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  1. The Letter

    Welcome, [insert student's name here]! We understand you have misbehaved at one point or another. We apologize your Teacher has raised you up to be a [sociopath, murder, delinquent, other] during your training to become fully human. It is with a sincere heart that we say our only goal is to rehabilitate you and help you adapt to society as a functioning human being.

    Please consider your stay here at The Pound as a place of knowledge, patience, understanding, and correction. So, [insert student's name here], we appreciate your willingness to attend our facility. In [insert amount of time here] you should be rid of your problems and be 100% healthy and fit to function. That is an Ambition promise!

    And remember, we all make mistakes, and it is best to learn from them.


    The Ambition Team


    Welcome to The Pound, an area built exclusively for students with "incorrect" behaviors. Students with disorders ranging from childish delinquent to crazed limb chopper are all placed here to undergo corrections and tests to change them into perfect human boys.

    The Pound consists of three buildings: A-Wing, B-Wing, and C-Wing. Each wing grows in the drastic acts committed by the students, A-Wing having minor offenders and C-Wing having hardened criminals.

    A yard is outside, usually used for events such as basketball, lifting weights, running, smoking, etc.

    A kitchen, usually where A-Wing and B-Wing students work, is available for all students in the morning for breakfast and evening for lunch and night for dinner. Usually seen as a socializing event.

    Laundry rooms unique to each wing are only available to those in that wing. Laundry is done here, but can also be a place where goods from the outside get smuggled in. Most goods are smokes, matches, chewing gum, toothpicks, small things like that.

    The Hole, where bad students go to be in solitary confinement, with no windows and a cot. Not a fun place for anyone involved.

    The cells are where students sleep, spend time doing nothing, chat, etc. Cells are quite private. Doors lead inside, the walls are solid, contain a bed and bathroom and dresser. The Pound, not being a human prison, is designed to give students the idea of being human, not animals. Locking students who were once animals in a prison designed like a zoo would only enhance their animal senses and fail the purpose. Private cells, however, have resulted in many sexual relationships between students and many illegal trades of outside goods without eyes watching.

    Character Sheet

    Name: First needed, last name not necessary
    Age: Self explainitory
    Crime(s): Crime or crimes committed to get student admitted into the pound, no major details necessary, all apart of the fun learning how the student got admitted in the first place.
    Assigned: What wing the student is in
    Sentence: How long they are expected to stay in The Pound
    Personality: The Personalities your student has, can either already be assigned to them or the desired personality. Only two.


    Name: Shinx Darkess
    Age: Unkown
    Crime(s): Sexual Assault, Theft, Assault and Battery
    Assigned: B-Wing
    Sentence: Two Years
    Personality: Mysterious, Diligent


    Name: Jinx Darkess
    Age: 28 (?)
    Crime(s): Indecent Exposure, Sexual Assault, Battery, Theft, Grand Theft Auto, Possession
    Assigned: B-Wing
    Sentence: Two Years, Five Months
    Personality: Mischievous, Diligent


    Name: Mix Darkess
    Age: 20's (?)
    Crime(s): Human Experimentation, Theft, Acts of Torture, Possession, Kidnapping, Cannibalism
    Assigned: C-Wing B-Wing [promoted for good behavior]
    Sentence: Fifty-Three Years Twenty-Seven Years Ten Years, 8 Months Two years, Seven Months [time decreased for good behavior]
    Personality: Tsundere, Composed


    Name: Oswald Hall
    Age: 25
    Crime(s): Premeditated murder, Four counts of voluntary manslaughter, Assisted suicide.
    Assigned: C-Wing (With permissions to explore due to good behavior)
    Sentence: 20 Years (8 If excused for good behavior)
    Personality: Mischievous, Mysterious.

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  2. Name: Oswald Hall
    Crime(s): Premeditated murder, Four counts of voluntary manslaughter, Assisted suicide.
    Assigned: C-Wing (With permissions to explore due to good behavior)
    Sentence: 20 Years (8 If excused for good behavior)
    Personality: Mischievous, Mysterious.

  3. Oswald stared across the small space of his cell, the sounds of the C-Wing making him thank whatever god was out there that his door had a lock on it. It had taken a lot of pretending to be horrible and sneaking out at night to convince the guards to lock him in every night, but it had saved him more times than he could count since he had come to this place. Needless to say he was not happy to hear that after they gave him permission to join the B-Wing inmates in their daily activities that the warden and committee had decided he was well behaved enough now to have the lock taken off.

