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Animal Academy

An anthro RP group on! A university based around anthropomorphic animals in California. If you have a strong interest in anthros, forming relationships with your ocs, looking for a project to tend to in your free time and not be bothered by activity checks, or not be rushed when it comes to RP replies, Animal Academy is for you with a friendly and open community! The beauty of this project is that anyone can join, roleplaying isn't required, create head-cannons & spark character development with other members, or submit your characters and call it a day.
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  • No activity checks, stress free & welcoming
  • Fun & friendly community
  • Unlimited characters per member
  • Checkout our student generator
🏈 What AA is looking for
People seeking an active, established project they can tend to in their free-time! Animal Academy is not strict on activity, we understand people have work, school, and life in general.

🏈 What AA provides
A beautifully orchestrated IC roleplaying feature on our world forums, custom codes, personalized social media for your characters, student IDs, staff introductions, events, choose between student or professor or other, have as many characters as you desire to be involved our plot, target hunting, a community where you can make friends and so much, much more.

Not into the whole RP thing? We got you covered. AA has a wide variety of members looking to develop ideas just like you.
No samples or activity required. Browse through different threads to see what your character can experience with others.
Open house
Get a quick feel of the community by joining our server, no strings attached. You don't even need a character to join.


Don't have toyhouse? Our founder has over 200 invite codes, just join our server & ask for one and we can walk you through the process. Please read through general rules before applying.

This project is an adult only space (18+).
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