Animals in The Great War

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So did you watch the video?

  1. Jesus Brovo, my feels. Why. ;-;

  2. Yes. Those are the horrors of war.

  3. WAR DOGS!

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  1. #1: Learn yourself some history. Because it's never a wrong time to learn history.
    #2: Here, let me share in my depression. Jesus Christ. I even felt bad for the carrier pigeon shot through the breast, blinded in an eye, and with a leg hanging on by a tendon.

    If y'all want to turn it into a discussion: How do you feel about animals used in warfare?
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  3. Immediately goes to pet her cats not crying at all
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  4. My cockles, they're warming unexpectedly.

    You bastard.
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  5. Something I'm not too surprised to hear given the horror of war and our technology back then...

    But still, I holy shit dogs on the battlefield makes me angry. >:C
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    Fear not, friends. PVT Voytek was a goddamn hero who loved every moment with his fellow Polish soldiers and he had a nice cozy retirement in England after crossing North Africa and Europe while doing things like wrestling, carrying artillery shells, and even in one case busting a German spy.

    From all accounts, he was a very nice tempered and friendly bear who loved people and helping out.

    See? Not all stories of animals in wars are sad. I MEAN LOOK AT THE FUCKING BEAR IN THE TRUCK. The unit even changed their symbol to be Voytek!

    Maybe it'll help us forget the Soviets used to strap bombs to dogs in the hopes they'd be trainable to run under German tanks, or the US planning on sticking incendiary bombs to bats which they would drop over Japan to burn down villages (never ended up being used in actual war, but the testing worked out shockingly well), or pigeon guided bombs...

    Yeah, war's kind of fucked up for everyone involved. I think it's kind of sad, but I get why they were used in most cases. I mostly feel bad for the horses.
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