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  1. (Out of character thread- )

    ===> Welcome to the Anima Alloy Augmentation Clinic, please standby for a doctor to call you in. We will now dive into the past so you may learn more about the world of Anima Alloy’s…

    ===> Today is February 14th, 3065.

    The Evans and Karters have finally found out how to mutate a soldiers skin to be very hard like body armor! However, this was short lived as it faded away after 15 minutes. Subject was shot in the forearm, but has survived.

    ===> Today is May 15th, 3066

    Over a year has passed and with great success we have managed to have a fully armored soldier. The unique thing is that it was made from his own skin! He made a second skin on just a thought! More to come…..

    There was more to the video, but Max tried to tune it out. He was tired of hearing that recording, but luckily his turn had finally come to be augmented. He was sitting in the waiting room with many other people of all ages. When he had signed up to be augmented the reception nurse had asked if he wanted to be augmented right away. The reason being is that he is a Karter and anything AA related was given to them top priority. Max had said no, due to his family, and especially him, not wanting any special attention for just being a Karter. They had very little to do with the AAs these days, but for some reason were treated like royalty.

    A female nurse walked into the room with a clip board, "Max K?" Max had requested his last name not be said out loud, and was glad they had honored that. He got up and went over to the nurse, "Max please go to the left and down to room 54, the doctor will be in soon."

    "Thank you." And with that Max went down the hall until he found the room. He opened the door and saw only an operating table. "Hm....I guess it really is simple. Simple enough to even do it ourselves." He walked in and stood next to the table to wait. It only took five minutes and the doctor knocked on the door and walked in.

    "Hello Max," The doctor looked down to his clipboard, "...Karter? Why didn't you asked to be augmented earlier?" He was looking up at Max with confusion. Max explained why and the doctor laughed, "Well it isn't my place to say....anyway shall we begin?" He motioned for Max to lay on the operating table and Max did. "Alright Max you are going to feel a slight pinch like a regular shot, but you will fall unconscious. This should only take a maximum of thirty minutes to be completely done and you'll be free to go."

    Max nodded his head and closed his eyes. He felt the doctor sterilize his arm and then the pinch of the needle going in. His heartbeat increased and he felt all his muscles contract and relax over and over. His breathing got heavier and faster, but soon everything slowed and he was unconscious. The doctor took Max's pulse to make sure he was alive, then stood back and waited for him to wake up.
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  2. White. Shining, white walls surrounded Enlil, typical of those in a surgery waiting room. Not that Enlil knew that, as he stared blankly at them. He couldn't remember what was typical. Not after...after what? It was as if there was a black hole in Enlil's mind, that had sucked up all his memories. Why did things seem so... odd? It was normal to be getting an AA these days, wasn't it? Enlil was sure that was what he was supposed to be doing, but...he couldn't remember the but. Well, the nurse was here now, no point in lingering on it any longer.

    "You're Enlil Tsubasa, correct?" the nurse checked looking down at Enlil. Enlil only nodded, since he was't entirely sure it was his name. It sounded like his name, yet, he couldn't feel the personal sensation of his own name. Again, it didn't matter now though, he was walking down the corridor, to the room the nurse had told him to go to.

    "Greetings Enlil Tsubasa," an old man, presumably the doctor, greeted without any hesitance. As if he knew something about Enlil that Enlil didn't. "Please, come sit down at the operating table," the man/doctor invited, with a smile Enlil should have recognized to be fake. But like I was saying, Enlil didn't recognize anything these days. While Enlil sat at the table, the man rambled about a pinch, unconsciousness, thirty minutes, maybe more for you. Enlil didn't listen to any of that, just the last three words: "Lay down, relax," the man ordered. So Enlil did so. A few seconds later Enlil realized there was a needle in his arm, then the colours faded, and he only saw one colour: white.
  3. Max woke up with a groan, not remembering where he was, "What's going on?" He saw the doctor writing down something on his clipboard and Max remembered he was getting an AA. "So the augmentation was successful?"

    The doctor looked up to Max and smiled, "As far as we know it did. To confirm you must activate your AA, you know how to do that right?"

    Max nodded and said in his mind, #First time AA activation!# Nothing happened at first, but then Max felt a tingle in his body. White hairs seemed to sprout out all over his body and grow longer. Once long enough they weaved together and finally formed the base of the armor. The hair hardened and became the final AA form. It looked like a simple suit of white, metalic armor that just conformed to the wearer's body. The hud flickered on and he could see his armor's condition. Everything was green like it should be and he could also see the menu that he could access mentally. Max raised his arms and looked over his body, "Wow....this is better than I thought....I'll definitely have to configure everything I can later."

