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  1. Animalia Summary:

    The government has been secretly kidnapping people with no personal ties. They are first followed, stalked, drugged and transported to a secret island facility somewhere in the tropics. They are locked down in a hospital-like building and kept underground in cages, being experimented on and used to perfect a splicing serum that combines human DNA with that of an animal.

    The organization is looking to use these people as warriors, funded by the government for war. After breaking out of the establishment, they are loose on an island, trying to survive while being hunted by organization members and first generation test subjects.

    Rules of the RP:
    * follow Iwaku rules <3
    * Please post at least twice a week if the thread is moving fast enough
    *swearing is OK, but please don't be excessive
    * respect each other and give everyone a "time to shine" we are writing this together, and we all deserve to have or styles and abilities showcased.
    *Fighting and blood are welcomed!

    - The Island gives you opportunities to either find an escape route, or go back for more information about where we are and what is happening.
    - some of you might oppose and so a war/conflict will break out internally within the "SAAP" mutants.
    - I'm looking for about 5-6 people to join this RP, that way we have even teams and possibly 2 more people who would like to play the "bad guys"
  2. The sun had shown bright through the giant maple leaves. The succulent heavy weighted bark coated the massive trunks of the maples. The Burch trees had turned ash white. They were scabbing and peeling away, revealing their summer shin. Daffodils were scattered among tulips, Gold on purple. The grass seemed sharp, tiny knives, killer green. As she walked past the scenery filled with mint leaves and ruby flowers her feet stepped over crumbling blacktop.
    Her name is Kendall, a beautiful young woman the wonderful age of 23. Her luxurious brown hair waved behind her in the crisp wind. Eyes of glass shined green and full of dignity. She carried herself well, walking strongly and at a pace that defined her as the woman she was. She could finally see her house. The peach color exterior reminded her of the human body. It was smooth, sleek and on the inside was everything that made it run. Everything that forced it to continue on; even when it didn't want to.

    She neared her driveway, the sun hidden by the roof of her abode. She saw her dog Roxo scratching at the firm screen door. Roxo's tongue hung out of his long slender mouth. His brown and black coat covered his tall skinny frame. It was amazing how he know her from other people. His long bony tail wagged excitedly. He whined and scratched frantically at the door separating them. There was something different about these whimpers and this attempt to reach her. What was wrong?

    She could hear the cars on the street, turning to go home.

    It frightened her, made her mind wander. Did that car disappear? Magic maybe? It went back into history, possibly to change the future for the better. Roxo's barking awoke her from here content place in her own head. I was a truck directly behind her, a man holding a long flat board.

    Kendall saw in the reflection of her glossy mailbox what awaited her; she choked on her own saliva. Kendall's screams raped the silence of the sunny afternoon.

    Kendall was awake, but she was wished she wasn't. Her long brown hair fell around her face in thick tendrils, framing her delicate features. The air was thick and for some reason, smelt of chemicals she couldn't recognize. The bars were cold against her back, even through her leather work jacket.

  3. Avi had been raking leaves. It sucked, but there was stuff that needed to get done. Pausing, Avi brushed her hair away from her face and patted the cat that always wandered in the yard. Getting back to work, she noticed that the door to the family's chapel was swinging open. Grumbling about brothers that never knew when to leave things well enough alone, she went and shut the door before she felt a sting in the side of her neck. Clapping her hand over it, Avi came away with a dart. "Well, shit," she said before collapsing.
    Avi blinked blearily as the lab door opened. A pair of hands clad in heavy leather gloves reached in to her area and lifted her by the scruff of her neck. She yipped in pain and twisted around to bite at the offending hands. The guard jerked back in surprise and dropped Avi with a squawk of pain. Avi ran her tongue over the small pair of canines that poked out of her mouth. Those...had not been there last night.

    A voice laughed in surprise. "It seems that subject A-1321 has woken up and fully adapted to the first round of injections."

    Avi growled as she huddled in the back of the cage/kennel. She did not trust these people at all, regardless of what they said. She had been taken against her will and drugged to the gills. Ergo, they were not nice people.

    "hello?" She heard someone call out. it came from the other side of the bank of computers.

