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Do I seem like a jerk when you read this?

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  1. Important things to know:
    • I would like a slow paced partner. Mostly because I am slow paced myself and I can't keep up with a fast poster unless I have free time.
    • I am looking for action first. Romance is optional but NOT negotiable. MxF only with me being the female. THAT being said, I can RP as male characters in our action-packed adventures, but if you intend for romance, you would have to let me know.
    • HONESTY to the point of being BLUNT, is great. If you don't like something, or simply got bored, just tell me exactly how you feel. I don't have my heart on my sleeve.
    • I don't mind fandom RP's, but I'm only really familiar with a select few. I am open to original ideas though. Preferably something with fantasy that would allow my character's to have powers. NBD if your idea doesn't have that though.
    • No one-liners, proper grammer (A FEW typos are OK.), decent length depending on how we will post.
    Not-so-important but still nice to know:
    • I like One-Piece, Fairy Tail, I know a lot of Naruto (don't too much care for it), and other things I cannot actively remember right now.
    • I am nicer than I seem. Plus my writing is decent. Check out my characters for a feel of what I'll create (in my sig) and if you want a sample post, I'll link you from one of my posts with those characters. You can request.
    • We can write here or on G.Docs, but I'll post here anyway. I can explain Google Docs to you if you are unfamiliar (it's great.)
    • Feel free to bombard me with questions. I don't tire of them.
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  2. I volunteer! 0w0 more or less what are your ideas? I could help with either original or some fandom rp (One Piece and Fairy Tail, I don't know about Naruto), but what ideas for plot do you have?
  3. None really. I'm open to a lot of ideas that involve action/awesome partnerships.

    I did a superhero rp but one guy ditched before our supers even met up! I was so stoked!

    Does that interest you?
  4. That sounds interesting :) any other thing you would like to try?
  5. Not really. Feel free to post your own ideas, in a long list!
  6. I have none off the top of my head, but I'll make sure to thing of a few.
  7. Hello! First off, everything about your icon/username/tagline makes me happy. I'd also be interested in some kind of fantasy or supernatural roleplay with powers. I have a character who's a witch, and his thing is using nature for potions and spells, and he also has mild control over fire, and sometimes when he's surprised things around him blow up. I don't know if you'd be interested in a world where that kind of thing happens? I'm also a-okay with adventure without any kind of romance. I tend to prefer romance as a subplot or something extra, and I'm fine not having it at all.

    Edit: I assume I will be posting here mostly, but I'm curious about how Google Docs works, and if you wouldn't mind explaining, I'd appreciate it. But if you don't want to deal with it that's totally fine, too.
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  8. Thank you for the compliment @SkoomaDog! That world and your character sounds greeeattt we should definitely discuss more of it. (Will there be normal people and some powered people or almost every has powers or some special skills? Or what?) I even had an old character I would LOVE to go back and remake for this setting too! Do you have skype? It'd be easier through IM to explain g docs and to talk about your world in general

    @Victoria, did you want me to pm you to start on our rp? I wasn't sure if you were still thinking of things or if I should have taken the initiative.
  9. Hello!

    Are you still seeking right now, per chance? I would love to make an action/adventure/fantasy piece on gdocs, I love that thing.
  10. @Witchless Yes, I am! Did you have a plot in mind or skype? If not, I can make us a G.Doc so we can just talk there
  11. I do have Skype! Do contact me at Unravelled.Revel with a note stating you are Angry Feminist :).
  12. My skype is, with a period (since if you don't use the period you'll be bothering someone else, haha.) I won't be on it for a bit but you can contact me there.
  13. I have tried to add you @SkoomaDog . Would you prefer I PM'd you on this site?
  14. I'm sorry. The last two days have been very busy and the next two days will be, also. I've added you but I don't know that I have the energy for discussing roleplay tonight.
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  15. That's quite alright. As I mentioned in my OP, I prefer a slow pace. So you being busy is great news for me!
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  16. Waaaah! sorry. I didn't have access to the internet for a while, and got sick too. But yeah, you can pm me and we can hash out the details.