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  1. The government has been secretly kidnapping people with no personal ties. They are first followed, stalked, drugged and transported to a secret island facility somewhere in the tropics. They are locked down in a hospital-like building and kept underground in cages, being experimented on and used to perfect a splicing serum that combines human DNA with that of an animal.

    The organization is looking to use these people as warriors, funded by the government for war.

    Will they follow orders or fight back and try to escape?

    Rules of the RP:
    * follow Iwaku rules <3
    *swearing is OK, but please don't be excessive
    * respect each other and give everyone a "time to shine" we are writing this together, and we all deserve to have or styles and abilities showcased. *Fighting and blood are welcomed!

    -If you escape, you can count on being hunted by both scientists and any mutants that deci

    - The Island gives you opportunities to either find an escape route, or go back for more information about where we are and what is happening.
    - some of you might oppose and so a war/conflict will break out internally within the "SAAP" mutants.

    Important things to remember:
    - They are hybrids, parts of their bodies resemble their animal counterparts, but there is no actual full body (complete) transformation.

    -Please include in your first post how you got kidnapped and waking up in the lab (in cages/ rooms) This could lead to you getting injected, or have already been injected and either feeling the effects or already completely changed.

    If you want to, you can just include your sheet above your first post (in the same message) To give people a quick little intro.
    Like this:
    Animal influence-
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  2. Name- Kendall
    Gender- Female
    Age- 24
    Animal influence- African dog

    bio- Kendall is a mechanic from a small town, she never travels and never argues when given a job to do. She is strong and independent and very "thick skinned". Kendall grew up in a large family but never really fit in. Her mother died when she was twenty and her father didn't want her in a "man's field" but she got her degree anyway and is very good at what she does. Kendall's sisters cut off contact with her when she moved out of state to pursue her carreer.

    Kendall was awake, but she was wished she wasn't. Her long brown hair fell around her face in thick tendrils, framing her delicate features. The air was thick and for some reason, smelt of chemicals she couldn't recognize. The bars were cold against her back, even through her leather work jacket.
    From the other side of the room she heard the whirring of machines. Despite her curiousity, she couldn't see the other side of the room because of the large computer in the middle, it's wide screens and clunky console took up a huge circular space in the middle of the room.
    "hello?" She called out cautiously, watching as a couple of gaurds swiped their key cards to leave the room.

    Kendall scrambled against the side of her cage, completely caught off gaurd by the booming lock of the door that had slid so silently open. There were only a few lights, mostly fleurencents. she squinted her eyes, straining to see who else might be in the same scary predicament as herself. Her hair stuck to the thin coating of sweat that covered her skin. Goosebumps spread over her body as she stood up, knees shaking.
    "Hello?" She called again, this time feeling like maybe she was all alone.
  3. Name-Bjorn
    Animal influence- Grizzly Bear
    bio-Bjorn Was only 5 when his Parents left him for dead after his dad got in to financial trouble he was their only Child. He was dumped in the Wilderness of sweden and grew up learning to survive by himself, now aged 18 he was dragged of the streets of Stockholm and drugged and injected with the Splicing serum on the island although he was never given the full dose, the reason for the failure of the whole procedure was due to luck and the fact that the doctor doing the injection hadn't realised there was a mistake in the paper work and thus only injected a smaller than required dose to get the full effects,Bjorn already is about 9.8 ft tall and looks like a human bear minus the claws and the fur and the face of a bear. Before Bjorn was mutated he was 6ft tall brown hair and has blue eyes.

