Animals Don't Belong In Zoos

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  2. That is a really really good topic! o__o

    I really do believe that animals should remain wild and in their natural habitats... BUT, I can see the use and need for keeping some inside of zoos, so long as they are treated properly and allowed to make use of their natural instincts and abilities when able.

    Natural habitats are getting destroyed everyday and soon the only living member of the species might be in zoos. There is at least that one small chance that the species could be brought back and reintroduced to the wild. The ideal solution is to flat out stop the destruction of habitats, but the reality is that it's not going to happen fast enough to save some of our wild species. ._.

    I like to think that somewhere out there, that a few aliens have been storing species and humans too for saving them "just in case". XD
  3. how many species have been saved by zoos?

    how many more will be?
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  7. Thank you for your feedback :) It's great! :D

    What's the one animal that shouldn't be in the zoo?
  8. ...

    I will stay away from this topic because I don't want to argue with people. Even if it is considered only a discussion it will turn into an arguement in my mind, things will be said, people will get sad, and the topic will be changed from answering a question into something I would consider a tirade.

    So anyway that said I can't feel just posting this without doing a response that is on topic. First off I agree with Piro. Second off for Sakura's questions directed to WMD: Who knows? I can only name two, the one WMD mentioned and the DoDo bird. As for how many more, again who knows? They try to stop it but we don't even know how many differant species live on the planet to begin with.

    As for the one animal not to be in a zoo would have to be a human. We are animals but to display any of our own in a cage is to akin to slavery for my tastes.

    Anyway as I said, I'd put my opinions and leave before I got in an arguements.
  9. A really good answer ! ^^ I wouldn't have thought of that, but its true. :P

    &&& don't worry about causing disputes/arguments unless you REALLY think you have some supercontroversial views ;) And it's my job to mediate, so I wouldn't worry about things like that :P
  10. Hmm....Sakura, you excel in making interesting topics.

    Okay...I believe that it's important that younger children learn about animals, so that part I agree with. Young kids being able to see tigers without venturing into the jungle is a welcome sight. While the tiger may not be as majestic as it is in its natural habitat, the zoo does a good job of keeping it alive.

    Humankind has driven far too many species to extinction and endangerment. Humans in themselves are a wildly varied creature, and the pride of many of the more agressive ones causes the extinction of another one, and for what? To assert their dominance? I find the concept rather idiotic. Now, I can understand hunting for survival, but killing just to mount them as a trophy? Animals have the same sense of pride as us, and I can almost assure you that they wouldn't want to be humiliated like that.

    And something that troubles me that I'd like opinions on...

    Human beings are a species, as well. Now...Do you believe we've made our own zoo for ourselves? Have we become so enthralled in technology that we've made our own technological zoo/prison without realizing it?

  11. I always think this when they have "reality shows" on TV. You're pretty much watching the lives (fake or not) of people set in a controlled environment for the entertainment of others. It's exactly the same thing as a zoo. o___o Just without any benefits for man or animal kind. e.e;
  12. Deary, I can't resist this one. DARN YOUSE!


    I hate zoos. Yes, they save the species that we have hindered, but they're purely a crutch and a clever little money making scheme.

    (Enter rant)

    I just don't think zoos are practical and what's more, they may be harmful.


    ....Oh.... none of them are doing anything, I WONDER WHY? Zoos harm animals.

    (Conspiracy theory)

    Zoos are a dangerous cycle. They take animals out of the wild to "protect" them, all the while, breeding them and spreading their offspring to other zoos, these children don't know anything about the wild and cannot really be returned to it after too many generations.Also, what I meant by "crutch" was that, in by "protecting" these animals in these places, it allows humans to not feel as bad when we blatently destroy their habitat.

    "Weeeeeeell, that's the last tree, Where's the Birds of Paradise now?"

    "Don't worry, they're in a ZOO."

    "Well, the swamps are drains, where are the hippos?"

    "Again, Zoo."


    "Don't worry, we have some in the zoos. we'll reintroduce them in the next ice age."

    (END RANT)
  13. Don't worry guys, the Road Warrior apocalypse will let them all free.

    We all know irradiated mutants on motor bikes are cannibals.

    Seriously though, I vote we free them. I want a bear mount.
  14. Can we put Khang in a zoo? :cow:
  15. I second that.
  16. I thought, and perhaps this is only a small percentage of them, that zoos were not for profit. They tend to rely on donations to keep up on cost for caring for animals and the exhibits.
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  17. You're right.

    I can't believe I forgot about those....

    Now I feel stupid....

    *Goes off and mopes*
  18. No, no moping or I'll have to youtube cute baby foxes for you!

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