    He could fight back, hell he'd killed six people, but it didnt mean that he.. no, that wasnt right. He loved fighting people, he just knew there were men and women here that could lay him flat on his ass and he didnt feel like visiting that butcher of a doctor anytime soon.

    He heard the buzzer, and all of the computerized doors opened simultaneously. His own and a few others opening about a minute later with an extra three clunks between the steel walls. Tired feet led him to the head count, bandages still on his face and covering the red blotches and torn skin from the last fight he had caused making his neighbor shudder at the memory of it.
    It was time for breakfast, and as the line led them to their own mess hall Oz broke away from the line and headed to the lift that would bring him to the B-Wing. He had to be approved by a guard, who was used to seeing him, and then let the scanner have a look at his wrist where a chip had been implanted before it would take him up above the ground where the food wasnt half bad.

    The C-Wing was underground, the only light they got was artificial and he understood that it was a clever way of controlling the inmates sleeping patters and keeping the rest of the pound safe. If something horrible happened all they had to do was put the seal on the lift and yard exit, then fill the basement with knockout gas. Both inmates and guards would be unconscious, but it still worked.
  4. "Hey, Shinx, wake up..." A familiar voice, always loud to his ears, forced his eyes open and his body to roll over to face away from the wall. A pair of legs danged from the edge of the bed above, landing to the floor with a soft thud, "Come on, I'm hungry!"

    "Shut up, Jinx." Shinx Darkess, eldest brother and a man with no patience without a cigarette in his mouth, looked to his brother with slender eyes. Still, the younger brother smiled, sporting the similar uniform of white on him. Jinx held out a hand, firmly pulling his brother up and out of bed, patting his back softly.

    "Aw what's wrong sleepy head? You didn't sleep good last night?"

    "Listening to you and our supplier all night? No, no I didn't sleep well."

    "Hey, I got us the smokes didn't I?" Jinx chuckled heading to his dresser across the small space. Crafted of steel and bolted down to the floor, the dresser was only meant to hold pairs of the same uniform in the top drawer, undergarments and socks in the middle, and shoes in the bottom. But now, the top drawer held cartons of cigarettes and sticks of gum earned by the acts of Jinx Dakress. "You know, it wouldn't kill you to earn some of these things yourself." Jinx noted, snatching three sticks from the carton and a lighter into his pocket. The added supplies would normally be confiscated, burned, and result in a trip to The Hole for most students. The brothers ignited their smokes, saving the third for their youngest brother, puffing smoke out the barred window against the back wall.

    "I got us the right to have these smokes," Shinx reminded, wincing at the memories of demoting himself and putting him in the hands of the warden, all for a few lung filling smokes, "so don't preach to me."

    "Got it, got it," Jinx laughed, coughing as he left out the room with Shinx following behind, "don't be a drama queen. You're the one in here for sexual assault haha." The brothers left their cell, noticing others doing the same, with their own rule bending items in hand. The mess hall scent could be smelled even over the smoke lingering in their faces, encouraging even the sluggish of students to move down the hall and out to eat. Downwards the unique long locks of violet hair shimmered under the florescent lights, a single eye scanning the area until Shinx and Jinx came along. No words were exchanged, a simple nod and the lighting of a cigarette were needed.

    The mess hall brought a view of students from the B-Wing, but uniforms clashed and made it hard to tell who was from A-wing or B-Wing, or forbid C-Wing. The brothers walked casually inside, using their youngest brother as a status symbol of sorts. A man with perhaps one of the longest sentences here walked with eye patch not seeming to hinder his vision, and means of lowering his sentence a mystery to most, puffing smoke into the air as guards gave curious looks his way. Together they sat at a long gray table, seeing the line for food too long to waste time standing in, blowing smoke into the dreary air above.
  5. The white fox didnt join the group of people in the kitchens, but when he did it was with as little staring as he could manage. Of course it was weird for someone to join them after the guards had brought them all in, but to his advantage he was here almost everyday and no one had really noticed he wasnt from this wing. Most, aside from those who had been in C, just assumed he was having sex with one of the higher up guards and let it slip by without asking.
    He didnt know who knew where he was from. He only recognized three people that had been in C, two had never actually noticed him before, and the third sat with the closest things he'd ever had to acquaintances and hadnt ratted him out yet so he wasnt sure if he knew or not.