    "Heloo," Avi called back. "Is someone there?"
  4. Rick woke up in pain. Everything seemed to hurt for a number of different reasons. His head felt like it was splitting in two. That wasn't much of a surprise when he remembered the needle poking into his flesh just as faceless strangers were hauling him out of bed. He had been sleeping soundly at the orphanage, or as soundly as he could sleep for someone with no family, or friends, or the fond memories those typically brought. He would have left with the men who'd taken him if they'd only asked. No one would have noticed.

    While his head seemed to hurt from whatever they'd drugged him with, the rest of him hurt for he didn't know why. His teeth hurt. It felt as if he'd had a root canal in every single tooth. As he rubbed his tongue across them he noticed two things. First, that his teeth had become very sharp. Second, his tongue didn't feel right. It felt thick and rough. His hands also hurt. When Rick could get a good look at them it was clear why; his fingers had swelled to almost twice their normal bony thickness. He felt like there were things poking at them, too. His rear hurt, too. It was like there was something hard, almost bony, trying to push out from just above his ass cheeks. His legs were hurting him, too. When he tried to stand up in the cage he woke up in, he uncontrollably wobbled and fell onto the bars. His legs felt longer. His center of gravity was off.

    He found his glasses lying on the bottom of the cage, but when he put them on they only made things blurrier. His vision had dramatically improved, though it still wasn't perfect. What the hell was going on?

    He was about to ask when he heard other people. Mostly "Hello?" and "Is someone there?" Rick looked around for who else could be asking. He thought he saw a cage like his only a little ways away, but he couldn't see who was in it. His eyes may have gotten better, but he still wasn't yet close to 20/20.

    "Hey!" he called to them. "What's going on here?"
  5. Joseph opened his eyes then shut them tightly as he felt his body scream in pain. He curled into himself and opened his eyes again, he looked up letting his eyes adjust to the rooms lights. He was confused as to where he was, he knew it had to do with those people who had ambushed him. Before this he was on a hiking trip on his own, as he reached a river a group of men rushed him and beat Joseph into submission before injecting something in him.

    He shut his eyes again as he felt his head throb in pain, he reached up to hold it then pulled his hands back as he felt a pair of fuzzy things sticking out of his head. He gripped them and winced as he felt pain, looked like he had a pair of fuzzy ears now. He looked at his hands and saw the now had claws, looks like he had claws too. He felt a throbbing from the area where his tail bone was, he felt down and closed his eyes as he felt a tail. Just what had happened to him? He was some sort of... freak now.

    Joseph's ears twitched as he heard people leave the room and others talking. Instead of calling out to them he retreated to the back of his cell, waiting for the perfect moment for him to escape.
  6. "You're mommies little pet," she whispered in a soothing tone. "You're mommies good little girl, aren't you?"
    She would always keep her lips shut, only a nod let her mommy know she was a good little girl.
    "Yes, my good little pet," her smile dissolved all doubt in Tier's heart. "Just another shot dear, it'll be okay, mommies here." A all so familiar needle came into sight. The cage squeaked open and her big bright eyes shut tight in preparation. It stung a little as the liquid ran though her veins, but after so many injections it had become almost an enjoyable sensation. "Good girl," mommy praised with a pat on the head. She sealed the cage closed with that never changing smile on her face. "Now go sleepy; it's your bed time little girl. Close those big yellow eyes of yours, mommy will see you later." Then she was gone.

    Tier heard commotion coming from the others locked in their "rooms." The light in the room was dim, but her wide eyes had no problem seeing all who was there. The whimpering of the others sent a wave of doubt in her mind, but her mothers voice pushed it out. 'Mommy loves me,' she lied to herself. 'I'm her good little girl.' But even with the lies and brain washed thoughts that tinge of doubt stuck out. Her eyelids grew heavy from the wight in her mind assisted with drugs. She let them fall, after all her mother had said to. She shut her eyes and hid her gift of sight. Though even with great eyes of a hunter, she was blinded by the lies of her mother.
  7. From the other side of the room she heard a small voice calling out. No doubt someone else that had been taken against their will. Why was this happening, and what was the strange bottles of liquid that hung on the sides of her cage? Kendall strained her neck to see, but couldn't get a view of the other side because of the large whirring computer set in the middle, it's wide screens and heavy console took up a dark, circular space in the middle of the room.

