Animal abuse is now a felony

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  1. It should be a felony. Animal cruelty is disgusting and quite frankly I am surprised it took this long to make it a felony.
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  2. It should have been a felony a long time ago. Not only is animal abuse a precursor of violent crimes, it is also a warning sign of serious mental disorders. Maybe if it had been considered a crime a long time ago, there wouldn't be nearly as many violent offenders out there as they would have gotten the help they needed early on.
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  3. Huffington Post. Literal Garbage (For Political) News. (open)

    It should've been done ages ago. Though they aren't doing it 'for the animals' it looks like. They're just doing it to keep track of people that could possibly become violent towards humans, which is understandable.

    Now if only we could glass deal with Saudi Arabia for putting down dogs en masse by injecting acid into them so they writhe in agony for hours. China too while we're at it.
  4. Saudi Arabia's one of those horrible countries where their human rights records are so abysmal, it doesn't surprise me they treat animals like monsters.

    Regardless, it's encouraging some legislation's put forward to try and stop the creepy bastards who get off on the pain and suffering of animals.
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  5. Good.
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  6. Dogs are considered unclean in Islam, hence the horrid treatment. Cats though, are sorta-sacred, I believe. Something about if a cat touched it then whatever it was (food, bed, etc) it's considered halal.

    This is a step in the right direction on our own soil though. Now if only they had a pet offender database that let you look for prior abusers. See an awful lot of "free dog" all over swap shops and trading sites where you don't know who's going to take them.
  7. I imagine that the reports wouldn't cover factory farming or animal testing (strictly, anyway). I wonder what kind of word salad would exempt these practices from being felonies, otherwise industries will have a lot more costs to consider so that what they're doing isn't a felony.

    It's good that they're tracking individuals though with a history of animal cruelty. As a cynic, however, it seems like it's only important to the FBI because of the linkage to people, and not animal rights in and of themselves.
  8. Fun Fact: Animal Abuse laws have been in place in the U.S. longer than Child Abuse laws.

    I'm glad that animal abuse is now a felony. Having them register like arsonists and rapists is a good idea... Those people should be kept away from animals, and, for that matter, people. Sickos.
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  9. I'm a little split here.

    On one side I'm relieved because it's a crime that does seriously need to be charged as such.

    On the other hand though? 'Humane' Societies tend to be rather notorious for harassing very innocent and loving pet owners, threatening to remove their pets etc because of suspected abuse (even if it's completely bogus).
    And a law like this, if written poorly could easily be abused by such organizations.
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  10. Yeah, Humane Societies tend to get a little harass-y but normally their belief is well founded. And they typically only harass corporations that exploit animals. Ultimately their goal is to get animals in homes, and keep them there. I've never heard them taking animals away without just cause. When I was little we were a foster home for abused animals, and the cases we took in were pretty severe. We were given a one year old Chihuahua at one point who weighed half of what she should have, and had had every rib broken at least once... We ended up keeping her because it took us over a year to get her to come out of hiding whenever we had guests.

    As a side note: Those agencies don't actually possess the legal qualifications to remove an animal from its owner without police assistance.
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  11. In Canada animal abuse is illegal and people go to jail and get banned from owning a pet...
  12. I'm mostly okay with this.

    Simple neglect being counted as a felony might get a little ridiculous, with things like people being charged with a felony for leaving their dog in a car on a warm day, but whether or not it's actually over the top will depend on how severely the law is applied.

    I also find it ridiculous that the justification for this classification is "oh, yeah, there's a lot of evidence that shows animal abuse leads to crimes against humans." That's fucking stupid. People should be punished for crimes they have actually committed, not for things they might do based on statistics. If the crime in and of itself with no outside factors is not actually worthy of felony classification then it should not be a felony, end of story.

    However, I happen to think that most animal abuse is indeed felony-worthy without those outside factors, so I'm not too bothered by the silliness.
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  13. Depends on the cry out.
    Humans > Animals in the eyes of the law and where Police go.

    Even if it is technically illegal, they can get unknowing families stuck in a legal tango.
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