    He waved at them as he passed by, going to get some of the food and find a seat by himself afterwards. He tried to be nice, of course, but word got around fairly fast that he was the type to fight for fun, and anyone that didnt want trouble tended to stay away from him. He wasnt sure where the Darkess brothers stood on that line, he had talked to the three of them before, very little with the younger two, but more so with the oldest. He was a lot of fun to talk to, and seemed to play along when Oz started to flirt with him, although he thought that perhaps this man didnt return the actual attraction? He never seemed to accept any invitations Oswald gave out, but he couldnt figure out if it was because he was uninterested, or if the man thought he was joking.
  6. "Pst, hey look heh heh, it's your boyfriend."

    "Huh?" Startled by such a claim, Shinx looked up from his staring at the table, noticing a familiar white haired student with ears still poking out his head. His worry and concern quickly died down, afraid of Jinx's claim as more of a warning of the warden or a guard, "He's not my boyfriend... I-I don't even know him." Shinx scoffed, darting his eyes back down to the table, biting his inner cheek to hold back any smile that might have crept along his face otherwise.

    "Don't lie," Jinx chuckled, standing up from the seat with his cigarette between his lips, "I have seen you talk to him before. When you gonna introduce us... he seems shy. Kinda cute but... shy."

    "That is Oz," Mix finally spoke, resting his smoke between his fingers, patting the ashes on the table, "he is from C-Wing. I have seen him before, when I was in there. It is so dark... so stuffy..." Recalling memories of the underground tomb, Mix shut his eye calmly, sighing softly as smoke seeped from his mouth. Jinx watched the fox student closely, stuffing his hands in his pockets, before taking a few steps forward.

    "Eh? Where are you going?"

    "I'm gonna invite the guy to eat with us. I am tired of talking about nonsense with you all day anyway haha, maybe I want someone new to chat with, yea?"

    "Don't be stupid. Besides, what makes you think he'll want to sit with us?"

    "Call it intuition." Blowing his smoke through his nose, Jinx walked through the isles between the tables, careful to not stare down students with their animal features showing. Those always seemed to be the more aggressive ones. Even the rabbit students he would have gladly fooled around with outside The Pound gave wicked red eyed glares in his direction, their actions speaking louder than their often soft and shrill voices. He slipped his way into the line, using his smoke to blind those in front of him, causing them to cough and fan the air helplessly. Slowly sneaking passed student after student, Jinx made his way behind the one known as Oz, giving his shoulder a quick tap. "Yo, you're Oz, right? I am Jinx, Shinx's little brother, I think you know him."
  7. Oswald had heard him coming up behind him, what with the string of coughing people getting closer and closer. A tray full of different colored mush and some macaroni was held firmly in his long fingers, and his ears turned slightly to focus on another sound when he turned to look at the man, studying him for a moment before nodding and plastering a friendly smile on his face. "Right, right, the really cute older guy with the best nose on the planet~ How can I help you Jinx?" He grinned at him, stepping out of the way of a few people who were trying to get by so that they could find a seat to have some breakfast in.

    Oz knew him, of course he knew him. You didnt watch people as much as Oswald did and not know the faces of those around someone you liked.. The fox tilted his head, waiting for the man to finish his sentence, the social contact making his stomach churn while at the same time cause his tail to swish with the possibility of talking to Shinx again today. Those conversations always gave him something to go over in his mind at night that actually made him happy, instead of listening to the cries for help from the double cells in his wing.
  8. Jinx smiled a bit, relieved the C-Wing student spoke, after seeing what happened to Mix from being down there he feared the worse. Taking a tray of food he couldn't even taste passed the smoke and bubble gum chew, Jinx blew his smoke into the air to avoid smothering the fox student. "Ah, so you do know him. I thought so, he seemed to know you at least haha! Anyway, him and I and our brother Mix are eating at the other table so you're joining us." With his mind set, and reverting back to an old habit yet to be corrected, Jinx made his statement clear and gave a slight nudge with his elbow to the student as he walked, guiding him towards the table. "Finally, haha, someone new to talk to."