    "I'm here! What's happening?!" She didn't expect an answer to her question, but asking made her feel slightly better. A male voice added to the calls from the other side of the room, making her even more worried. How many people were in here exactly?

    A bright light shown from the right of the computer, what looked like a double door opening up and making way for two tall framed shadows to enter. Kendall crawled to the back of her prison, feeling her heart thump nervously against her chest. She tried to hide in the shadows, but it was in vein, whimpering as the shapes loomed over her.

    There was a sudden twinge of pain in her shoulder, a long rod had entered the iron bars of the cage from the side; jabbing her while her eyes were distracted to the front. Kendall's body quickly went numb, feeling ice spread through her veins and droop her face into a melted scowl. Her mind screamed as she slumbed against the ground, listening as the cage was opened and her body was dragged out; only to be strapped down to a cold metal table.

    The spectors began wheeling her out of the room, mind and eyes blurring as the crossed the threshold of the door and she went blank.

    The door behind them locked electronically, setting a security system and turning off the rest of the light in the room, leaving everyone else in the black.
  8. Avi spun around as she heard the electronic beeping of the key card swiper. Two figures strode by her cage and around to the other side of the computer bank. There was a clang and then a whimpering that made her bare her teeth. Meaty thumps and then there was a large metal table wheeled out of the room with someone strapped to it.
    The door shut with a gentle whir right before the lights went out. Avi blinked a couple of times before she could see the room again. "Who are you? Any of you?"
  9. All of the commotion had first caught Rick's attention. He hoped that someone was coming to rescue him, or at least explain what was going on. He listened, surprised by how well he could hear in the darkness, to the sounds of a struggle, then of something getting wheeled out of the room. There was a whoosh that sounded like those automatic doors one usually hears on spaceships in the movies, then nothing.

    So someone had come and gone and Rick didn't even get to see them. His fingers were still sore from whatever was digging at them, but he started to feel around the bars of his cage, hoping to find some kind of lock. Could he even pick a lock?...With luck he would soon find out.

    He wasn't yet used to the thickness of his fingers. Why were they so thick, and what was this poking he felt? Finally he found something to work with; not a lock, but at least the crease for the cage door. As he felt around the edge, his index finger twitched and he jumped back as he felt something slide out of it. With his other hand, he hesitantly felt at the tip of finger, running his hand against the edge of - was that a claw? It was long, slightly curved, and felt very hard and sharp. coupled with the fact that his finger didn't feel like the other ones, Rick came to the conclusion that this was what had been poking at him.

    Where did he get a claw? He looked back at the cage door and decided he'd figure that out later. He stuck his claw into the seam of the door, feeling around for some sort of latch. He found one, but it refused to budge. He wormed his claw in, picking at the lock. He could almost feel it start to move aside...

    Suddenly everything turned red and an alarm started going off. "Shit!" he yelled through gritted, sharpened teeth. "Shit! Shit! Shit!"

    The whooshing door opened again and a pair of men came in, both wearing lab coats and one brandishing a needle. Behind them came a rolling metal table, that seemed to Rick to be following them of its own accord.

    "Looks like the bone injection has taken effect surprisingly fast," one of them said.

    "It hasn't worked its way through yet," the other countered. "His legs aren't done and he's going to need that tail for balance."

    "Well, either way, there's no stopping the first injection from taking its course," the first one said. "Let's get him down for the second one."

