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  1. No, I'm not kidding. Recently, I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and I absolutely love it. Major plot-wise, I was thinking along the lines of New Leaf, with a human character (or a few) coming to a sort of...backwoods town and helping it grow. I'd only open a few spots for human characters, but the rp would be allowed to grow in members as the town progresses.

    I still need help with a few ideas in this roleplay, such as:
    A town name (we'll probably use a sample map from the game itself)
    A way to make a sort of...progress bar, if we can. Or a checklist, to show the town is growing.
    And of course, quite a few varied animal characters that assist or oppose their new mayor and/or human villagers.

    Things about this rp:

    - There will be no sort of mature content warning. This is an E for Everyone game, and I intend it to be just that: For everyone.
    - Please don't make //every// character the same animal. Siblings and backstories are encouraged, but try to vary it a little bit.
    - Other than that, it's free game. Your character can have various backstories, and hundreds of subplots based on the characters. It's more of an open world, like the real games.

    So....anyone interested? Want to help? Or just join? Any ideas you'd like to pitch forward?
  2. I would love to help, this is pretty interesting. I love Animal Crossing. ^^
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  3. Heh, I went and made the rp over in Fandom Sign ups! Just head on over there and sign up! Animal Crossing is the greatest.
  4. What is with you and awesome ideas? Totally in!
  5. I'm interested as well!
  6. Thank Nintendo. XD
  7. I'm in! I'd love to help!
  8. I have never played animal crossing, but I'd be super into the idea of this
  9. Is it too late to join? -tilts head-
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