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Have you ever been attacked by an animal?

Have you ever been attacked by an animal? I never have, well aside from a hungry cat, but a friend of mine got attacked by a dog once, pretty bad too. She had to have a lot of reconstructive surgery to her face after. I was just wondering If you all have any vicious animal attack stories.
If being stung by a honeybee counts, then yes. Hurt like hell back when I was 10.

Something tells me I'm glad that I get bitten by ants every certain time of the year. There are worse critters out there.
When I was in 7th grade, I was running around our school's track. A massive dog jumped out of nowhere and caught up to me, then tackled me. He ripped my shirt up and left a lot of ugly marks on my skin... Worse would have been done if my coach wasn't around. D:

That's the worse I could think of. The wasp bites I got and the abuse from my cats don't really count.
Not personally but...
I had a friend whose dogs were pretty vicious post cop dogs. Everyone was afraid of them, but the dogs where amazingly obedient to their owners. Well one day this friend/dog owner happened to be walking one of his dogs to the park where my best friend and I had met him. All the sudden the dog snapped and before the guy could contain him happened to get a hold of my best friend's thigh, he ripped the pants she was wearing damn near off, and bit OFF part off her mid thigh. She was ok, just some stitches but still!
I was a little chillun at the petting zoo and a goat damn near ate me alive. That's it.
I got molested by a giraffe when I was 11.

(Truth: I was at Fossil Rim. It's nature preserve that allows you to interact with the animals, the giraffe licked my entire face with one swipe of that sticker purple tongue. I actually cried and screamed that I was never washing my face again. 0.o)

I've dealt with a lot of dog-freakouts, I worked with a volunteer service called AGA (Animal Guardians of America) and I specialized with majorly abused dogs, even though I had only worked there for around a month when they started me on that. I almost got mauled by a Sharpei, but I was quick enough to evade, though its potential owners got pretty pissed. Usually if a dog got upset I was called over. You learn how to deal with doggies pretty quickly when that happens.
I got molested by a giraffe when I was 11.

Ahhhh, It all makes sense now <3
What? My love of animals, or my disturbing behavior?
BOTH^^^ jk/jk

Anyone else>?