    Mix looked up from the table, noticing Jinx attempting his smooth talking across the room, eye squinting in response. "He is speaking to the fox... He will probably sit with us... Are you okay, Shinx?" Noticing his older brother twirling his cigarette in his hand with his back facing the two coming closer, Mix watched with cautious eye and wondered if it was Oz's fault for his big brother's discomfort.

    "Hm? yea I am fine, I just... I don't want Jinx embarrassing me. Oz is perhaps the only person here I can hold a damn conversation with and I seriously don't need Jinx ruining my image."

    "Ah, I see... So Oz doesn't know why you're here then?"

    "Never talked about it, I don't know why he's here either... I mean, I'd ask but... I usually don't talk about such things with him." Shinx scoffed, taking his cigarette back to his lips, kissing the smoke with hidden passion, letting the warmth embrace his lungs like a blanket.
  9. The mannerisms of this creature confused him, even annoyed him a little bit at first. But it was really just one thing that stuck out and made him plant his feet firmly in the ground to stop the pushing. His teacher had been very clear on these matters. "Excuse me? I'm sorry hon, but I'm not going anywhere because you tell me to.. Now, a please, or an invitation would be heavenly, but I'm not going to be ordered around." He frowned and turned back to look at him, careful to keep any anger to his eyes, the rest of his features just expressing that horrible amount of disappointment that made you feel so much worse than when someone was angry with you.

    "Now." He paused to make sure that the man was actually listening and that he wasnt frightening him, or stepping over a line of any kind. "I would adore to eat with you all, but I would appreciate it if you refrained from ordering me about. Teacher always said that you must have good manners, regardless of the situation." He blinked, crystal blue eyes getting that same old glint in them as the grin returned aswell. "Thats why I always say please and thank you, even if I'm told not to speak with my mouth full because I might bite something sensitive~"
  10. "Eh? Your Teacher said that, huh? Well, look around you sweet heart, your Teacher ain't here." As if genuinely concerned that the student was blind or hard of seeing, Jinx waved his hand in the air to signify a lack of not just this student's Teacher but all Teachers. He wondered if those in C-Wing were indeed crazy and imagined that their Teachers still cared about them, still were here teaching them, still loved them. It was a notion Jinx gave up on long ago. "I am sure your Teacher told ya not to do whatever it is that got you in here in the first place too haha, but I am sure ya did it anyway. I am sure your pleases and thanks yous didn't help you much in here either. Please and thank ya don't get ya anything in here, only thing that gets you anything is favors and punches." Jinx took a quick puff of his cigarette, one he'd earned himself just the night before, cracking his back a bit feeling the cuts left behind from nails he wished had been cut. "I don't beg, not to students anyway haha, nor do I invite people to be with me. I have never been invited by anyone else, just taken."

    The normal grin on his face faded a bit, holding his tray in one hand and cigarette in the other, noticing his oldest brother giving a look of pure hatred at him before turning back, "However if you want to sit with my brother, and we want you to sit with us, I think it would benefit us both if you did. Not saying I am inviting you, because I ain't ya Teacher and you ain't a king, but I ain't commanding you either... 'hon.'" He snickered a bit at the strange title, he was sure he introduced himself as Jinx, but from the damage caused to his head from the incident, anything could be wrong without him knowing.

    Shinx slammed his forehead on the table, other students looking on in curiosity seeing a rather senior member of The Pound in such an angry frustrated state. It was rare, at least to those outside of Shinx's cell, to see him wound up. All he needed was a cigarette in his hand and a bit of personal space and he was normally easy to please. Mix watched seeing his oldest brother known as his rock act so emotionally, due to this Oz character. He felt his lip twitch, quickly offering the rest of his smoke to his brother. If Oz was such a cause of pain, all be it emotional, then the pain would have to go away. "Don't look at me like that," Shinx grumbled, bu accepted the smoke nonetheless, puffing away at it while the other rested between his fingers, "I am fine, just nervous..."

    "Hm. I see..." Mix watched Jinx talking his mouth off, noticing the sudden shift in emotions. Emotional stability is what got his brother here in the first place, and Mix knew this well, watching him closely with a dull crimson eye.
  11. "Well, if thats the case I think I'll pass, and its a little to early in the morning to start a boxing match, but I do suppose a little exercise wouldnt hurt if this conversation continues in the same direction.. But you already look so worn out, it would really be fair.." he tried very hard to ignore the comments about the teachers, but all of the smiles had dropped from his face when the brother had waved his hand in front of his face like he was incapable of anything. His ears flattened slightly, and he took a step to the side of Jinx, remembering that his teacher always told him to distance himself from anything that made him angry. Not fantastic advice, but it got the job done. "I think I'll just go sit over there for now, perhaps I'll wait until you're not being such a jerk to come and say hello.."