    Bjorn hears some one call out in the dark and he groans in reply still groggy from the sedative "hey whos there?". Bjorn tryies to move forward but to no avail as as he moves forward somthing clanks and wont budge, then he relised he was in a cage "ugh i must be dreaming,im in a cage "bjorn said and moved back and sat in the cage waiting for a reply from the person who had just spoke.
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  4. Name- Bobbi
    Gender- Female
    Age- 23
    Animal influence- White Wolf
    bio- Bobbi has always been a foster kid, being bounced from home to home. She hated every minute off when chance arose she fled and never looked back. Not knowing her parents made it easier to move from city to city, nothing to hold her in one place. Little did she know this made her a target for the splice program to follow her. Bobbi always felt like there was someone watching matter where she went she could feel it. One rainy day..her worst fear came true. The ones who had been following and watching for years had come for her. She tried to run and hide..but to no avail. Now she was a prisoner...A prisoner of those in the white coats and inside her own mind. What was going on?

    Bobbi's eyes opened slowly, her vision fuzzy as she tried to focus on the ceiling. She shut her eyes again and tried to struggle free but leather straps held her down. Her eyes snapped back open, her pupils shirking in the blinding light. Her heart started to pound in her chest. "What...whats going on?" She muttered struggling against the straps. She froze suddenly, the sound of the door opening. Bobbi looked towards the door, her eyes falling on a man in a white coat. "Who are you?" she questioned but the man stayed silent. She caught glimpse of a large needle on a the tray he was caring. The man looked down at her and picked up the needle, moving over to her arm. Bobbi started to struggle, moving her arm about best she could. "No! Please don't!" She shouted. The man grabbed her arm tight and held it still. Slowly he stabbed the needle under the skin and injected the fluid. Bobbi's mouth opened wide as she screamed out in pain, the fluid burning as it went in. Her heart started to beat faster and off beat slightly. Every little sound was intensified and every scent strong..the room reeked. "What did you do to me..!" She screamed, watching the man walk out of the room. He looked back with a grin and before he left, spoke in a low tone. "See you soon...little wolf."
  5. hearing more voices Bjorn called out again "Hey anyone there?"
  6. Name-Arael
    Gender- Female
    Age- 20
    Animal influence- Raven
    bio-Arael mother passed away when she was three. She doesn't remember much about her mother just that her mother said she loved her and that she had much potential for something great. Her father was abusive so when she turned 15 she ran away. She worked little jobs so she could eat. She lived on the streets and she liked it except for the feeling of someone watching her. One day it happened her theory of begin watched turned out to be true. She was in an alley heading for her abandoned home which she slept and these men in black suites attacked her. She fought with all her might but failed for the next thing she knew she woke up only for a minute within a strange vehicle. Her thoughts before she backed out were. Where am I and what do they want with me?