    Rick tried to get away. Instinctively, his claws came out and he swiped at one of their arms, drawing long bleeding gashes. Then he felt the sting of the needle and everything faded away. As he slowly lost consciousness, he wondered where he'd be going, if he'd find answers, and if he'd wind up in the same place as whoever was taken earlier.
  10. Ceilo awoke, his body still stinging in pain. The injections had gotten no better over the course of the week, they still caused the most blood curdling agony. Pain circulated around his whole body, through his veins, especially along his newly formed wings. While the wings on Ceilo's back felt almost natural now, the cramped space of the cage made them constantly ache. How Ceilo longed to be free from the steel bars containing him. He'd been chasing butterflies out in the open less than a fortnight ago, but now... Even though there were others nearby, his loneliness from being lost still hadn't ceased. In fact it had worsened. He felt cold, isolated, confined, and in the shadows- if only he could escape from this hellish enviroment. The meals weren't to decent either, at least not with his new need to gorge on fresh meat, to rip open flesh. Ceilo certainly hadn't gotten used to that yet. All of these ideas darkened Ceilo's mind, clouding, corrupting his thoughts. He needed to speak to somebody, anybody, except that evil organisation, he just needed the foul thoughts out. He heard murmuring from other cages, and tried to respond. "H-Hello~? I'm not hearing things am I? My name is Ceilo, who are all of you? D-Do you know why we're here, or why we have...y' know...this pain and a-animal parts?" Ceilo shuddered as the words left his lips, panicking in case he'd offended the super strict organisation by calling out. He backed into the corner of his cell, folding up his large, ebony wings, hoping, waiting for a response.
  11. Joseph watched with narrowed eyes as someone was placed on a table, and it was obvious it was against their will. He gritted his teeth and noticed they felt... different. He reached up with his hand and felt his teeth, they were suddenly all fangs, he ran his tongue over them gritted them as he clenched his fists. He had been turned into a freak, someone would pay dearly for this.

    He looked closely at his cage, inspecting the hinges and lock. He thought that if maybe he picked at the hinges with the claws and then slammed into the door he could break free. He set to work on this quietly, trying his best not to shout out in pain as he forced his claws against the hinges. It looked like they were still sensitive. He stopped as he heard sirens going off and drew back to the back of his cage.

    He looked out of his cage as another person got out of his cage and fought the men who had come into the room. He took this as his chance and slammed against his cage door, finally it budged under him and broke open. He fell out on his stomach and looked up as the other men took notice of his. Joseph struggled up to his feet and instead of fighting them turned around and ran.

    Joseph heard the men, who he assumed to be doctors, yelling after him. Yelling that he still needed to let his wounds heal and his transformation was not yet complete. He didn't care, he continued to run despite his body being in pain. He turned around a corner and ducked into a room that looked to be empty, he closed the door just as he heard foot steps running down the hall.

    He panted and slid down the door, sitting down and resting. He was going to wait until something else happened to distract them, for now he was the only person from that room who had escaped. He briefly wondered if he should return and help them. He shook his head at the idea, he had to get out of this place at any cost.
  12. A sudden clatter woke her from her dream of motherly love without cages and needles. Tier's eyes adjusted quickly to see another like her running out of their cage. He was free, out of his cage. She had never thought to do such a crazy thing, it would only cause problems for mommy, and that would bring back the pain. She watched as the guards chased down the dog man.

    Then her keen ears picked up a slight rustle to the right, it sounded like feathers. A hunched up figure sat crunched in his room, large jet black wings taking up most of his space. He called out, and Tier was tempted to call back, but her mommy never like it when she spoke out. With curious yellow eyes she watched the bird boy squirm, the dog man run, and looked for others trapped in little rooms. But now seeing all these others a lot like herself, she began to wonder; 'Am I really that special? Am I mommies only good little girl? Does she like me more than them? Why do they cry?' So many doubts, more than ever before began to swim around in her brain. 'Who are them to her?'

    "Who are you," she questioned to all in the room, but in a voice so light that nearly none could hear.
  13. Several shouts from before reality were only echoes in Loki's dream. But when he heard something he had never heard in this facility before, a cage crashed, he was awakened quickly. His eyes and wings shot open, his curly antennas bounced up. He saw one of the specimen running out of the room, scientists chasing after him.
    Loki couldn't help but smile at the scientists' stupidity. All had left after one experiment, while many more were in the room.
    He stood up, for he wasn't in a cage. Instead, he had a heavy, metal brace on his right arm: A tag as well as shock collar to make sure he didn't escape. He hadn't tried to escape in 2 and a half years. Back when he was in a cage, and he was able to slip through the bars, due to his slim figure. The scientists chased him for about a mile through island forests and beaches. Once Loki had reached the beach, he realized that he was stuck on an island, and there he sat down and gave up.
    But that was long ago, to him. The only reason the scientists put Loki in a cage was after they had given him shots, to make sure he wouldn't become a threat.

