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  1. Who here plays Animal Crossing here? I'm fairly new at it, I just got it recently..

    Who is your favourite Animal? Who is your least favourite?

    My favourite is Chief (He is a dork) or Marcel ( Frenchy dork)

    My least favourite is Katt because she plotted her house on my cherries I got from Isabelle... I ignore her. She is a bitch..
  2. I love animal Crossing! There's an update coming up in fall for New Leaf! It's gonna include amiibo support :) Unfotunately I don't have much time to play these days. :/

    Favorite animal: Bluebear because he was one of my first villagers and Bangle, just because

    Least favorite: Katt, because that's just not friendly.
  3. My favourite villager is Bob. I never get Bob. The one time I got Bob, he moved in right on top of all my rare flowers in front of my house. That was the saddest reset I've ever done in my life.
  4. With the new update coming up if you've got a Bob amiibo card you can pull him into your village! you still have a chance if you want him, you can make him move in!
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  5. I started a new town >.< can I steal some native fruits of anyone?
  6. I guess I might have some. @KuroCallista What do you need? I have nearly everything.
  7. Mainly native fruits, I need Oranges, Pears and Peaches since I can get lemons etc on the island.
  8. I only have perfect oranges. You just missed harvest day. I can keep you posted on when the next batch comes in. But I have pears and peaches growing. @KuroCallista
  9. @LunaValentine sweet! I've got Perfect Cherries growing that I can give you in trade.
  10. Awesome :) I'll let you know when I got fruit again! I haven't had anyone visit my town in a long time.
  11. Harvest day has arrived! I have fruits!
  12. Sweet! Lemme add ya!

    0147 3293 5601
  13. 2509 4134 8343

    Bring an umbrella, it's storming :p
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  14. I come to you or? also ;-; I only have 4 perfect cherries for you ;-; I forgot and my tree are mostly dead
  15. Yup. gates are open. Don't worry about the cherries :)
  16. Thanks luna!
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  17. No prob!
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