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  1. You are in a world where there are a few special people in the world. Those special people have a "Animal Keeper", that's when that person has a animal that is connected to them. So connected if the animal keeper dies the person has hours left. One day a human found a animal keeper in their backyard and started beating it. The human connected felt the pain and ran to help. The struggling happened and the animal abuser turned out dead. The man with the "Animal Keeper" went to jail and the cops started hunting down the "Animal Keepers" and their people because they thought people with control over such wild animals are dangerous. There are only a few left, running with their keepers. When a group of them and their keepers run into each other in an abandoned warehouse. Are they gonna work together? Or are they gonna kill each other before the police do?


    +Keep cussing to a limit+
    +Regular rules appy+
    +Give a good rp. Not just a sentence+
    +Limit to 3 characters at a time unless siblings+
    +No godmodding, or power playing+
    +No Mary-Sues+
    +Good grammer+


    #Name -
    #Personality -
    #Looks -
    #Gender -
    #Bio,History - Has to be told now or later in rp
    #Age -
    #Animal Keeper -
    #Animal Name -
    #Animal Looks -
    #Animal Personality -
    #Animal Gender -
    #Connection between Animal and Human 1-10 (1 being bad) -


    ^Animals and their person can only understand each other^
    ^Animals can understand other animal keepers^
    ^People (of course) can understand each other too^
    ^Have fun^
    ^To talk to people not through characters use
    (( and ))^
  2. #Name - Campbell Barton
    #Personality - Smart, curious, good, confident, strong willed, athletic, tomboy, doesn't like to listen
    #Looks - Kinda short for age, skinny, long brown curly hair, light green eyes
    #Gender - Female
    #Bio - Will be explained later
    #Age - 17
    #Animal Keeper - A goat
    #Animal Name - Clover
    #Animal Looks - Grey with white specks on body, blue eyes, small horns
    #Animal Gender - Male
    #Connection - 8
  3. #Name - Alyssa Ellison
    #Personality - She's fierce and enjoys finding trouble weather she causes it or she just jumps in. Yet amazingly loyal and would do anything for a friend.
    #Looks - She has short messy red hair hair and bright green eyes. Always wears something punk with skulls on it. Around 5"4 and weighs no more than 120.
    #Gender - Female
    #Bio,History - Later.
    #Age - 16
    #Animal Keeper -Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
    #Animal Name - Clyde
    #Animal Looks - Large dog with wolf features. Dark brown back and lighter underneath.
    #Animal Personality - A lot like his owner. He isn't one to back down an would defend his owner till the end. Tough to get along with others but can tolerate them.
    #Animal Gender - Male
    #Connection between Animal and Human 1-10 (1 being bad) - 9

    #Name - Lucas Thompson
    #Personality - Doesn't take things seriously sometimes. Tries to look on the brighter side. Bind in his left eye. Can eat anything and never gains weight.
    #Looks - Brown hair that falls to his eyes. Has dark eyes, his left eye a lighter shade than the right. Around 6"3 and weighs 140.
    #Gender - male
    #Bio,History - Alyssa's neighbor and friend. Rest of history will be revealed later.
    #Age - 19
    #Animal Keeper - Ferruginous hawks
    #Animal Name - Ava
    #Animal Looks - huge, five foot wingspans. On too, their wings were mostly brown with russet streaks. White below.
    #Animal Personality - Despite it's fierce beak and deadly talons, it's a friendly bird and loves messing with people by flying away with there things and putting them somewhere high.
    #Animal Gender - Female
    #Connection between Animal and Human 1-10 (1 being bad) - 8
  4. Name: Katrina Gray
    Personality: Generally quiet, but loud when she needs to be. She tries to avoid conflict at all costs, wether it means avoiding a person that doesn't like her or walking away when people start fighting. She really doesn't want to get involved. There's enough going on already.
    She isn't the bravest person ever (due to the fact that she's never been in many situations that called for it) and she's startled very easily. Because she doesn't want to be on anyone's bad side, she is extremely polite to everyone she's around, and always friendly and welcoming.
    Looks: Katrina is short for her age, standing at 4"11. She has dark blonde hair, which is straight and sits just below her shoulders. She has drab blue eyes and a slightly crooked nose (she broke it when she was four).
    She is skinny with small feet and long, slim fingers.
    Gender: Female
    Bio/History: Katrina came from a very good home. She lived with her parents, grandfather and three siblings. She was a high-middle class family, and had a good education. When the government began looking for Animal Keepers, her family sent her away to keep her safe. She set off with her 20 year old brother, Samuel, who also happened to have an Animal Keeper (Moorhen), but he was killed in a police ambush when he was helping Katrina escape. After that, she took off on her own.
    Age: 14
    Animal Keeper: Ferret
    Animal Name: Atami
    Animal Looks: Atami is a typical looking Ferret, black brown and white. He has a long, brown tail. Katrina's nickname for him is Pip, due to the small black spots across his white belly.
    He is 18 inches long (including tail).
    (Sorry the picture's a little big. It was the best I could find!)
    Animal Gender: Male
    Connection Between Animal And Human: 6; They're close, but Atami often wanders off from Katrina.
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  5. Name: Logan Walker
    Personality: Mostly quiet but loud when he needs to. Really has two different sides of him. Quiet on one side and very hot-headed and cocky on the other. He'll never back down from challenge and is willing to cheat to win. He doesn't like to get in fights. But if the other person started it, he'll go relentlessly at them. He's a rebel, never really getting to know his parents. He believes in loyalty and will get on somebody's good side.
    Looks: Not the tallest kid in the neighborhood. 5'4. He has black hair and is shaved down the sides. He has bright green eyes.
    Bio/History: I'll explain that to you later.
    Animal Keeper: Wolf
    Animal Name: Ryu
    Aninal Looks: Grey fur with black on the underbelly. White on his ears.
    Animal Gender: Male
    Connection between animal and human: 7 (they argue over stuff alot.)
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