    Loki's ears strained to listen when he heard someone's soft, quiet voice. "Who are you?"
    The owner of the voice was the owl girl, who belonged to one of the female scientists. He never had a liking for the scientist, and felt terrible for the way her daughter was raised. Betrayed and experimented on by her own mother. He knew the girl's name, what was it...
    "Tier." He said, quiet enough that no one but the girl could hear. He put a finger to his lips, he knew how her mother would be angry if she talked, and he only wanted what was best for the girl.

    Now that he was paying attention, he started to walk around the room, looking at the newcomers. The one who escaped, from what Loki saw, was some kind of canine. In a cage, crowded by wings, was a crow girl, who looked no older than 15. Another not far from it was a fox, her red ears had taken full growth and stood up perkily. One of them was lying down, unconscious. He wasn't sure what this one was, some kind of cat.
    Loki continued walking, his eyes finally fully adjusted to the dark, though he didn't need them to; He sensed nearly everything through touch, smell, and sound. Besides, he only had one good, blue eye, which shone slightly through the dark.

    "So, how did you all get yourself into a fix like this?" He asked, sitting criss-cross in a rolling chair that belonged to a scientist. The question wasn't directed at any particular person, but he was interested in their histories.
  14. Joseph stood up from the ground, he felt rested enough and felt like he could make a break for it now. He opened his door a crack and stuck his head, his ears twitching as he strained to hear any footsteps going his way. After a few seconds he felt it was safe and stepped out into the open, he slowly closed the door shut and stalked own the hall, keeping close to the wall.

    At a turn he stuck around the corner and hissed, his eyes had landed on a group of security guards. And they had taken notice of him, Joseph turned tail and began running down the hall again. He was about to turn down another hall when he felt a sharp pain in his back, how yelped and continued running as he felt more pains. He began to stumble and fell flat on his face, he struggled to get back up only to have his arms give out under his weight.

    "Looks like the tranquilizers worked. Give him his shot and take him to his room." Joseph heard the distorted voice of one of the men in lab coats. He felt the dull pain of what he assumed was the shot. He struggled to keep his eyes open as he was dragged and then tossed into a barren white room. As he landed he looked up at the glaring white wall as he finally succumbed to the tranquilizers.
  15. Only one had answered her question, one that she had watched for so long. He was beautiful and mother had always like him.
    "What a perfect specimen!" Julian would praise, "And so well behaved." But as after she finished admiring his elegant wings she would turn to Tier and say with great disappointment, "Why wont it work?" Her mother never liked her as much as the others, this she now saw. Tier was always her best and behaved herself, never once had she tried to run away. But nothing would get her approval. "We have given her countless injections, yet still she is the same!" While others grew wings and claws she stayed the same. But what her mother could not see was that she had. Her eyes had become better, her ears as well. She could see great distances, even in the dark. And her ears could pick up the sound of a pin dropping from across the room, but none of this pleased Julian.
    'Mommy doesn't love me like the others,' she would tell herself.
    The butterfly one, the one mother loved so much only cared to notice her for a moment. He whispered her name, then signaled to be silent. Then ran off, for he had no cage, thats how much mother loved him.

    She could hear the scientists subdue the runaway, and hull him away, and once she could hear foot steps no, more mommy came in. As she entered she passed by butterfly boy and flicked on of his antenna.
    "Hes been taken care of, you needn't worry," she answered a question that had not been asked. She then finally turned to Tier, but still spoke to the boy, "And how is my little pet?"
  16. Loki's antenna curled to a tiny circle at the scientists touch, then sprouted back up once she was a safe distance from him.
    "Interested." He looked at Julian's back, where she couldn't see his disrespectful facial expression, then looked to Tier, with a sorrowful look. He stopped his charade of expressions before she would turn around and look at him.
    "What exactly was the thing that ran out?" He could care less about what the escapee was, he already knew it was some sort of canine. What he wanted the scientists to do was to answer, then assume all is well, and leave before getting a chance to harass Tier with her unloving expressions.

