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  1. Kendall was awake, but she was wished she wasn't. Her long brown hair fell around her face in thick tendrils, framing her delicate features. The air was thick and for some reason, smelt of chemicals she couldn't recognize. The bars were cold against her back, even through her leather work jacket.

    From the other side of the room she heard a small voice calling out. No doubt one of those weird guys in labcoats were yelling at someone else like they had yelled at her when she awoke. She couldn't see the other side because of the large computer in the middle, it's wide screens and gurthy console took up a circular space in the middle of the room.

    "hello?" She called out cautiously, watching as a couple of gaurds swiped their key cards to leave the room.
  2. Garrett wakes up and is immeditely pissed off.
    With a tremendous headache he thinks, 'What the hell is this shit?'.
    He looks around and notices hes in a cage that barely holds his 6'6'' frame.
    'Like a fucking dog'.
    He tries to see a way out and, of course, sees nothing but white walls, shotty laminate flooring and some giant computer looking machinery right in front of his cage door. It looks like there would barely be enough room to open it. Pissed, he starts slamming his hands as hard as he can into the sides of his cage, and kicking the door, screaming.
    No one comes even close but he can hear some murmuring like someone is talking right around the corner.
    "I CAN HEAR YOU OVER THERE!" he shouts. Someone finally scuffles over close enough so Garrett can just barely see the tips of his brown shoes and the bottom of his long white lab coat. He bends down so Garrett can see his plain face but not reach out to touch him.
    "Son, you need to calm down. Now."
    "Calm down? Why don't you tell me what the hell I'm doing stuffed in a cage that can barely hold me!?" But by the time he was done with his sentence the man had left, summoning the other men and Garrett could hear them walking out a door that made a loud beeping noise after it shut. 'Well fuck ...'
  3. Kendall scrambled against the side of her cage, completely caught off gaurd by the booming voice of the man somewhere in the room. There were only a few lights, mostly fleurencents. she squinted her eyes, straining to see who could have been fighting so loudly against whomever the men in labcoats were. Her hair stuck to the thin coating of sweat that covered her skin. Goosebumps spread over her body as she stood up, knees shaking.

    "Hello?" She called again, wondering who was ballsy enough to stand up to the mystery men.
  4. Ruby woke to the sound of them talking.

    "Ugh. Shut up you two. Seriously. You're making my head hurt even worse."

    Ruby said groggily, and sat up, opening her eyes, which looked like a bird's. What the hell had happened and why were they here? She wondering, looking around the white bright room.
  5. Garrett heard a soft, far away "Hello", followed by a closer, more annoying voice telling him to shut up.
    "Shut up? I'm trying to get myself out of this situation, and if you don't want help getting yourself out then keep it up."
    He got as close as he could to the front of the cage, trying to see anything more than what he already had. If he pushed his face up against the crate door he could just barely make out the edge of another crate on the opposite wall, but he couldn't see if there was anyone inside of it.
    "So, how many of us are there in here?" He said loudly, hoping everyone could hear him.
  6. "how precious..."Kendall put her hands behind her back when the last scientist walked past, shining a flashlight in here face and snickering dangerously. She waited patiently for him to dissapear throught the heavy metal door, watching his every move.

    "My name's Kendall..." She called out nervously, not sure what to think of the only male voice in the room. She had been trying anxiously to twist her thin fingers between the bolts that held the cage door in place, it was painfull, but they were moving.

    " What happened?" Her leather jacket rubbed as she quickly went back to the bolts, trying discretely to twist them off and make her escape.
  7. Ruby blinked several times as her eyes adjusted. She watched the labcoats move about the room, shining a light in everyone's face. One of the first things she noticed was that her vision was sharper and her hearing.

    "Ruby." She said, ending with a sigh.

    God did her head hurt light hell. She pressed a palm to her forehead.

    "What the hell did they use on us?"