    He turned away from him, seeing a table two rows over from the one Shinx was at and taking another step before pausing and turning his shoulders back to the man. "And my Teacher fully supported all of my choices, even encouraged the last of them if you would call it that." He was usually quite the happy little thing around Shinx, and that was, well, because the man made him happy. He was nice to him, had decent manners, didnt treat him like he was weak or something to be owned just because he looked the part. He liked the guy, and had fooled himself into thinking other in this place might be like him aswell.

    The table he wanted wasnt quite empty when he got to it, but as he sat down the men there quickly dispersed. Probably because of the ruined mood that was plain as day on his face. He was disappointed that someone related to Shinx would talk like that, and that he had probably just mouthed off enough to earn himself a bad name with the family.

    He poked at the food, his appetite lost.
  12. Jinx scoffed, waving the delusional man away without much care, "Where is your Teacher now then?!" Jinx called out loud enough for others to hear, "Haha, so eager to encourage you to do bad stuff huh? Pff, maybe they wanted you gone." Jinx added in a quieter tone, making his way back to his seat, "Well I tried inviting him over as nice as I could, but he is crazy, Shinx."

    "Oh is he?" Shinx asked unimpressed by the claims of his brother's efforts, smoking from one cigarette to the next, "And what makes you say that, Jinx?"

    "He tells me that he wants invites all proper, and pleases, and thank yous, you know all that stuff goody students do. Name the last time you said thanks to anyone, either of you!" The other two brothers were quiet for a moment, thinking of the statement genuinely, both shrugging defeated in their attempts. Jinx gave a nod, poking at his mush with no real desire to eat, puffing away at his smoke. "I also think he's blind, he spoke of his Teacher as if they were here. As if their advice meant anything, like, his Teacher was watching or something."

    "Jinx he can't be blind, he's seen me and recognizes me. I think he is just clinging onto whatever he has left of his old life, that's all."

    "That's foolish," Mix added, watching the student sulking alone for no reason in his mind, "then again, Jinx is never good at explaining things. I bet you rubbed him the wrong way."

    "Whoa, whoa, I ain't rub him anyway yet. Right or wrong. Still, not my fault haha! He acted entitled to shit you know, like as if I should change who I am to make him feel comfortable. Who does he think he is?" Jinx took a puff from his cigarette before hunching on the table, putting an arm around Shinx's shoulder with a smile. The temptation to hit his younger brother was overwhelming, yet Shinx couldn't bring himself to do so. He remembered his brother prior, somewhat arrogant and a show-off like now, but it seemed he couldn't function as a human anymore.

    "You're hopeless..."

    "Aw I love you too, Shinx."

    "... I am going to go sit with him."

    "Like Hell! That guy is a snob! He acts like he isn't in the most sever holding cell, they put the crazies in there man! If anything you should avoid people from there! N-No offense, Mix." Jinx paused looking across the table, Shinx too looking to see Mix had disappeared, already walking over to the sulking fox. Mix stood over him, looking down with the only eye he had left, holding his hands behind his back.

    "Are you going to join us? Or are you going to make my big brother walk all the way over here for you?" Despite the serious tone in his voice, Mix managed to crack a slight smile at the fox, teasing him before holding out his hand, "I am... inviting you to our table. But don't ever expect me to humble myself before you again. For you have done nothing, yet, to deserve my kindness. Still, if my big brother likes you, then you must be worth having around..." He kept his hand out, the hand he once used to remove the internal organs from his victims, now cleaned of the blood he thought would never wash out.
  13. If he had gotten bad vibes from the first brother the second one made him want to hide. He didnt really want to go with him at all now, and stared at his hand for a moment, feeling a little bit frightened of what would happen if he refused. But, perhaps today just wasnt his day..
    He stood up and took the others hand to at least shake it and try to seem nice. "To be honest you dont really have to invite me like this.. I just dont like people ordering me to do things.. I wouldnt think anyone actually likes that."

