Animal Donuts!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Japan is known for many cute, zany, wonderful things. Correct?
    Why not just add another, Japan?! 8D
    WAAAAANT. >:[
    Apparently, though, when you read the article, the donuts aren't actually as tasty as they seem.
    So.. sad.. but.. being a person that doesn't enjoy donuts often, I'd just sit and take pictures. 8D
    like.. as if they were.. my real pets.
    ; _;
    -tosses out the pet rock and moves on-
    Also, found the actual sites where they are made!! = Floresta: Nature Doughnuts
    Feedback? Cuteness? Hating it? Wanna throw them at people?
    :D Go!!
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  2. Omg the cuteness is sickening!

    I would eat the hell out of those adorable donuts. >:3
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  3. Surprisingly, these doughnuts are actually expensive: they're 9 dollars.
    Well, it is expensive for us, but Japanese people's life style might just settle for the prices, heh.
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  4. Psssssh.

    ; ^;
    I'd pay for those just once.
    Then, never again. - w-
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    Is what I would yell before taking a bite.
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    They are like if Staci-sans were transformed into an army of doughnuts! :3
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  7. Dem some cute-ass doughnuts. Cute things, unfortunately, usually don't taste as good as plain, non-cute things, but they are still CUTE. Gimme Dem Doughnuts! And hey, pet rocks are still cute!



    Okay, not as cute as those doughnuts, but still.
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  8. Omg I couldn't eat those they're too cute!!

    You should repost this to the delicious delicacies group!
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  9. ... I am tempted to make these myself. >___> But dear god, the amount of work that would go into making just one of those donuts. @____@
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  10. Looks like coconut is involved, icing, probably all chocolate but with colors, dem cute animals resemble some kind of doughnut hole that's been covered in icing and glaze...Some kind of crumbled red candy, possibly fruit or peppermint...I'm tempted to try and recreate the recipe in a kind of hit-and-miss manner. Although the icing looks like the hardest part. I guess they dip the little animals into the icing...I'm not sure, 'cause I've never attempted to make a doughnut before.
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  11. Interrupts the manager for a bit, "Hum, madam, I don't think anyone is hearing you".
    (Too much too read, sorry xD, but, yes, I agree with you.)
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  12. Sorry 'bout that. I tend to ramble about recipes. It's me, the recipe rambler! I bet that the icing doesn't taste as good as it looks, so I'd probably revise the recipe for the glaze they put on. But still, back to my original point. THEY CUTE!
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  13. When I saw this thread, just the name made me think of the animals actually baked into donuts like Sweeny Todd.

    But that is a creative idea.
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  14. [MENTION=4992]FishWolf[/MENTION] I found your analysis interesting: there's no rule that posts have to be short
  15. Thanks. Every single time I look at food I try to figure out what exactly goes into making it. Usually I fail, but still, it's fun to try.
  16. I'm all for the Sweeney Todd version.