    The doctor wrote down the final piece of information and looked up at Max, "Well Mr. Karter, enjoy your new AA and don't forget to sign up for the AA Tornament!" With that the doctor walked to the door, opened it and went out.

    Max rushed out and ran past the doctor with enhanced speed, creating a large gust of wind. The wind blew the the clipboard out of his hands and he sighed while picking it up. Max continued to run until he was outside.
  4. A pair of dark eyes peered out from beneath obsidian hair, glaring up at a tall billboard sign. It read 'One Pill, Infinite Possibilities!', a phrase that Silas Potter would destroy if he ever had the chance to. It sickened him, reminded him of the past that he strove so hard to erase. But, it was a constant reminder, the sign, it loomed over him and tried to force him back into his shell.
    Those words were ones that he had heard all too many times before, when his body was too fragile to maneuver on its own and he was dependent of others. When he was young, he had always believed that the phrase was true, he was grateful for the pills and other medicine that would supposedly heal him, but it was only a matter of time before he realized that they were phony. They only sustained his life, never once working towards curing him of the disease that once plagued his body.

    Silas peeled his gaze away from the sign and continued down the sidewalk, coming to a stop in front of a large building. It was the Anima Alloy Augmentation Center (AAAC), a place that the man had waited his whole life to visit; today was the day that he would be augmented after all. He entered, the doors sliding open automatically as Silas stepped toward them. A rush of cool air bolted out at him, causing him to shiver slightly, the air conditioning contradicted the heat of the outdoor air drastically. "Whoo, its cold in here.." he said as he proceeded in.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "Silas Potter~?" a nurse called out, her voice cheery and bright. "The doctor will see you now."
    Silas leaped from his seat, "Yes! Finally!" he beamed, his face illuminating instantaneously. "About time." he said as he neared the door where the nurse stood.
    Suddenly another man shot past him, a large gust of wind nearly causing Silas and the nurse to topple over. "Whoa!" they both exclaimed loudly as papers flew around the office and the man left.
    "So cool" Silas chuckled before entering the augmentation room.
  5. "It's been 46 minutes now, and he hasn't woken up yet."
    "Do you think that maybe...?"
    "Probably. He hasn't shown any of the normal signs.
    "So he's dead."
    "We knew it was a risk from the start. We can't undo it now."
    "Maybe there's still a chance, with his parents."
    "Maybe after they get out of prison in 50 years."
    "People die, especially in surgeries. We can't change that."
    "I-I know."
    "I'll leave you to dispose of his body."
    "Of course, doctor."

    Letters, words, phases, floated around in Enlil's head. They probably meant something...Enlil wasn't sure what though, he was too busy drifting through a sea of white. Then a boiling hot sensation started to fill Enlil, coming from his leg,then he was drowning, drowning, down...

    Enlil's eye flicked open in shock, to see a shaky nurse grabbing hold of her leg. As Enlil's body regained consciousness, as he sat up and looked around, he saw the nurse's, alongside a nearby doctor's, jaw drop. The pair were absolutely stunned, though Enlil couldn't work out why. He'd just woken up from the AA operation- that was supposed to be normal. Yet the shock on their faces was undeniable. "Maybe it was something else that made shocked," Enlil's mind answered. If he was a normal person, a nagging voice in the back of his mind would instantly reject that idea. But Enlil was not normal. So he simply accepted their shock, as if nothing had happened.

    "C-Can you just test out the AA, please?" the doctor stuttered, staring at Enlil. #AA Activation: First Time# Enlil thought, concentrating entirely on making it work. For a few seconds, nothing happened... but then the palest blue feathers began sprouting all over Enlil's body, forming a simple armour. It felt tough, but Enlil could move with ease in it. Enlil could see a mental menu, and so far everything seemed fine. In fact Enlil felt better than fine- he felt truly alive, as if he hadn't done before. After a minute of Enlil flexing his arms, and staring at his body, the doctor said, "Well, you're free to go. But if you ever have problems, come straight here, ok? Oh, and remember to join the AA tournament. " Enlil nodded, before leaping out the door, bounding down the corridor, almost flying. It felt as if his body had been... freed. The AA tournament sounded a fun place to explore this freedom, to Enlil.

    Back in the the surgery, the doctor muttered, "So, the robot half can keep the human part in a practically dead state for a while. I wonder how long it can last...and how does the AA affect it...I'm almost tempted to keep tabs on him." The nurse, however, simply sat back and smiled, happy she didn't have to remove a dead body, on her first day of transferring to this surgery. Enlil probably would've been happy too, if he'd realized he'd escaped death's grips once more.
  6. Max felt the sun shining on his AA as if it were regular skin. #It really is just a second skin! No wonder people love these things!# He stepped to the side of the clinic so he wouldn't be in anyone's way. "mute outgoing voice!" The HUD showed VOICE and a red circle with a diagonal slash through it. "Good now I can do this without seeming foolish...Open AAT Application." The HUD showed the form he needed to fill out to be a part of the AA Tournament. He took only five minutes to fill out the form since it was basic information.