    Arael wok up within a chair she looked around to see her new surroundings. She noticed that her hands were bound to the chair along with her legs. "What's going on? What in the world do you want with me? I swear I didn't do nothing!" The door opened and a man walked in with a needle. "We know that you didn't do anything wrong, but that's not why your here. Now Arael be a good girl and don't move." "How do you know my name? What are you planing to do with me?" "You'll soon find out, but not from me." And with that he put the needle in her arm. Arael blacked out once more. When Arael came to she noticed that now she was within a cage. She sat up once she did she felt pain shoot through her back. "Uggg... Why does my back hurt? What did he do to me? I feel like something is growing out of my back or maybe there's something ripping it apart." Arael stopped complaining about her back and started to try and fight the pain so she could look around. "Hey is there anyone around who can tell me what's going on? Like what the doctor did to me if he is even a doctor?" Someone she thought she met earlier said "You'll know soon little bird we promise." She recognized that man's voice. 'Why he's one of my kidnappers! Could there be others locked up.' As she was thinking she heard the man laugh and then heard a door close. 'He must have left.' Next thing she new the pain got worse. Then finally all of a sudden it stopped. She sat up and felt something strange on her back that she didn't think was there before. She stood and turned she looked at these thing on her back that appeared to be wings. "What?!?" 'Calm down if there others they might think your crazy. But are these wings do I have wings?!?! Wow what did they give me?' She sat down once more and began to think and see if she could make them move. She found out that she could and it felt great begin able to move them a little after them growing out of her back. 'Man I must be dreaming am I really able to use these. It's like starching after my leg or arm fell asleep.' She was so amazed at this new feature she just couldn't believe what happened.
  7. Bjorn tried again after hearing the door close and the man leave"hey anyone there can anyone hear me?"
  8. Areal turned at the sound of another. "Yes I can hear you. Do you know were we are? Or anything that's happened? Have they told you anything by chance?" She was complete perplexed and relived to hear someone else was in the room.
  9. "ive just woke up and found well i cant realy see much but i know the man injected me with somthing then seditive after that i blacked out" Bjorn replied.
  10. "I was the same way... Except I could see when I came to and my back was killing me, and well now I think I have wings." Once more she examined her back. "I haven't been able to get any information from anyone so far either." She looked to see if she could get a better look at the cage she heard the voice from.
  11. Bjorn Barges at his cages door and it gives way swinging open on its hinges "huh weak welds on the cage" Bjorn stands up and said "im going to try get the lights on" and walks over to the switch on hands and feet which felt odd as usialy he only walked on his legs. Bjorn flicks the switch and the room lighs up.
  12. "Huugg..." Areal blinked a few times to get use to the sudden light. "That's better I can see more now." She stood up and went to the door of her cage. She saw the boy that she had been talking to. "So do you think you could help me out of the cage?" She looked at him with a slight smile trying to see if she could open it like he had. She stopped trying giving up on her own effort.
  13. Bjorn put his paw like hands in between the bars and wrenched a hole in them.
  14. "Thanks. I'm Areal." She stepped out of the cage, her wings stretched once more with out her realizing it. The opened up to there full size and retracted back to her back once more. 'Man I wonder why but I feel much better all of a sudden. Must be cause I'm no longer copped up.' "Ah much better I'm glad to be out of that cage even if I wasn't in there long. So what do you think we should do? I would suggest looking for others."
  15. "The names Bjorn" Bjorn said as he stood up on his hind legs.
  16. "Nice to meet you Bjorn." Areal extend a hand to shake Bjorn's hand.
  17. "cool nice to meet you to Areal" Bjorn replied then he looked at him self "woah ok im a bear..."
  18. Name- Alex Reid

    Gender- Male

    Age- 25

    Pic- 1383811.jpg

    Animal influence- Brown Falcon

    Bio - Alex lived a rather normal life until he was seventeen, when he joined the Marines. For 4 years he fought, losing his mind it seemed until he came back home to his family. To his luck, they didn't want a blood-hungry devil dog in their home, so he was disowned with nearly no care. With nothing more in his life than his skill to kill, Alex became a Soldier of Fortune, killing for whoever paid. Lately, he hasn't been getting any contracts, living in his home with almost nothing to do in compete solitude... Until they came to get him.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Alex woke up with a soft groan, sitting in the corner of his filthy cell. This was his third day here, and from the things he'd seen in war, this was new. Never did he see his enemies inject him with some weird stuff that made him grow talons for nails and wings from his back. It was painful. As hell. Luckily, his previous encounters with pain got him through. In the dim light of his cell, Alex stared at the floor, his rather small wings folded into his back. A soft grimace formed on his face as his headache seemed to worsen.

    He heard faint speaking, but he bothered not to join in. For all he knew, they were more of those scientist-guys.
  19. "Yeah... kinda... hmm... weird hu... I'm not sure my deal... but I have wings, and now that I think about it my nails look like there as sharp as bird claws. I wonder... what exactly was in that crap they gave us? But look at the bright side at least you aren't growing for talking hu..." She was still smiling hoping that it would lighten the mood. "So should we look around?"
  20. "yeah prehaps we might find more people"Bjorn said and then stops as he hears Movement in a cell, suddenly his hearing felt more enhanced and he moved over on his legs towards the cell."hi" bjorn said to the guy inside the cell as he went to rench open the door.
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