    Now that Loki thought about it, after the three years being here, he had grown attached to Tier in a motherly way. As his gentle self, he wanted what was best for her, to give her the unconditional love her mother seemed to lack. The girl was obedient, quiet, and mannerly (Especially for one who was raised around these experiments). Why her mother wouldn't acknowledge her was a mystery.
  17. Avi flicked one of her ears. IT was going to take getting used to them. They were sensitive! She heard the rustle of the insect's wings as he stood and got out of his cage, and she heard his reprimand to the little girl. Watching his movements as he ended up wandering the lab space freely and sat in the chair that had to be for one of the scientists.
    Another flick of the ears reminded her that the one guy had tried to escape, and the scientists had just tranquilized him. Sitting up, Avi pulled her tail across her lap as the one female scientist came in the room and asked after...the butterfly or the small girl? She couldn't tell, but his response most definitely was. He was able to talk and ask questions in a seemingly free manner. What an interesting man.
  18. Julian didn't turn back to answer, "An experiment." She proceed to open the cage for Tier. "Another shot sweetie," she grinned. Always did Tier receive double dosages. It was in hope that she would show more signs of transformation. Tier closed her eyes, as was tradition, but this time as the needle slid under her skin she opened one eye to peer out at the beautiful butterfly who gave her a look she had never once seen on her mother's face. It was a look full of love and kindness that showed pain as the needle slid in.
    'Why does he have that face?' she wondered, 'And why does it make me happy?'
    "Good girl," her mother said with that insincere smile. She then grabbed her roughly by the arm and yanked her out of the cage, but Tier did not complain. "Time to go to your room!"
    "My room?" she let slip out. She had always thought the cage to be her room.
    Her mother looked back at her with knives for eyes. "Yes your room!" she cut sharply. Her grip tightened, was she afraid Tier would run?
    As she was pulled from the room she couldn't help but look back to the pretty boy. 'Who is he?' She had always watched him, but never knew him. 'Why does he have that face?' She felt warm for once.
  19. Rick slowly started coming out of the drug-induced sleep of the tranquilizer. When his eyes at last focused enough so that he could see, he noticed he was still in the room full of cages. He also noticed that he was on the floor. What had happened? He thought he was going to be taken away. And why was he up so quickly? He was tranquilized. Shouldn't he have been out for hours?

    As his senses slowly started to return, he saw what looked like a woman - dressed in a white labcoat, no doubt another scientist - and what he could have sworn was a little girl being led out of the room. Then he noticed something else: a cage was empty. Technically two were, but one had been his. Someone else must have escaped in the commotion he'd caused. That renewed his resolve, and Rick surprised himself by literally jumping to his feet. Whatever these people had done to him, it made him more agile than he'd ever been in his life. He'd have to remember to thank them.

    As soon as he turned around, however, he saw more men in white coats. Before he could do anything, they grabbed him and shoved him back into his cage. Then they grabbed one of his arms and he grunted with the pain of the injection. Then his door was closed and locked. The injection site began to heat up. Whatever they were doing to him, he was sure this was the next stage.

    He looked out of his cage at the others. A few were looking back at him. One of them, some kind of antennaed butterfly man, walked around outside of a cage. What made him so special? And how different he was - was that what these people were turning them into? He felt something squirm in his pants - a tail! Not a long one, but he had a tail! It was already happening to him. He had to admit, it was kind of cool. Ignore the fact that all of this was against their will, and he would have actually been okay with it.

    "Hey!" he called to the butterfly man. "So why aren't you locked up like the rest of us?"
  20. Ceilo watched the shadowy yet lively scene around him, gathering as much information in as possible. If he was to be free of this cage, it would have to of his own will. And to escape he would need intel- which the graceful butterfly man prowling around seemed to have. The half human, half animal creatures around the butterfly man seemed to be drawn to his presence, like a moth to a lamp. This was no different for Ceilo, who had even got lost chasing beautiful, vibrant, dainty butterflies not so long ago. Butterflies... Ceilo thought. He'd loved them since he was young, and his passoin for them still burned brightly in this dank environment It took a minute for Ceilo to pluck up the courage to talk to the beautiful butterfly, but eventually Ceilo called out, "S'cuse me mister flutter-by, could you explain why we're here, and what's happening? In return I'll tell you any story of my p-past. Please help me, i'd be so grateful of your graciousness." Ceilo didn't bother to be cautious of the daunting men in white coats, they were already occupied in other supposed emergencies. The ones who had been strolling around a minute ago were now fussing in several nearby areas. Ceilo silently wished the ones causing the fuss good luck as he awaited a reply.