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  1. Within the forest, Wildpelt flew at the speed only he could muster. His gray paws flew over the darkened brush as if it wasn't there, and his body was flying faster than his paws were. Two large dogs chased him, as if he was little more than a piece of prey to be torn into. He beat his paws even harder on the ground as growls came form behind him, scaring him to where his fur stood on end. This wasn't how he had expected his hunting to go, and this most certainly would be deadly if he couldn't get away!

    Finally, ineroxibly, the dogs began to pull ahead of him. With no other option now, Wildpelt looked down and morphed his way into a human, his hands now skidding over the ground like they were slick with water. Now the 17-year-old Will Packett, he turned around and gave a cat hiss at the two dogs. The two animals ran away from him, both hiding their tails in their pelts as the sight of an almost full-grown human hissing at them too much to handle. The human nodded and turned around to look at the world behind him...

    ...and there was a human staring at him in the darkness. He blinked and looked at them, blue eyes flashing. Whoever they were, there was no way they hadn't seen him morph. He nodded awkwardly, "Um...hello..."
    ((Whoever wants that human take it.))
  2. A girl about his age walks out into the clearing, her green eyes dark and cold. She looks him over before speaking. "Who are you, and what business do you have here. She pulls down her hood, allowing her hair to fall down around her shoulders.

    Shade Bloodhallow is a very cautious person, especially after the cult incident. She shakes her head clearing it of those thoughts. She didn't exactly trust this boy, no matter how much like her he was.

    She starts to walk around him, making sure to memorize every detail she could possibly find. Shade stops once again in front of him. "Better yet, what are you?"
  3. Will looked at her, "The name is Wildpelt, if you wouldn't mind calling me by my animal name. And I wouldn't be here unless those two hounds hadn't interrupted my hunting and chased me over the borderlines." He watched her move, and, just like a cat, traced her every movement.

    "Why are you circling me?" HE asked now, staring into her orbs of eyes, and watching her with distrust.
  4. Shade snarled at him, baring her fangs as her eyes flashed dangerously. "Your on my turf now, I like to evaluate my prey before killing them." She responds a small smirk on her face.

    She tilted her head slightly listening to the small creatures scurrying around in the undergrowth. She was hungry and hadn't had the chance to hunt for a while.
  5. Will took his stance and he suddenly closed his eyes and drove a mess of screaming thoughts into her mind designed to do one thing: rip her sanity to shreds. He drove this deep into her, harder and harder until he hit the very center of her being, "You will not kill me today then!" He was leaning forward by now.
  6. Shade growled as she shook her head trying to clear it of the sound. "What are you doing?" She quickly grabbed her seraph blade and hit Will over the head with the hilt, knocking him out. She managed to put the blade away before passing out herself.
  7. Still hiding in a tree in her human form she continues watching the 2 of them. Thinking to herself 'Thank god they haunt noticed me' She would most likely be dinner if they caught her. Trying to get up little closer she accidently snaps a twinge using her foot. In slight fear her invisibility activates but only lasts a few seconds.

    She slips down the tree and checks out the 2 beings. Noticing they are out cold, She with her puny body attempts to drag them back to her home yet it was not to far off the boarder lines. And heads out for dinner. "Stay here...and don't move"
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  8. Shade come to, she looks around taking out her blade and standing up slowly. She sees Will still passed out on the ground. "I must have hit him hard." She smirks to herself.

    She walks around trying to find out what was in this place. She finds some rope and smiles to herself as she binds Will's hands and feet.
  9. The door opens wide and the fish in my arms splashes on the floor. "What's your name?" I say excitedly looking at the girl roping the boy.
  10. She looks over to the girl startled. She growls softy baring her fangs slightly. "I'm Shade, wha are you?" She walks over to the girl and circles her, but making sure not to seem as menacing as she could be.
  11. Will began to wake up and moaned lightly and felt the ropes. Now he looked at the and hissed, "what the neck?!?"
  12. Shade shrugs. "Safety precautions. Don't take it personally." She walks around the room a little more before stopping in front of a window.
  13. Will unsheathed his claws before a thought came to him. Once she was your of sight, he simply morphed into a cat and slid out of the now enormous restraints, then he backed away and hid in the underbrush. He smirked a bit as she probably hadn't expected this from him.
  14. Shade sighed and started to shift, her ears and tail appearing girst. She stopped and turned to the girl. "Don't touch that yet." She says pointing to the fish. She finished shifting and found Wilpelt's scent immediately. She went over to where he was hiding and picked him up by the scruff of his neck.
  15. Unable to concentrate enough to turn back to human, the gray cat withered in anger. Jane to speak human, he sent a telepathic message to her, put me down this instant! He hissed to her, struggling to break free. If he wasn't being scruffed,he would be able to turn to human.
  16. Shadow looks down at the small cat. Not going to happen little kitty. She walked back to the house and laid down, Wildpelt still in her mouth. She twitched her tail slightly in agitation.
  17. Feeling the teeth around his vital areas, the cat was forced to go limp and hang there, hissing in embarrassed fury.
  18. Shadow looked up at the girl and then to the fish, her stomach growling. She whined softly, her tail wagging in hopes of food. You taste disgusting, did you know that? She asked Wildpelt, still not allowing him to go. She felt a strange connection to him and the girl.
  19. You don't want to eat me, I'd taste like feral cats! He smirked then, finally jumping onto the floor, I'd taste better, but not by much, as a human.
  20. I wouldn't eat you either way, it goes against the law. Shadow lays her head down on her paws looking over at Wildpelt. Her eyes glowing brightly in the sunset. She curled her tail around herself and let a small sigh out.
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