    She wondered.
  8. "Lovely to meet you all." Garrett said with a grumble, clearly not meaning it.
    "All of you stop your chatter and go back to sleep like good pets." Said the man who was walking around with the flash-light.
    Garrett heard the man say something quietly that sounded like "precious" but he couldn't be sure.
    "If you all behave, maybe you'll get let out early for good behavior!" He laughed manically while walking out the door, swinging his flash-light around. He let the door slam behind him, and with a beep the room was finally empty of the lab coats.
    "Now that that is over with..." Garrett trailed off.
    'How am I going to get out of here?' He thought. By looking around his cage a little bit more carefully he noticed the bolts that held the cage door on were sticking out a bit. His fingers were too thick to reach between the small bars and unscrew the bolts, so he started kicking them. One after another, well placed, hard kicks. He took a short break between each one to make sure none of the lab coats were running to stop him.
  9. Ruby studied the boltes and she herself started twisting them. There was a glass window that let light in, and as Ruby started to work the bolt, a bird suddenly threw itself at the window, making a dull thunk on the glass, trying to make a crack in it. Ruby paused in her escape attempt to look up. What the hell? She thought, and again the same bird threw itself at the window, and soon another joined it, trying to bust the glass window open.
  10. Ellie tried to break the bars but couldn't.
    She was never strong.
    Once she saw all of the Men leave she resorted to asking for help.
    "Help!" She called out.
    "Can anyone help me!?"
    She hit the metal bars in hopes of someone findin her.
  11. Kendall stopped fiddling with the bolts and looked to her left, a small girl was calling out for help. She got down on her knees, reaching her arms out through her cage to the one next to her. How had she not noticed the girl before?

    "Are you alright, come here, it will be fine" She coaxed the girl over, feeling oddly responsible for the girls cries for help.

    "We'll get out... i promise."
  12. More birds continued to throw themselves at the window. There had to be at least ten birds in the crowd now. Ruby continued with the bolts, trying to loosen them as fast and discretly as she could, glancing at the birds occasinally. A tiny crack had appeared in the window that the birds kept throwing themselves at. More and more birds of various kinds, big and small, kept joining in, the crack slowly but surely getting bigger the more the birds hit at the window.
  13. After roughly 30 minutes of kicking his cage door it finally broke free. He heard a few female voices so was expecting them to be in cages much like his own and he was right. When he finally ducked his head out of the broken door and stretched to his full height he took a look around the room and saw three frighened females, two of them trying to unscrew the bolts on their own doors.
    "Care for a hand with that ladies?" Garrett said with a smirk. He strided over to where there were two girls in cages right next to each other, one of them very close to having her door removed and the other sitting on her cage floor, sniffling.
  14. Kendall laughed with excitement as the tall man called to her, pulling her arms away from the scared girl and wrapping her strong fingers around the bars.
    "Yes, get us the hell out of here!" She muted herself when she got too excited, pulling her leather jacket up from were it was slipping down her shoulders.

    If she could see him, she would kiss him, she was that happy.
  15. Once the man freed her, she quickly stepped out of her cage, her muscles aching from being cramped in a small space for who knows how long.


    She said, rolling her shoulders. Suddenly the window that the birds had been throwing themsevles at busted open, shattering glass down on their heads.
  16. "Anytime I can be of service. Name's Garrett." Garrett said after helping the girls out of their cages. With a little help from the one named Kendall, who unscrewed the bolts from the quiet ones door, he was able to kick in both doors with no problem. When the window busted in he was surprised but not caught off guard.
    "Now what do y'all say we get out of here? That shattered window should do us just fine." The southern drawl thick on his tongue. He walked over to the window hoping the girls followed so he could boost them out one at a time and then climb out himself.
  17. Kendall thanked him and was quick to jump up in his arms, letting him push her up to the window that had just shattered over their heads. She was running on adrenaline, thinking purely about survival. The birds had frightened her, but not any more than being abducted.

    "We need to get out of here as soon as possible..." She looked back to the other girls, hoping they were strong enough to walk.
  18. Ruby followed them. Her bones felt oddly lighter then they had been before. Like the bones of a bird's. Ruby glanced back at the last one to escape out of the window as she climbed out, senses on high elert for danger.
  19. Garrett helped the last one out the window, took a quick look around and said, "Be right there girls."
    He went over to the giant computer in the middle of the room and tapped a few buttons just to see if it was on. It was. He read the first screen "please enter password".
    'Of course'
    He attempted "admin", "password", and "password1", not expecting a result but it actually worked.
    'No way they're this dumb...' he thought to himself. He went to the file labled "secret" still in awe of the ridiculousness of the people working in this facility. He found a list of names in alphabetical order and sure enough he found his.

    ::Garrett D. Merrill
    ::Height - 6'6"
    ::Weight - 270lbs
    ::Animal - Rhinoceros

    Garrett furrowed his brows in confusion.
    He hit ctrl P hoping it would work and it did. He grabbed up as many pages as he could and ran to the window. He nearly flew through it he jumped so high so quickly, landing outside in front of the three girls.
    "Let's go."
  20. Kendall grabbed his arm and helped him up, thought he didn't really seem to need it. She saw the papers flapping in his hands as he ran, wondering what those were and how exactly he got them.

    "Garrett, what's going on?"