    He wanted to work this carefully, because he knew what this one was in for and didnt particularly favor being murdered in his sleep. "Thank you.. I really appreciate you doing this for me, but I think maybe today has just started off badly.. I think I'll just maybe slip away and hope that tomorrow is a more pleasant day. If.. If it is that you dont mind. I dont want to be rude, thats for sure." He let go of the offered hand a moment later, glancing down at the tray of food and finding it two seats down from him and being eaten by someone else.

    "It is however, I think, a sign of good luck to be greeted by such a beauty so early in the morning~ I't makes me sad to have to run away.." He really wanted to get out of there now, maybe find somewhere to just sit quietly for a little while somewhere in this safer wing. He moved to leave when he thought it might be safe.

    Oswald was a little bit messed up, after everything he did for and to his teacher there was no way on the planet he would be ok. But he handled it, hecould keep himself under control to the best of his abilities and only faltered in particularly bad moods, and extraordinarily cold nights where he longed for the fluffy blankets that his teacher would bring for him back when she was alive.
  14. "If you believe my brother Jinx could order you around without you wanting to do something than you are foolish," Although hard to tell, the slight adjustment of Mix's shoulders up and down signified a type of laughter forming in his throat, "you may have to humor him. It is like a small dog barking at a large patient one, I find it... cute how the big dog simply sits and endures it. Shinx is usually there to punish Jinx when he needs it. You will get used to it." Without admitting it, Mix saw himself as the patient dog in every situation, taking hold of the fox's hand, tightly this time, just in case. He didn't need two eyes to see the pain in the student's eyes, a pain of loss, a pain of sadness. Many students had this look, some more sever than others, but Mix had no pity for the self pitied.

    "My name is Mix Darkess, and I have seen you before, I was in the C-Wing until recently... I hope you understand at this point, now that I am holding your hand, that I am not going to let you go. Please, do not panic, for I am in no mood to break my big brother's heart by scaring you off just yet." Mix summoned his patience, the same patience he used to cut thin lines with a scalpel along squirming bound bodies, to tolerate the response the fox had to flight or fight. He looked over at his brothers, Jinx waving with both his arms and a smile as if he'd forgotten already what had happened these past few minutes. Maybe he had, Mix couldn't be sure. "My big--Shinx," Mix corrected, "gets very emotional when those he likes are uncomfortable... you cause him this... I don't like it. So, for your sake, and mine. Please. Sit. With. Us." Mix gave a slight tug on Oz's hand, feeling a spark in his memories, having grabbed and torn at fingers until he heard the bones snap and crack. Summoning his patience, he blinked slowly, "He's watching. And I won't take no for an answer. You wouldn't want to be rude now, would you?"
  15. The fox squirmed under the others hold, trying to get his hand free eithough making to much of a scene, although the ears laid flat back along his head probably spoke volumes. "F.. Fine, fine! Just let go of me." He didn't like this St all, and it took everything he had not to yank his arm away and yell at this guy, something along the lines of 'what the hell is wrong with you people?!' Came to his kind, but never left it.

    This made him uncomfortable, and his whole body tensed when he was lead over to the small families table to sit with them. He wanted to leave. It didn't matter that Shinx was here, that his favorite person on the planet was right next to him, he wanted to go back to his cell and make them lock the doors. "...nice weather today." He forced the words out after he had sat down in silence for a few moments, his hands clenched into balls on his thighs. There was something seriously wrong with that last brother, and Oz did not want to have to deal with it today.
  16. "Wonderful." Mix spoke with no elevation in his tone, sounding as commanding as he did prior, despite feelings of genuine relief that he wouldn't have to drag the student over. Only when he got his seat back across from Shinx did Mix speak again, "There, I brought the boy. Now you can stop panicking."

    "Mix that's not how things work!" Shinx groaned resting his head down on the table, smoke elevating from his mouth to linger in the air.

    "Haha good work, Mix! Now we can sit together and Shinx can have a nice breakfast just like before." Jinx smiled sitting at Shinx's side, patting his back while poking at the quivering pile of mash on his tray. "You want a smoke, foxy?" Jinx offered, puffing away at his own, ignoring the student's sad attempts at small talk. Who cared what the weather was like? "Your name is Foxy, right? That doesn't sound right but I--I don't remember."