    #CONGRATULATIONS ON JOINING THE ANIMA ALLOY TOURNAMENT! LIKE EVERYONE ELSE YOU START AT OMEGA RANK! NOW GO OUT, RANK UP, CHALLENGE ARENAS AND AIM TO BE THE CHAMPION!# The HUD showed his rank Ω Omega and then opened up the armory app. Thousands of skills, weapons and armor types appeared on the screen and scrolled down. #Hm now what do I want.....I have a slight idea....# He took a few minutes and found what he thought to be a good combination.

    Skill- Encompassing Energy Shield. A 360 shield made of electrical energy that solidifies into a slightly transparent dome. Unfortunately does not protect against strong attacks or underground attacks.

    Weapon- Pole. A simple 5 feet pole used for combat and defense.

    Armor- Light Variant. A slightly tougher armor than basic but still light weight and flexible.

    Primary color navy blue and secondary color dark red. With that his AA was ready for combat and he looked for an opponent. Little did he know someone was already waiting for him across the way, just waiting for him to be done.
  7. "Well? What do you think?"
    "I-I'm not sure, do you think he can handle this?"
    "Of course, his body seems perfectly fine, he should be able to withstand the surgery."
    "B-But, sir, you can never be too sure.. I took a look at his records and it states that his body has undergone a lot of stress."
    "From what?"
    "Well, I'm not too sure. The records available from another clinic clearly show that he was born with a horrible disease, its a miracle that he is still alive."

    The nurse's hands clenched tightly around the clipboard she held in her small hands. With a quick motion, she shot a glance at Silas who sat patiently in the doctor's office. "Maybe we should run a few more tests." she whispered. The doctor nodded and entered the room, "Silas Potter?" he asked as he took a seat at the lone desk in the room. "Yes?" the man retorted, clearly agitated at having to wait for his augmentation. "We'll have to perform a few more tests."

    Silas shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his eyes glaring over at the nurse who now stood in the doorway. "More tests? Why?" he paused, running a hand through his hair. "I thought you told me I was clear?" The doctor stood and approached the man, his voice sincere, "I know, I apologize.. this is.. um.. standard procedure."

    The young man sighed and looked away from the doctor with his arms crossed. He knew what was going on, this was not standard procedure, Silas was very informed when it came to AA's. It was his medical records coming back to haunt him. "Look." he said, turning back to the doctor and keeping the nurse in his sight. "I want an AA, I don't care about the risks.. I'm sure that by looking at my medical chart that you already know that I should have been dead long ago." he said with a smirk. "Please. This is my dream, if I don't get augmented.. I might as well be dead."

    The doctor looked down at the young man, "You're sure about this?"
    "Absolutely." he replied, his expression determined.
    "Alright then, Ms. Cane?" the doctor called out and the nurse standing in the doctor quickly rushed about to prepare the operation. "Let's get you an AA, then."

    ~ ~ ~

    #Initial Start-Up: First Time Anima Alloy Activation#
    Those words echoed through Silas' mind as pale fiber-like threads began to swarm around his body, the strands beginning to form an armor about him. The doctor smiled and wiped a bead of sweat from his brow, relieved that the surgery went well. After finalizing the operation, the doctor continued on to remind Silas about entering in the AA Tournament but he was already out the door, speeding down the hallway and out the AAAC.
  8. Once Enlil had made his way outdoors, he decided to set up his AA for proper usage. Enlil felt strangely comfortable working with the robot-like interface, as if the 'computer' commands were second nature.

    #Set Out Going Voice To Mute#
    A red cross appeared through a speaker sign on the HUD.
    #Open AAT Application Form#
    It only took Enlil a few minutes to fill in the details.
    The Ω Omega sign popped up on the HUD, showcasing Enlil's low rank.
    #Open Armory App#
    Enlil browsed the app with little emotion, searching for the combination most suitable for him in a machine-like way,
    #Purchase Indeprensus#
    #Purchase Ventus Fluxum#
    #Purchase Starter Muchubae 3#
    After using his three points, Enlil was relieved, no longer a complete newbie. Personalization wasn't necessary in Enlil's mind, so he didn't bother setting preferred colours or designs. Finished, Enlil stopped using his AA for a moment, to see if anything important had happened while he'd been absorbed in his AA.

