Anima Alloy

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  1. ===> Anima Alloys, aka AA's, are a strand of DNA that creates body armor that adapts and evolves with the user. People fight for rank and to become the best AA fighter in history. Any fights without both sides permission is punishable by law. A few are "exempt" from this, mostly mercenaries and assassins, but police as well. We hope you use your AA and have fun with others battling and exploring the world of New Earth….

    <Recording Resets> Welcome to the AA Augmentation Clinic, please standby for a doctor to call you in. We will now dive in to the past so you may learn more about the world of AA’s…

    Alright so this is just an excerpt from what I'm posting in the SciFi thread for sign ups. Just wanted to tease you and spread this around a bit. There is only one open slot! Also there is a lot of information in the sign up thread, but don't be overwhelmed! This RP actually won't take as much to get used to, just a bit of time.

    Link to the sign up:
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