    "Kill me now." Shinx begged into the table to no one in particular, keeping his reddening face hidden as his brothers did their best to make him happy. He couldn't blame them, they were his young brothers after all, and even though drastic about it they were like most brothers. Eager to gain the approval of their older brother, not caring exactly the methods of how to do so, always seeking his approval.

    "Shinx you shouldn't make wishes like that, what if it comes true?"

    "... Kill me now." Mix rolled his eye slightly, pulling the tray towards him, taking his turn to poke at the mush. Shinx peered over at the clearly uncomfortable fox next to him, nudging Oz with his foot, but failing to fight against his own embarrassment to say anything comforting or reassuring. The last time he was this embarrassed, it got him thrown here in the first place. He puffed away at his smoke, trying to steady his nerves.
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  17. With the nudge to his foot Oz glanced over at Shinx, wondering if he could get them out of this situation at all without making his brothers angry or to have them follow them around at all. "Hey, do you want to get out of here? They got a shipment of books to that pathetic thing they call a library, we could check them out? Well, I heard they were all kids pop ups, but still. It's something to do?" There was a small block of free time just after the meal, before they had to go outside and mingle with all of the pounds inhabitants for a while.

    He relaxed a little bit when he focused on the one brother who hadn't tried to threaten him this morning, doing his very best to forget that the other two were here because he really wanted to hang out with Shinx and he assumed that those hopes and dreams would be dashed if he were to get into fights with either of the brothers.

    "Come oooh, we can rip apart the pop ups and tape them in other places, make the books a little more adult friendly~"
  18. Shinx looked over at his brothers, watching the two of them begin to have a conversation of their own, finally sitting up seeing his cigarettes were dead. "I see, fine let's go." He stood up from his seat, nudging Jinx's in the back of his head. Looking back at his older brother, Jinx laughed a bit and put his around Shinx's waist while remaining in his seat.

    "Okay, okay, go have fun with whoever-the-fuck. Just remember we have to go to the Yard later, and don't be gone too long or I'll get lonely."

    "I got it, I got it." Ruffling the hair on top of Jinx's head, Shinx prepared to leave the table waiting for Oz to follow, putting his hands in his pockets. With long hair in a tail trailing down his back, every other step disturbed his hair and caused it to swish to the side, almost like a tail hidden inside of him. "Come on, I wasn't hungry anyway.
  19. He was ecstatic to get away from the kitchens and once the door was shut behind them all of the tension just melted away from his body and he settled into a leisurely pace beside the other man. "Hey.. Are your brothers..uh..okay?" He poked his head around him a little bit to look up, tossing the question away for one of their more usual type of conversations.

    "You know, we don't have to go to the library, nothing but a bunch of stuffy old men waiting for little boys in there, why don't we go somewhere a little more private, Hm? You can teach me a few tricks. What do you say old timer?" The grin was back on his face, and he was happy to be backo naming jokes that he would have been more than happy about following through with.

    He wanted to have some fun today, wanted to be around this man because he felt safe with him. Not so much with the brothers, but a hell of a lot safer than he felt in his own cell, especially now that they were taking his lock off the door tonight.
  20. "Old am I?" Shinx chuckled a bit, hands in his pockets walking casually, yet his mind was racing with thoughts jumping from one place to the next. "An old man like me could teach you more than you could handle." Still, the idea of privacy was welcoming, even though no such thing truly existed in The Pound. He looked over at Oz, scoffing a bit wondering what his brothers saw in him to not kill him. Was it just because he knew him? Did his status mean so much as to even intimidate his brothers to not hurt him?

    "Well, privacy or not, I need to head to my room anyway. I need a smoke and--you don't smoke right?" He questioned, not exactly in the mood to share the cigarettes he'd worked so hard to get, but shrugged off his selfish train of thought. Leading his guest to his small four walled temporary home, Shinx opened the door and mimicked the polite way to invite someone in, purely in jest.


    "Heh, you see him?" Jinx questioned, standing behind Mix as they followed a good distance away, noticing the path to the library change to the private quarters.

    "Mmhm... Seems he is taking him to your bedroom." Mix noted, peeking around the corner watching his eldest brother's strange movements. "How strange..."

    "It ain't strange haha! Seriously how did you manage to survive in C-Wing for so long without uh, 'inviting' people to your room."

    "Simple: I didn't need to invite anyone."
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