    After scoping around for a few seconds, Enlil noticed another boy was outside the AAA Clinic. Wondering if he too had just received an AA, Enlil consulted his AA.
    #Name: Private, Rank: Ω Omega, Distance: 10 M#
    Staring at the data on the HUD, Enlil decided to approach the boy. While he was still truly human, it would have been out of curiosity of his name, and empathy for being new to AA. But Enlil was now just following a set personality, so he approached the boy without any real intentions.
  9. The man who was waiting for Max hurriedly dawned his AA and jumped in front of Max to block Enlil's way. The jump was easily 20 feet, but the man had done it without any effort. The man wore a midnight black armor that was heavy class, he looked back at Enlil, "Sorry to cut in on your possible first fight, but I need to test him." He looked to Max, "Max my dear boy, are you ready to lose your first fight?"

    Max hadn't even noticed Enlil and looked at the man in his black AA, "I'm not going to lose to anyone!! Let's go!!" #AAT MATCH BEWTEEN 'Name: Max, Rank: Ω Omega' AND 'Name: Private, Rank: UNKNOWN'....READY....START!!# Max pulled out his pole and charged the man who easily jumped out of the way, into the street. Before Max swung at air he turned to where the man had jumped and charged again. Max was amazed how the suit enhanced his reaction time and reflexes, but before he could think more on that the man counter attacked. The man held out his hands and it looked like 2 rockets shot out of his palms. Max held his pole vertically #Encompassing Shield activate!# The field of energy surrounded Max and solidified. The rockets hit and shattered the shield with the sound of breaking glass. Max tried to counter by again charging with his pole, but this time the man just stopped the pole and held it with his right hand. Max tried to pull it out of the man's hand, but had no luck whatsoever.

    The man held out his left hand and shot another rocket which Max couldn't dodge. The explosion sent Max flying into the AAAC wall, but shielding on the building stopped any damage happening to the building. Max's AA cracked on his back and he felt pain throughout his whole body. He slowly got up, but the man was already in Max's face, "You aren't doing so well!" The man held out his hands again, but this time a wave of energy pulsed out. #Encompassing Shield activate!" But it was too late, the man was too close and the shield wasn't even able to form. Max was pushed against the wall and the front of his AA cracked on his head and chest. Max brought the pole up and threw it at the man, then slumped against the wall. The pole hit the man without much force and he grabbed it, "Max you have a lot to learn! I forfeit so that you may gain some experience. Learn and fight to be the best. Until we meet again." The man dropped the pole near Max and walked away.

    #AAT MATCH WINNER: Max, Ω Omega!! EXP GAINED: 33% NEXT RANK: 5 FIGHTS OR LESS# Max just sat their not wanting to move and aching all over. first fight was technically a win, but I definitely lost....#
  10. Nell Ashar-Havard sat in the AAAC office waiting room fidgeting nervously. It wasn't that she was genuinely anxious, not really, she knew that the probability of error or rejection during the AA Procedure was drastically lower than in previous decades, and yet she bit at her fingernails all the same.

    As she pulled up the local headlines on her retinal display for what must have been the tenth time, a mousey looking nurse entered the Waiting Room "Ashar-Havard, Miss Nell Ashar-Havard, the doctor will see you now." No sooner than had she spoken the girl's name had the whispering and pointing started. Anybody who was anyone was at least familiar with the name Havard. For the girl's mother Merritt, whom was now retired, had been a celebrated Beta Ranked AAT Champion in years past.

    Having grown up under the spotlight that was Merritt Havard, Nell barely register the stares and gestures, and quickly followed behind the nurse to the operating room. "The Doctor will be in shortly, please have a seat." and with that she was left alone to wait.

    Some time later the physician entered the room, appraised Nell brusquely, and narrowed his eyes. "Often times we have lots of folks hoping that once they get their AAs they'll rise up the Ranks to fame and fortune, but we get far fewer who've experienced what that fame and fortune entails firsthand. While I was not the physician that operated on Merritt Havard, I WILL have the esteemed honor of operating on her good for nothing offspring." With that he abruptly shoved the anesthetizing needle into Nell's skin and she soon knew little else, save darkness.
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  11. Max took only a few minutes then got up and walked towards his home. He deactivated his armor and felt slightly better since he wasn't as heavy. Luckily the armor isn't that heavy anyway, unless you upgrade it that way. He was going very slowly and soon ran out of energy again and found a bench to rest on. #Man....I didn't think fights where I utterly lost would be this draining....I need to work on my strength and endurance more.# He looked around and saw many people walking around. Max didn't care what they were doing until he has an AA fight slightly behind him. #Record AA match 30 yards from here.# A beep sounded and a red camera symbol appeared in his sight. He sat back and closed his eyes to rest again.
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