanity sends rocket to the bomb, but it misses.

    January 2ND, 2995, 6:49 AM.

    Bomb lands.

    The ruins of famous Biocity, a once alive trading hub. Many people lived here. Soon, this city became the most populated city on Earth. Many inventions were made here. Everywhere, you could see people bunched up just to see one thing. It was an amazing sight.
    Until the Aliens bombed humanity, and killed every human. It was one-sided. Now, the world in ruins, the Aliens try to rebuild their own civilization on Earth. But one thing stops them dead in their tracks....

    The Wildlife.



    Name: (no need for last name, any name will do)

    Age: (compared to humans Ex: dogs = 1 humans = 7)



    Ability: (fast? strong?)

    Weapon of choice: (could be teeth or claws. Nothing extraordinary, like a gun or something.)






    Animal: Highlander Cat

    Name: Hunter

    Age: 16

    Sex: M

    Appearance: highlander.jpg

    Ability: Cunningness and speed.

    Weapon of choice: Claws.

    Intel: 17

    Strength: 3

    Spirit: 20

  2. Hunter pawed towards his tribe, carrying a dead alien in his mouth.

    The alien had big, black eyes; no color outside the black like the Masters. Just all black. It was gray, with kind of like an oval shaped head. It's mouth, agape, held out a black, thin tongue. Their feet matched a Master's feet. Same with the hands. Hunter felt paranoid as he walked through the glass, looking at the moonlight. Every animal dared didn't go outside their territory, unless it was for hunting.

    Through the thick glass nobody could cut anymore, Hunter could see the outlines of the rest of his tribe. Almost all of them were a different kind of species. With the size of this alien, he could feed the whole tribe.

    He dropped the dead alien on the ground and shouted "DINNER'S READY!"
  3. Milo approached the dead alien cautiously, looking around for any of its companions.

    She relaxed a little after no others showed up for now, sniffing it, before nibbling on it slowly.
    "It has a strange tinge to it... But... It's desirable, in a strange way" Milo purred softly.
  4. "Well done, Hunter." The fox bounded up to the corpse and eagerly tore himself a bit of what might be meaty thigh. "Y'know," he said, half chewing and talking,"Some times I really" He stopped himself. It was taboo, now, to harm your fellow Animal. They were the only ones left! The only hope! It was something that took a lot of getting used to, really.... but he did it for the sake of the good. Swallowing the last bit, he mumbled a 'nevermind' and went about filling himself.
  5. "Miss what?" Milo asked, tilting her head to the side just slightly. She seemed curious of what Jin's implying.
  6. "Hunting the mice and the rabbits... Y'know, the prey sort of things. These things are tough! I mean, remember how many we had when we started? And now look at us..." He gestured, if a bit sadly, to the three of them, and then back to the little hideout they had made for themselves where a few others were doing whatever they intended. "If it weren't for these tough buggers," he prodded the corpse, then crouched low and began to prowl," we would be off in the fields, digging holes and catching much easier prey~"
  7. Milo paced around the body a bit, seeming a little uncomfortable. "As much as I would have liked it to last, I guess all good things must come to an end.." Milo seemed to be hinting at something else, but what it was, was quite the mystery... She Stretched out a little, with a quiet groan. "Those aliens really seem intent on taking this planet over, don't they?" She pondered, changing the subject quickly
  8. Jin settled down near her and yawned. "Yes, they do indeed. We can kill them one by one like we have... but I think they're going to catch on eventually." He flicked a rock at her in boredom.
  9. "Well, there's so many aliens, so..." Hunter crossed his forearms, looking at Milo and Jin. He wasn't really that strong, so killing an alien was a very big accomplishment.
  10. "So, the question is: how do we get rid of them?" Jin rolled around a bit before deciding to play with Milo's tail. "We need to do something!"
  11. Milo hissed a little in surprise from the rock, but quickly regained her composure and lay down again, calmly. "They were able to decimate the humans in moments, my "owners" knew they didn't stand a chance. Their technology far surpassed our own, but in our final days together, I remember them talking about a "last resort" weapon, some sort of prototype that's being built. We may find means to defeat them if such a thing exists." Milo realizes she said more than she intended about her past, stops talking, nervously grooming her paws.
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  12. "Oooh? The Masterfully Mysterious Milo finally speaks about who she is for once?" Jin grinned at her. "Its about time you gave us a hint... in all the months we've been here you've not said more than a word. How come you've never let us in on this little 'last resort'? We could have wiped them all out by now!" He flicked another rock in her direction before pouncing his way to the other side of the body.
  13. "We're not our Masters. We have no idea where this 'last resort' weapon is." Hunter said, looked up at the blue sky.
  14. Milo finished her grooming and looked up at the others "It never crossed my mind back then, I'd prefer to forget my past but at this rate, this might be our only chance to defeat them, unless it defeats us instead...." She said nervously "On top of that there was talk about those aliens taking captives, experimenting on humans, and others... I... I'd rather not think about what twisted apparitions could be lurking around out there now.." Milo seemed to be about to say something else, but then went silent again, walking off to lay down in an isolated spot, a little far from the rest of the clan.
  15. Jin frowned. He never liked when the others got all mopey and sad about living and what not. It tended to affect him, too. "Why don't we go on an adventure, then? Get out of this place? Find more Animals and a way to fix this world!" He perked up and bristled with enthusiasm. It was high time they actually did something, instead of being a lame little collection of animals.
  16. Milo's ears perked up a little, she began to pace for a bit, pondering, then approached the rest of the clan again and spoke. "I suppose it's better than sitting here, waiting to die. Though I get the feeling that the aliens we've encountered so far, are the weakest of their ranks. The aliens I remember weren't nearly as fragile as these..." Milo glanced at the dead alien they've been eating.
  17. Jin nodded. "I bet they're tastier, though.... These always remind me of rubber. Blegh..." Jin looked at Hunter to see if he would also approve. There was nothing worse for predators than just sitting and waiting to die.
  18. "Do we have to? We can just live here and be happy..." Hunter said, looking down.
  19. "And wait to be eaten? I don't think so!" Hunter got a bop to the head from Jin. "You must be a fool to think we can stay here much longer!"
  20. "I don't think the aliens will stop at where they are..." Milos voice seemed to quiver slightly asnd pain seemed to tint her voice just a little. "Their planet is dying, drained of its available resources, they've come to leech away ours now..."
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