EXERCISE Animal's Point of View

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    Take an animal, whether it be one that resides in the sea or land, and write from their perspective. You can have them observing their natural environment (or unnatural, I never said you couldn't write about an animal in a zoo or a fish in a tank), out hunting or perhaps tending to their young. You may not write from a bird's or human's perspective.

    Think outside of the box on this one. Try bears, wolves, penguins, whales, dolphins, lions, monkeys, or a mouse.
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    The horse pawed the ground. What were these humans thinking? It wondered if these two legged creatures had become insane! The horse flicked its black tail, swatting flies off its rump as it watched the humans. They were standing by the corral where the horse was kept and were attempting to tempt it over with carrots. Ohhhhh, the carrots sure did look tasty! The horse whinnied, unsure of whether to approach the small two legged creatures to eat such a fine treat or to wait for its special human to come get him. He straightened his neck, watching the small crowd of humans gather closer. The horse snorted, its special human had allowed a bus full of half-sized two legged creatures on the property. The squealing and running around of these mischievous foals was bothering him. The noises they made and the fact that the mares were not watching them as they should was driving him crazy! The horse's ears perked up as his special human came out and immediately the two-legged foals (as he now realized they must be by their behavior) instantly quieted. His special human must be stallion to this herd! He wondered if perhaps they had come to get training. Certainly, these foals needed it!